The Harem King Chapter 62

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Published at 27th of June 2019 08:45:07 AM Chapter 62

"I'm here, young master . " Noemi appeared before me in a flash . She was wearing close to nothing because I particularly commanded her to be as enticing as she can be whenever she was around me .

The family had also clearly supported my demands and thus properly garbed her with such an erotic robe that left not much to my wild imaginings .

With her status as a servant, I doubted she could possess this kind of attire with her meager allowance from the clan .

It was an enchanted clothes that offered protection as indistinct defensive runes delimited the dress completely .

They may have been unseen by the naked eyes but with how powerful my soul has become, noticing this kind of concealment was child's play .

"Two hundred times stronger, huh . A good start . " I thought as I observed the differences from when I just arrived in the real world and my current soul strength now .

This was the fruits of my years in dormant sleep for almost a millennium . I saw to it that I was ready to wield this power to its utmost the moment I woke up from my slumber .

If I had rushed and used this body upon its conquest, then at maximum I'd only receive up to ten times of upgraded soul power than the normal humans .

But since I deliberately postponed my reemergence, it gave me the strength to be invincible against cultivators under the Soul Creation Realm . The cultivation manual I created with my own effort was truly worth it .

Countless eons were spent in perfecting this technique and so I named it, Eternal Void Heart . A good start indeed .

"Come . "

"Yes, young master . " We were now inside my chambers and in these 5 days, I had fully regained my faculties especially my little brother below .

It was now time to bless my rusty tool with a maiden's blood .

"Undress me, Noemi . " I commanded and without further words, soft hands roamed gently on my body . Her palms were shaking but still, her unease made the process highly seductive to my senses .

"Suck me . " I said while I was comfortably lying down on the bed . She held my c.o.c.k and I watch her eyes grew big along the growth of my p.u.s.s.y wrecker in her hands .

A full 10 inches in length with its 8 inches of girth . Of course I have already modified this body a bit for my liking .

With my past knowledge about various cultivation techniques, a mere body modification was a novice task .

"What's wrong? Don't tell me this is the first c.o.c.k you saw in your life?" I teased .

"It is the first real one, young master . " So they really trained them well . I should go visit her mentors and sample their wares on one of these days .

Hmmm . Perhaps even sooner . Who knows how many beauties I'd get to see in that garden of luscious flowers .

"I see . Let me teach you then, Noemi . " I smiled and grabbed her head towards my expectant c.o.c.k . Her mouth was hot and wet .

At first she was tentative about it all, as if getting used to the act of f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o but as the seconds ticked by, her mouth and tongue went wild on my sloppy d.i.c.k .

I reached out a hand and felt out a hardened nipple then totally molded her huge flesh to my palms' delights . Pure authentic b.r.e.a.s.t.s! The natural ones are really the greatest, without question .

"So you're also feeling it, don't you Noemi?" I teased .

"Hmmm…" but only a moan escaped from her lips because she was rather preoccupied with cleaning my tubes for the plumbing that would occur next .

The Harem King Chapter 62

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