Heaven Revolting Garuda Chapter 64

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Published at 5th of July 2019 03:45:06 PM Chapter 64

As the message finished in his mind Ren started feeling a rapid pain entire his body as if some force is tearing him apart, the silver blood of White Fang has devoured all his blood and started infiltrating all his organs ,heart each and every pore in his body ,But his body is too weak to contain it's power so he failed .


with a sound like that his body burst all his bones and organs turned into mist and that mist has been devoured by the Silver Blood .

Seeing that Ken ,Tribe Head faces went pale they didn't understand what was going on they believed the Head Priest and though that Ren will accept the inheritance and grow stronger but they never thought that he will get destroyed like that ,

" YOUU b.a.s.t.a.r.d ," with a long and furious and murderous shout Ken rampaged towards Head Priest .

Seeing that Tribe Head finally got conscious and tried to stop ken because neither Head Priest felt surprised when he saw that Ren got exploded ,it is as if she expected that to happen .

But before he could stop Ken ,Head Priest squinted towards maniacally rus.h.i.+ng Ken and just kicked him in the stomach and sent him flying ,

With a Bang Ken collapsed into walls but he didn't pay attention to his injuries ,just a scene of Ren exploding into mist was constantly playing in his mind ,he is just like a berserk beast lost his mind and rationality ,the only thing he wanted now is to slay Head Priest .

Before he could charge ,he heard Head Priest saying " Idiot ,your son isn't dead ,where is your mental fort.i.tude . It is such a waste ,i am ashamed to tell you are my student . How many times should i tell you think before you act and always don't act out of emotions " , Head Priest was utterly furious ,they are at the end of the inheritance ceremony and his disciple is behaving in this way .

After hearing the words of Head Priest ,Ken became conscious and asked " But Ren burst into a blood mist . How can he be alive "

"Stupid disciple see up " saying that Head Priest pointed up his finger .

Up there was a silver light shaped human just a small size covered in a white light ,to be exactly a flower is protecting him from disappearing . and all the silver blood with a hint of crimson colour was hovering in the mid air .

Seeing such a scene both Ken and Tribe Heads minds were blown they never such a thing and Ken was happy that there is a chance for his son to come out alive and slowly a Head Priest started speaking " It is the Six Petal Moon stone Flower that is protecting your son ,he wont die that easily and it is lucky that the Kid finally pa.s.sed the test the Great White Wolf "

Soon a white bright shot out from the huge white skull and it started moving and the rocks started collapsing and whole mountains surrounding the caves started collapsing and a huge eighty meters wolf skeleton came out and suspended infront of the silver blood and upon contacting the skeleton the skeleton started to melt and mixed with the silver blood and slowly the soul of Ren from above is started descending into the mixture and all of them formed into an egg .


On the other side Mu WuShang four silhouettes was comfortably absorbing the blood qi and earlier when his illusionary cauldron absorbed the Grade Six Beast Flame so his cauldron started releasing the fiery hot flame qi ito the dantian and all the qi started automatically getting purified and increasing the purity of the Yang Qi in his body as if the fuel is added to fire ,the yang qi contained in his body is bestowed by the sun and what will a grade six beast flame can do it other than nouris.h.i.+ng it and improving its purity .

Like this Ren is enjoying his cultivation and Aqua who is currently digesting the memories of the Cave Master and the only one who left was ' PO ' Mu WuShang's sword ( Nether Flame Sword ) was doing nothing but is on the ground busy consuming the evil and resentment spirits left by the Cave Master in the cave .


Back at the place of Ren after such huge commotion all the surroundings beasts and monster clans came towards the area hoping to find some fortuitous encounter and the intelligent monster clans came forward to see if there is any Divine Weapon born or not .

Inside the cave the egg formed many unknown runes on the egg sh.e.l.l which is constantly gathering and absorbing huge amounts of spiritual energy from outside and every second it absorbs the egg started s.h.i.+ning brightly with life . And for their bad luck night already arrived and huge moon hung upon their heads

Seeing the chaotic situation outside Head Priest sighed and said " Oh G.o.d if you want to pa.s.s inheritance then why didn't you just do it quietly , is there is any need to create commotion "

As soon as he said that a bright moon light pierced through the cave walls and landed upon egg and started nouris.h.i.+ng it .


Heaven Revolting Garuda Chapter 64

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