Heaven Revolting Garuda 4 Destination Reached

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Next day both Jhon and Michael arrived at the hospital with an ambulance and took away Cathy for treatment and while a black toyota came to pick three of them .

Jake was nervous he didn't know their intentions or what is all the project of their organisation but he had to go with them for his sister .

They quickly reached the airport and Jake got down the car and he was confused that , Is there a organisation pretty well off that they even wanted a volunteer to go through such things ,he is thinking that "why the h.e.l.l is this s.h.i.+t seems so exaggerated. "

While he is thinking they took him on the runway where their private chopper has been kept and he followed them and they bindfold him and the chopper has been take off .

While he is in alert mode and want to remove the bindfold but he couldn't both of his hands are also tied pretty much he thought that " he is being kidnapped" ,but after ten minutes he heard snoring sounds of Jhon and Michael both of them slept at the start of their journey and the chopper is still flying towards their destination .

Well he isn't planning on escaping so he also slept soundlessly ,It's been almost night when we reached our destination ,after we reached they open my blindfold and untied my hands .Then with curiosity I peeked out of the chopper and found that we are on a deserted island and island mostly contains desert type of terrain days are of extremely hot and nights are of extreme cold .

When we reached the destination ,the chopper landed and we got out there a shabby hut with almost in collapsing state when we entered in it ,the landed chopper has been completely dissappeared as it doesn't exist .

Then Jhon and Michael opened the ruined closet and pressed some type of complicated pa.s.sword with both eye scan & finger print scan ,then suddenly the cramped couch has been lifted up showing a lift then Jhon & Michael proceed on to it with me .

Jhon pressed the 4 b.u.t.ton on it and the lift continued to elevating downwards .


The doors of the lift has been opened , then I got out from the lift then both Jhon and Michael said in unison " survival well boy ,If you do then you can see your sister ,If you die we will make sure your sister is in good hands ." Then the lift closed automatically.

Jake stunned at their words and he ran towards lift and started banging the lift doors screaming that they explain what is exactly is happening but no avail it has been complete silence

Heaven Revolting Garuda 4 Destination Reached

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