The Harem King 64 Chapter 64

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"Here I c.u.m, Noemi! Don't spill a drop!" I was almost at the end. I was standing like a lord while my b.i.t.c.h kneeled on the bed with me holding her head tight as I relentlessly f.u.c.k her mouth open.



"GULP!" and the little c.u.n.t followed what I ask of her. She didn't spit nor gagged when I deposited almost twenty big spurts down her waiting throat.

"You were magnificent, Noemi. Rest." The day has now started and a new light can be seen from the horizon already.

"ZzZzZzZ!" the b.i.t.c.h fell asleep in an instant. With how much I used her youthful body to my satisfaction, this was a likely outcome after all.

I c.u.mmed inside her wet p.u.s.s.y at least ten times and decorated her body in slimy goo of my milky secretions. Even her a.s.shole was not saved tonight as all three of her holes were conquered by me.

Since the fun time was over, then I needed to do something more to gain strength in the fastest way possible. How could a supreme being like me stay hidden in the fog of obscurity for much too long.

That really wasn't in my ident.i.ty to be so restrained in all the things that I do.

Perhaps I used to do that when I was still a mortal man but now that I had already tasted the fulfilling life of a divine emperor, then I must retain that lifestyle once more.

The bearing of an undefeated G.o.d flowed out my person in waves. If anyone could have seen me this time, then they would have no choice but bow to my regal presence and kiss the floors I trod upon.

Because if they resist to do such obeisance, they would forfeit their right to live in this world.

"Time for my harvest." I muttered and immediately disappeared from my chambers, leaving behind the frozen form of Noemi and no other witness to my impromptu departure.

"Soul Mark." I whispered while I traversed the empty s.p.a.ces of this world and before another breath commenced, I was relocated upon the void of another world.

This was millions of light years away from my previous position and it was the home of a primitive peoples.

This was one of the planets which I pa.s.sed by and astutely put my soul mark on the area near it since I have use for it in the future. And the time has come to obtain that future in today's present.

"Soul Capture." I intoned and the world beneath my feet stopped its axis. First, the people stopped whatever they were doing and suddenly dropped unconscious.

They may have had invented satellites over the planet but that basic technology failed to notice that their apocalypse had already ended before it even began.

Then with just a few breaths, the vast expanse of a world had vanished without a trace.

"Delicious." A single word escaped my mouth after I devoured one planet and transferred it within my soul world. With this, I have an endless supply of souls in my beck and call.

And not only that, the natural resources borne of those lands would also be at my own disposal. But one planet was not my limit, I can still consume more. I smiled and looked to the endless cosmos.

What a beautiful creation.

Although there was no discernible difference between my previous universe and where I was at right now but the thought that I had fully escaped the manipulative claws of the Evil G.o.d was quite refres.h.i.+ng.

And to think that the one who created the persona of my vile enemy was only these pitiful mortal humans, it made me want to laugh out loud at their insolence.

But there will come a reckoning and all those who'd taken a part on toying with me shall pay with their blood and flesh.

"Soon." I vowed and disappeared from my spot to take a look at the second world I would possess.

The Harem King 64 Chapter 64

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