Heaven Revolting Garuda Chapter 68

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Published at 27th of August 2019 05:50:07 PM Chapter 68

Seeing Mu Peng appeared suddenly like that all the three of them were surprised but after few seconds they recovered " Mister is there something wrong ,why did you suddenly appeared over here ,I thought you will be busy guarding Mu Wu Shang " asked Tribe head ,although he isn't as strong as Mu Peng he is a leader of tribe so he is well versed dealing with other people .

"Hahah ,don't mind me i came here in search of the Saint Beast that has undergone it's tribulation . If it is worthy then i don't mind making it a pet to protect Wu Shang " replied Mu Peng .

Hearing such an answer made left them stunned . " What saint beast that over there is my son and you want to make my son a pet ,even if you are strong i will fight to death with you " thought Ken , he is grateful of Mu Peng and Mu Wu Shang for slaying the Cave Master and saving their tribe but when it comes to his son no one will stay calm and allow his son to become a slave .

" Gentleman ,over there is seed of my tribe whom you have saved and a beast friend of your young nephew . So it won't be good if boast to make him a pet for your nephew right " said Head Priest .

After listening to their words Mu Peng closed his eyes and a.s.sessed the egg under the spring " Yes you are right i feel same aura of that youngster on that egg but can you answer me how all this happened " asked Mu Peng . In his view a normal young man whom he saw with Mu Wu Shang became a beast with saint blood is not possible ,although there are few possibilities of awakening beast blood in humans one cannot completely transform into a Saint Beast .

Before all the three of them could answer a light enveloped on Mu Peng and Head Priest and they vanished from the spot ,without Mu Peng to control the bone fragments they gone back to protect the egg . Both Ken and Tribe Head scratched their heads without any information where both of them disappeared .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A place where the land is rugged with tress over a height of hundred feet and more with thick green leaves emitting natural and pure oxygen and different fruits and flowers growing on them ,their scent of nectar and sweetness of fruits are all over the area . In the middle of them the mountains lay in a great line like the spine of the land and they are flourished with many trees on them monkeys and apes are climbing tress jumping and playing with carefree .

On the top of mountain in a cave , a Great White Ape sitting it's back to the mountain wall and it is surrounded by many fruits and gourds filled with fruits wine and other wines ,that ape is slowly sipping the fruit wine from the gourd and looked at the figures in front of it ,if Mu Wu Shang was here he could tell who are they because it is his own family all of them present here . Mu Chan was drinking the wine with the ape and Mu Ling was playing with the small monkeys and apes while Nie Xing Xing ,Jiang Ruo and Li Jing are enjoying the fresh fruits and fruit wines prepared by monkeys and apes .

Looking at the entrance the half closed eyes of the Great White Ape opened its right eye and muttered " they are here " ,Upon finis.h.i.+ng that sentence two lights flashed and both of them were appeared at the entrance of the cave and slowly walked in .

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Almost everyone in that cave recognized who they are but upon seeing the Head Priest all of them felt disgusted because of his attire and the smell coming from his body and Mu Ling almost scared upon seeing his crooked yellow teeth .

"Hahah head priest will you please stop using your disguise infront of my daughter she will get scared you know . If she cries then i can't prevent my wives for teaching you a lesson " said Mu Chen sipping the Monkey Wine .

Everyone in this room except the Great White Ape stunned upon hearing what Mu Chen spoke and they thought what kind of man would dare disguise in such a horrific and terrible manner that all the others scared of him and feel disgust . Even Mu Peng also stunned that he couldn't see through the disguise what an impressive disguise technique that even he could not find a fault after staying with him for some time he thought .

Heaven Revolting Garuda Chapter 68

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