Heaven Revolting Garuda 42 Awakening A Divine Body

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Mu Chen rushed towards baby to hold her but he is still stopped by Mu WuShang showing that baby is drinking milk ,he want to spank his son really veins are bulging out of his neck and then smirked and left that place to let her baby girl sleep .

Next day on the training field ,WuShang is hanged three times more weights than usual and his training has doubled ,revenge for yesterday's matter huh thought WuShang himself and didn't backdown and continue to train and running his vital qi to increase its pureness and quant.i.ty.

While Mu WuShang has been training aurduously ,Mu Chen who shaved and cleaned himself playing with his little sweet heart baby girl .


Like this days are pa.s.sing by and his growth in vital qi is growing day by day now he can fully lift his sword but controlling needs more training and experience . A year has pa.s.sed on since the birth of his sister ,they named her " Mu Ling " ,sole princess of the family who is taking care of every minute , after his birth his mothers and father showered him with love and care but now every one of them fighting for a chance to shower love on Mu Ling ,because her cuteness is peerless.

Mu WuShang continued to absorb the energy from sun on daily basis ,everyday he didn't miss it even a single day.


On the mountain a youth who has been dressed in a white clothing about an average of 130 cm height ,his s.h.i.+rt was burnt due to the heat and the energy from the sun continuously poured on ,it never happened like this before ,his body turned red all his veins and muscles started to buldge due to continuous absorption of energy from sun .

He flew up ,he can't control his body even he can't move a single finger ,all he could do was shout aloud with his remaininf control over his body ,as soon as his shout all the family with Mu Ling arrived on the hill,they looked at him didn't do anything but Mu Chen said " son allow the energy pa.s.s down ,don't restrict it if you do it will cause a grate damage to your body.

Like that energy from the sun is getting absorbed by him and his meridians all has buldged such as eartworms are pa.s.sing inside his skin . Slowly the time pa.s.sed away ,it's been four hours energy is still pouring from sun on his body ,slowly itis getting dim and the energy is getting slimmer and slimmer and it vanished.

The last light converged around the body of Wu Shang who is floating and formed a coccon ,no of mystical runes formed on them and Mu WuShang is experiencing warm feeling in most comforfable way as possible .

As the time pa.s.ses away the four people outside are getting impatient they wanted ti rip open the coccon butbthey can't do that ,so waiting is the only option they got .

Inside the coccon the energy from the sun is altering his body ,his bloodvessels ,meridians everything making his body more perfect and something divine as this goes on Mu WuShang didn't felt anything butvtingling sensation on his body ,no pain or etc .

This continued up to nine days ,on the tenth day something crisp sound sounded out ,the coccon was breaking ,the mystical runes on it were dissappearing into it and entering deep into his body and soul .

Crisp ,crisp

Cracks are all over the coccon ,his parents are anxiously waiting outside and with a ' BANG ' he landed on the hill naked ,the sunlight showering him and his hair turned to his shoulders ,there is a golden glint on his skin ,his eyes turned pure gold with black pupils .

He wanted to walk but before that Jiang Ruo ,Li Jing ,Nie Ying Ying with Mu Ling hurried towards him and hugged him tightly , Jiang Ruo started pus.h.i.+ng some pills she prepared into his mouth they turned into a cool stream and provided him energy and his hunger satisfied .

After wearing clothes and having a sumptous dinner ,he is playing with Mu Ling and his mothers and father were looking at him and hesistating to tell him or not.

Finally they decided and Nie Ying Ying took Mu Ling from WuShang's hands and Mu Chen asked " son, do you feel anything different in your body "

" well ,i don't know but iam feeling more than better dad ,as if some weight has lifted from my body ,my body feels lighter and my eyesight improved a lot this encounter that i experienced was awesome dad " said in exciting manner.

" well son listen to us carefully ok , maybe you don't remember but there is a heavenly phenomena appeared on your birth ,so after that day we know this was going to happen to you " said in a serious manner.

" This is not some lucky encounter what you awaken was the legendary unique Divine body ' INNATE EXTREME YANG PILL BODY ' this is a combination of two divine bodies first extreme yang body and innate pill body ,this is the rarely appears and it appeared thousand years ago and he became one of the young powerhouse that had potential to rule this world but he died at the age of 30 " Mu Chen said with a sigh.

" how did he die dad ,who killed him ,or did he mess with any power that has more strength than him" WuShang bombarded him with questions .

" No , he died because he couldn't find the right partner ," said him and left him confused.

Heaven Revolting Garuda 42 Awakening A Divine Body

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