Heaven Revolting Garuda 37 Choosing A Weapon

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He don't know where that energy will go but that is a pure and gentle energy , he doesn't feel and discomfort towards it and neither it will give him any pain .he returned to home ate with his family and talking with them gives him comfort .

Like that the day ended ,next day as his dad said his training was started his dad make him do basic exersice and he said " whatever hiw one power may rises ,one must always remember their roots and basics , so keep practicing them daily " ,he didn't made him do much repit.i.tions because he knows that he is doing basic exersice from past half a year.

Next , he wanted to me choose a weapon after that he will decide how he'll train me ,so he took me to his base where i was never allowed to go there and his dad said " this is my treasure house where i will keep my everything and also it consists my rewards ,grudges ,friends.h.i.+p and this all remembers me of my adventures "

Mu Chen gone near to the door and a blurry figure started to emerge and finally after sometime you could see a face ,it is a sparrow flying and talked arrogantly " hmmmmph you arrogant master ,you said you would meet me soon and take me on adventure but you betrayed me always lying in this piece of small island since 8 years when you heard you are going go become father you probably gone crazy huh "

" you little silver , sorry but you know being a father has its shortcomes ,i don't want to lead a crazy life now and after all enemies i made ,you know what they'll do when they know i had a son let him grow up a bit then we'll leave for an adventure and add many more collections to our treasure house " said in a little apolegitc voice

All this conversation take place through sound transmssion , Mu Wu Shang didn't hear a single bit. Slowly the sparrow floated above him and stared at him and turned at Mu Chen " So ,Is this your son born with auspicious signs ,well he has great potential master but are you capable of unleas.h.i.+ng it ,If he grows in a green house his potential will start to leak throw him in the brutal world ,lets see if he adapts to it " said in a casual manner .

To this response all Mu Chen did was nothing but sigh " he knows what little silver said is correct but he can't let his son hurt ,he wanted to protect him at all costs ,at least he will train him to his best" Mu chen thought and said " stop wasting time and open the door ,he want to choose his weapon "

With a bang sound the door opened ,he could see there is a paradise with in a land with countless herbs spelling sweetly with rich spiritual power and rows of rows weapons are placed neatly all of them are excluding a great aura powerful ,ma.s.sacre,bloodthirsty ,malicious etc all of them are hovering around it.

" These are the weapons that i collected ,some from auctions and from friends ,enemies, ahhh all that you don't need to know start selecting a weapon " said Mu Chen

" yes father " Wh Shang obediently answered and walked forward started searching for weapons he saw all kinds swords ,sabers ,spears, schmitar, halberds ,sheilds , arm guards ,armours etc all kind but nothing caught his eye ,but he found a metal piece which seems to be broken but its heavy like h.e.l.l he couldn't lift it atall ,for now he could lift almost fifty kilos of weight if he put his all but now he couldn't lift this 200 cm length metal .

He tried and tried but it won't move at all but Wu Shang also determined not to leave that piece of metal ,he wants that piece to be his weapon and asked Mu Chen " father ,I select this piece of metal i want it to forge to be a heavy sword " Mu Wu Shang said ,in his eyes Mu Chen could see a mad determination.

He found that metal accidentaly on a mountain when he was training but he didn't thought much about it and kept it in his storage and it's been years his son wants that metal to become his weapon.

Heaven Revolting Garuda 37 Choosing A Weapon

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