Heaven Revolting Garuda Chapter 8

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Published at 29th of January 2019 08:24:11 PM Chapter 8

Jake finally complied with them he was powerless and can only do what they order him . be doesn't have particular information about where he was and location of his sister is also unknown and the reason why they reached him also unknown . he lack the basic knowledge and power that runs this organisation . He now knows if he fail to obey their order only death awaits him and his sister .

Then Both Jake and Black Cat arrived at the elevator and started proceeding further downwards he didn't know which floor he was in but he can guess at least he was hundreds of meters down the earth, when they arrived the doors of the lift opened slowly and he proceed onwards with her

He observed time to time the faculty of this organisation is pretty low almost all of the equipment is modern ,high tech and robos are placed no workers are seen only a few members were seen apart from Black Cat

He want to intiate a chat with black cat to know further details but he has a gut feeling that he won't get an answer he desired but will get a beating for sure and her appearance may make you feel you can openly start a conversation but after remembering her old glance and her ice cold oozing aura he shut his mouth .

After walking for few minutes they arrived at their destination it just looked like a dome , a white colored dome . then Black Cat turned to him and said " This is a Time Chamber where you'll experience didfferent time flow compared with our world if here 1 day in the time chamber you'll feel

3 days . " and continued " It issues you a task only after completing it will you get food to eat and till then you have to be hungry and the door will be closed it won't open until you complete that task how many days you take to complete that task depends upon you ,FAREWELL & SURVIVE WELL . " she said and thrown me into the door and the door closed

Before he come to his sense Jake was in the dome and he started looking what's in this dome and what task he has to complete . suddenly a voice projection continued " welcome challenger, do you wish to accept the challenge ? " it asked

Jake started to curse in his mind " if i don't w.a.n.g will you actually open the door . "and smugly said ' I accept'

Then it said " Challenger perfect foundation building program has initiated ,it has total 20 levels after that you're body has perfect foundation for martial arts said the system "

Level 1

Complete 10,000 squats

Jake smiled and said just this and he started to do his squats as he was a worker before his fitness level was good and he did a bit of exercise and thought that this will be a piece of cake and started doing squats . "

He completed 50 easily and smiled with a smug att.i.tude and continued 75 ,90, . . ,100 . As he continued to do more he started to feel his legs got wobble he has no strength and collapsed at 150 like that he started doing it and collapsing and without food he completed this exersice in 12 days

1st day 400 ,

2nd day 700 ,

3rd day 1100 . . . . . . . . . .

as he started doing it even though he was hungry the fat that is left in his body got ridden in 12 days, as without food our body will convert fats in our body into energy .

Like that on 12 days he completed his 1st level and the voice projection voiced out "you've completed your 1st level and accept your reward as like that Jake hoped that he can finally eat and thought about the seniors whom he 1st met and waited with anxiety,but suddenly a bath tub appeared with green liquid in it as though it is suggesting him to bath first then eat but he didn't care and expected food to appear but no avail he has waited long enough but no reply came he shouted at the screen and finally submitted . he removed his basic training suit and jumped in the bath tub go cleanse himself but suddenly a hot feeling started appearing in his body due to that liquid and heat started growing more and more but he couldn't go outwards because a gla.s.s is covered bath tub and a oxygen mask got attached to his mouth automatically and liquid started filling the tub he want to go out but he lost his energy and he lost his conscious .

Heaven Revolting Garuda Chapter 8

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