Heaven Revolting Garuda Chapter 45

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Published at 12th of May 2019 07:50:13 AM Chapter 45

After the lunch ,while Mu Ling was sleeping and his dad Mu Chen was sipping tea while enjoying the scenery ,his uncle dissappeared as usual , Jiang Ruo stepped forward and her mental energy started to surge and pulsate around her ,ripples began to form Jiang Ruo raised her arms and different circles of energy runes appeared and she concentrated on her control ,beads of sweat formed around her brows and at a critical time she punched the ground .


A loud sound rung out and a series of inscriptioned lines and circles formed on the ground ,she was exhausted ,she majored in Sword and Alchemy and Inscriptions are just for increasing her knowledge ,she was just a 4th tier inscriptioner . Mu Chen walked uo to support Jiang Ruo while his mother said " Iam fine just go on and sit crosslegged on that inscription and concentrate on the wisp of qi and try to awaken your dantain "

Mu WuShang followed his mothers words and done the same thing and the strands of qi started to rotate in his dantain and spiritual energy from the surroundings rushed towards him and he started to sink his conscious into his body ,the sun which is above his body started to radiate sending violent yang qi and the inscription started to convert all forms of energy to help him .

In his body Mu WuShang saw was complete darknesa and his three qu strands are light radiating to show his cinscious a path to dantain , as he nears he sensed energy started to pour into his body from outside ,the qi strands started to increase and they rushed towards his dantain ,what he saw completely hus views

There was a round ball about a size of cricket ball devouring the strands of energy and the temperature around it started to increase but it continued to devour the Yang energy like it had been starving for years ,as the light lit ,beside it he saw a illusionary cauldron in that a transparent round ball size of eye sitting silently there ,he amazed to find out that he has two dantians ,he couldn't tell anyone about it and keep it secret as much as possible to avoid unnecessary trouble .

While all this happening inside his body ,outside a fog of orange color cloud formed around it and it is being absorbed by his body at an alarming rate ,inside the dantian started to compress the qi and try to stuff as more as possible .

His body shook and he broke through 1st level of Qi Acc.u.mulation level ,with that the dantian increased a bit and it become much more visible and the energy poured also increased .

with a continuous sounds rung out from his body

BANG ,BANG ,BANG rung out

2nd level of Qi Acc.u.mulation

3rd level of Qi Acc.u.mulation

4th level of Qi Acc.u.mulation

5th level of Qi Acc.u.mulation

6th level of Qi Acc.u.mulation

7th level of Qi Acc.u.mulation

8th level of Qi Acc.u.mulation

Just as it trying to consolidate and try to break through once again to reach pinnacle of Qi Acc.u.mulation ,the silently lying cauldron activated and devored all the energy that came towards the dantian ,it's illusionary form started to take shape and all kinds of runes and symbols he could see on it .

Heaven Revolting Garuda Chapter 45

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