Heaven Revolting Garuda 15 The Truth

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After was.h.i.+ng himself Jake looked into the mirror ,the face that he has completely changed there is aqua blue pupils he got and the brown hair of his is slowly there is aqua blue hairs on it and his skin looks pale like he has got no blood in his body ,he gotten slim from his well built body ( built body that he got due to his 1st test) .

He got outside of the bathroom and all the people of research team got surrounded around him, heu asked him questions like " how did that felt ,what triggerd in your body that let to absorb the fluid ,etc etc " they bombarded him with questions.

Naturally he can't say that he has a secret technique that allows him to mutate his cells and absorb the cold energy. So he said that " he didn't remember anything about it ,the last thing he remembered is that before losing conscious he pictured his sister in his mind and want to survive for her ,that's all he remembers " Jake said

All of them looked Jake and none of them could say anything ,he is a orphan what type of mysterious reason he has to avoid and his background has got checked for few times and a secret has been kept from them ny organisation the cheif scientist thought

He looked at Black Cat and said " I want to discuss few things personally " he asked her and turned to his a.s.sistants and said " take blood sample of 13 ,don't forget it " ,without looking back he gone to black cat ,both of them disappeared .

The a.s.sistants took few vials of blood from Jake and left him, Jake thought that " what a foolish fellows what if they have the blood the method didnot origin from my body ,it came from blood origin sutra " like that he chuckled himself.


In a private room the cheif scientist asked " what the thing you guys are hiding from us ,we are the research wing ,we complete many operations and provide much useful things and information to you guys ,don't hide any secrets from us " said to black cat.

"Oh ooo, squirrel what are you doing ,are you perhaps threatening me " said Black Cat in a playful manner but her glare send chills down the spine to squirrel.

He can't say anything due to such pressure upon him ,he stammered and said " s- so-sorry ,forgive me for crossing my limits " said squirrel

Heaven Revolting Garuda 15 The Truth

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