Heaven Revolting Garuda 29 Details Of The Novel

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Cultivation stages

1) QI ACc.u.mULATING - stage 1 ,it has 9 sub levels one has to sense the Qi around the nature and acc.u.mulate it into their dantian.

2) MERIDIAN OPENING and DANTIAN ENHANCING - In this one has to open their meridians the pathways to the dantian ,the more pathways one open the more energy one can store in their dantian. It has only 9 levels the first six sub levels take care about opening meridian pathways and last three sub levels care about enhancing their dantian.

3) MARTIAL MASTER - After completing the above level ,one has to increase their purity and skills and techniques to control the energy in them. It has totally 9 sublevels in it

4) MARTIAL GRANDMASTER - It's one stage above martial master ,in this stage both the power ,strength and capacity of the practioner will be much higher than Martial Master. it has 9 sublevels in it

5) MARTIAL MONARCH - becoming king from the grand master ,elevating one's strength and understanding of martial arts ,it has 9 sub levels.

6) MARTIAL SOVEREIGN - it's same as increasing power one layer and attaining more power than a king ,it has 9 sub levels

7) MARTIAL SAINT - Transcending the sovereign and attain the concepts of nature and understanding their laws .it has 9 sub levels

8) MARTIAL EMPEROR - finding your own martial will and developing your laws and dao .it has 3 sub levels and at each sublevel experience a heavnly tribulation

9) MARTIAL SAGE - finding about who are you ,understand about your nature and break the shackles of the mortal and attain Rebirth . It has 3 sub levels

10) TRANSCENDING TO UPPER WORLD - Face the challenge of heavnly tribulation and ascend to upper realm

MU WU SHANG details

Father - MU CHEN

First mother - NIE YING YING

Second mother - JIANG RUO ( birth mother)

third mother - LI JING

uncle - pegasus ,his father's soul beast

Aqua - the alien AI became spirit after mutation of aqua liquid and handles the aquarious

Paradox Crystal - unknown crystal helped jake to rebirth as MU WU SHANG ,its abilities and etc are UNKNOWN

Heaven Revolting Garuda 29 Details Of The Novel

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