Heaven Revolting Garuda 50 The Will To Battle 1

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Mu WuShang followed Ren to his village ,they only stopped when they needed breaks and at night times other than that they always continued journey ..........

It's been two days since they've been travelling but all the troubles of demon beasts were taken care by Ren ,Mu WuShang didn't felt least bit of comfortable but it rose a spark in his inside and slowly learning by observing what Ren is doing how is he fighting with them and learning the weakness about the monsters and demon beasts ,their behaviour and habitats.

At night , while Ren is roasting the deer leg that they killed for food and Mu WuShang is keeping the gathered herbs in a wooden box not to lose their freshness ,suddenly Ren looked at WuShang and thought for a minute and hesitated to ask and turned to mind his business , WuShang noticed it but didn't dwell on that matter .After few minutes Ren called Mu WuShang to eat and both of them started eating the deer meat ,While eating Ren is looking at him and frowning whether to ask him or not ,WuShang got preety irritated and shouted " Why are you staring at me like that ,I'm not that type go find someone in your village."

"I too am not that type ,i just had a doubt " said while frowning ,after following Ren for a few days he understood his character he is just a simpleton ,the ferocious face he showed deceives all but after getting to know him they will understood his character he is honest and straightword.

"Just ask what do you want to know " said Mu WuShang in a casual manner while chewing the meat.

" You are a alchemist ,so you can earn all you want get bodyguards to protect you and get all riches you want but why are you insist on learning to fight " asked Ren with a curious face with a meat jerky on his hand.

Ren slowly eat his remaining meat in his hand and got up and asked a question " If you didn't have a need for a alchemist will you look for him ?"

" No " Ren directly said without hesistating.

" that's why , only if there is a need people come looking for me if they are stronger than me they will make me a slave by implanting a slave seal and even i can't go against they will steal my freedom so i want to be strong , being alchemist is my profession " said Mu WuShang with a sigh ,although he has a aim but he doesn't have strength to achieve it.

"But you're weak now both mentally and physically" said Ren, those words hit Mu WuShang's sore point.

seeing the down expression of Mu WuShang ,Ren said " what i meant is not in that way ,you are good at handling sword, you're flexible and you're sword is sharp but you lack is courage and the will to battle "

" Courage and Will to battle ,what are those " Mu WuShang asked him in a confused manner.

" without a weapon can you fight with a demon beast" questioned Ren.

" how is that possible ,demon beasts have tough body than us their battle instincts are much more good " answered Mu MuShang.

" you are wrong " Ren looked at him and said " what you most need in a battle is courage and bravery and will to fight ,if you lack those even you have celestial armour and sword to protect you you will always lose "

" the difference between a fox and a tiger is tiger imposes it's rule and it's strength speaks and it will always ready for battle in its life it will never says no to a battle, while fox tries to be safe ,cunning and avoids battle "

"so do you want to be a fox or a tiger ,it roar will shake their enemies out of their wits " said Ren like a warrior aura around him.

" That's a good influence speech ,stop trying it on me " said Mu WuShang while slapping Ren's head.

Heaven Revolting Garuda 50 The Will To Battle 1

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