The Harem King Chapter 53

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Published at 26th of June 2019 10:31:11 AM Chapter 53

"I need more a.s.surance than that, city lord . Who's to say you won't renege on your promise after I've done my part in our deal . And worst, kill me to silence a witness in this whole misfortune .

Forgive me for my impudence but I am only securing my continued existence in this world . " I proclaimed as I looked intently in the eyes of the woman before me .

She was still ostensibly calm at this point but I dared not imagine what hid behind this wicked witch's façade . I was quite sure at this moment that this was the flame summon in all authenticity .

The true body of the city lord was maybe concealed somewhere else within this city and perhaps even out there in the vastness of this wide extensive world .

"You are very nigh from death yourself, Shaman . I think you can forecast that yourself . Please choose your words carefully from now on . "

"Or else what, city lord? You'll torment me? Is that it?"

"Close but not quite . I have other means to make you talk rather than the barbaric ways of your imagination, my dear Shaman . "

"Do it then and we'll see how much information you can get out of me . " This was my last calm words before I s.h.i.+vered in extreme heat instantaneously after .

"If that is so . Then please excuse my rudeness, my dear Shaman . " HAHAHA! There was really something wrong in this woman's head .

"Thank you for the invitation, my dear city lord . But perhaps another day . Farewell!"

At least I had thrown the last words before the scene rearranged themselves with a simple command using my thoughts .

"You still have one more patient left to see, Master Clone No . 9,364,711,813,098 . " Here we go again . HAHAHA!

I chose this part in my history because of my laziness to waste time in rehas.h.i.+ng what was done . If I was a little more hopeless than what I already am, I would have returned back to my ten years in s.p.a.ce .

But that would solve nothing and get me nil of progress to show my master . And that particular creator was nothing but an aggregate representation of kindness and leniency .

The memory of my recycled kin ran clearly in my mind even to this very day . That horrible scene gave me waking nightmares every time I recall it with vivid clarity .

"Greetings, City Lord!" Sister Roselyn was the first one to react and properly treated the newcomer with profound respect .

But at this time, an unexpected change occurred that deviated from the three times I relived this moment .

"Congratulations, Clone No . 9,364,711,813,098! You have returned or died three times . Your omnipresent maker has seen your valiant efforts and decided to give you a boon .

You may choose one from the list of abilities . Good luck and may you continue to serve the master with great fervor!" Before my eyes were the selections I was rather acquainted with .

Acquired techniques:

1 . Point Flux – access granted

2 . Wisdom of the Sage – grant access?

3 . Unbreakable Body – grant access?

4 . Heaven Divide – grant access?

5 . Eternal Eyes – grant access?

6 . Elemental Dominion – grant access?

7 . Shattered Image – grant access?

8 . Quintessence s.h.i.+ft – grant access?

9 . Holy Mantras of the Daoist – grant access?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

I counted more than 20 unlocked techniques and the thought of picking one among these overpowered skills brought an uncontrollable laughter from my belly .

"HAHAHA!" I laughed out loud for the first time since meeting this cunning b.i.t.c.h . The heavens had finally heard my plea and gifted me a way out of this old c.u.n.t's tight pa.s.sage .

Time for payback, my dear city lord . HAHAHA!

The Harem King Chapter 53

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