Heaven Revolting Garuda 57 Confronting Cave Master

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All the tribal people were looking at Mu WuShang with confused expressions ,some of them even sighed and thought that he gone mad . Before anyone could say something he shouted once more " Uncle I know you are here don't try to hide ,if you won't reveal then i'll make sure that you taste my third mother's cooking when i go back "

" Kid now you are trying to blackmail your uncle too huh " a shadow figure of seven meters tall muscular man with black hair appeared out of thin air radiating with powerful and oppressive aura.

"Then you should've just appeared when you i called you uncle " said Mu WuShang with a cheeky expression.

"Your father is right kid ,he told me stay away from you but i didn't listen him for first time and stayed back to protect you ,tell me how did you know I was present " asked Mu Peng( name for Pegasus Mu WuShang father's soul beast)

" simple uncle did you think i can't notice that the forest has many dangers but i rarely encountered any high level demon beast and all the one i encountered were all low level or at same level which i can take care off " said Mu WuShang.

"Okay then why did you called for me now ,we should return and the reason I stayed back is to protect from this strange mountain and you want me to allow you to enter it no way not happening " rejected Mu Peng.

" Uncle but I've promised you are stronger right why don't you take care of it ,it is hurting these innocent villagers and they've helped me very much " with a pleading look Mu WuShang asked.

"You don't know the dangers kid ,according to their description this evil alchemist is more powerful and we don't know even if he is alone or someone is there with him if someone is present then it will become a big problem " with a serious tone Mu Peng explained.

" If it is not a issue can i tell something " a voice arose from sidelines ,he is tribe head " About Ten years back when we are going to offer sacrifices to the mountain ,The is a evil alchemist he appeared he is totally wounded and his body tendons and were out open and he lost both of his legs even in such a condition he was able to simply banished us from our mountain and issued the bizarre orders that we have to partic.i.p.ate otherwise he would exterminate us "

" In my opinion he is alone and seriously injured ,maybe he is still recuperating so if your excellency attack first may be you can kill him please agree to our request " saying that Tribe Head kneel down seeing him all the tribe knelt and begged Mu Peng.

"Ok but on one condition if any situation arises first you have to protect Young Master and help him to flee " said Mu Peng. Tribal Head nodded.

Lifting his hand Lightning gathered in the hands of Mu Peng and he gathered it until he couldn't be able to gather any more power and jumped high and hit at the foot of the Mountain .If it is a normal mountain it would be able to reduced to rubble but it caused all the inscription formations around the mountain to be disintegrated into nothing .

Inside the cave a blood red pool and in the middle of that a man with half of body immersed in that and suddenly he opened his eyes due to the commotion caused outside and looked at the direction of the village and snorted " Hmph these low life tribal people actually found someone or is it he arrived this area even if he did his power is not that great what should i do ,if i have in my full recovery state i can fight him winning is not possible but running is easy even if ten of them arrived i can escape easily " thinking that he shouted " Who is it seek to disturb this master's cultivation "

" Get the h.e.l.l outta here , I don't have time to waste on you " with an overbearing expression Mu Peng shouted .

" Big words beast you dared to go against this master ,i'll show what death means and with your demon beast blood i can improve my cultivation further hahahahahah this tribe idiots brought me a present instead of expert " saying that Cave Master laughed out loudly.

Heaven Revolting Garuda 57 Confronting Cave Master

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