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I always thought there was some meaning in the way the world is build. The grains of sand and the pores on the sponge. The different smells of every house and the different vibe from each person. The way the rain fell and the way the clouds burst. There was always some meaning in everything and maybe today I found one!

There was mud around the spot the detective spotted gthe blood. He looked towatrds me and nodded. A ray of suns.h.i.+ne amidst the black clouds. He quickly took the sample of the mud and called the forensic team to get ready. He sounded hopeful. I was smiling and had happy tears. In 2 days I felt my world falling apart and now had a ray of hope.

The detective dropped me home and asked me to ock the doors properly and have a nice sleep because maybe tomorrow we could find my mother, Leo and Patty.

That night I slept like a dead. No nightmares; no screams. Nothing. It was 11 o'clock in the morning when my phone rang. The detective called to tell that the mud that we found can only be found at cold, humid place and in the town we live, there are only 3 places where we can loo. All abandoned mansions. And one of them was the old mansion house. The detective asked me to stay away from looking into this because of any danger that can happen. I can't just sit!

Knock! Knock! I opened the door and one lady officer was there. "Detective Espiranza asked me to look after you till the case is solved" Sh smiled sheepishly. GREAT! I wanted to cus the detective, and I knew where I had to look but how would I escape her eyes?

The detective hadn't called yet, so I a.s.sume they got no lead.

I couldn't escape her eyes until 6 o'clock in the evening when she drifted into a nap. That's my chance!  sneaked out of the backdoor. Grabbed my bicycle and started paddling towards the only place that creeps me out in the whole town. The Old House Mansion. This time I was 100% sure that I will find them there.

I reached the old mansion house around 7:30 pm. I snooped into the mansion through the backdoor. Leo told me the guard never locks that. The atmosphere inside the old mansion was scary. I was totally soaked since it was raining and I was s.h.i.+vering profoundly. The hall had a sinister aura. I gulped and made my way towards the stairway. I was about to climb the first when I thought I heard a squeak behind me. Abruptly I turned back; flas.h.i.+ng my torchlight. No one. My heart was pounding so fast that became difficult for me to take long breaths. I reached the top. Fresh blood was spilled over the carpet. Whose would it be? The trail of blood lead me to a closed room. My heart was saying to just run back and let detective Espiroza to solve the mystery but my mind was telling me to open the door, and I listened to my mind and pushed the door. That moment traumatized me for life. The old guard was lying dead with a blunt hit on his head and his eyes popped. Gruesome. Automatically tears started streaming out of my eyes and I stepped back and closed the door. I melted onto the floor and as much as I tried I couldn't erase the old guard's body covered in blood from my mind. 'Calm down Chloe! you got this'  I stood up, wiped my tears and entered into the room. I couldn't control my tears. I was about to come out of the room when I stopped. It was like thunder has struck me and I was drowning in a river at the same time. I turned around and was suddenly facing the portrait hung above the desk. My mother. It felt like everything inside me collapsed. How was my mother's portrait here? As I collapsed, my hand felt something wet. Blood? Yes, it was blood. I looked in the direction of the trail of blood. And this time, my heart escaped my throat. It felt like the whole world fell apart. Leo. And she was dead. Lying in a pool of blood, eyes staring blankly into the thin air. I frantically hurried over head and started shaking her "Leo! Leo come'on!" BUt in vain. She was dead. I seached the place around her, I just knew I had to find something. Anything that would help. I nearly thought my mother was behind all this. SHREAK! Patty!

I ran towards the voice I heard. And that was he point when I lost myself. Dad.

I knew in that instant that my whole life was a lie. My dad whom I tought to be dead for 15 years was alive and standing right in front of me. And he was hovering over someone. Mom. There was an adrenaline rush inside me and I gthrew myself into him. It wasn't mom. It has to be someone else. It has to be because my mom was standing right in front of me! The woman I saw lying on the table was groaning with pain because she has been stabbed. "Wh..What are you doing here!?" "I thought you were dead!" The woman standing in front of me came charging onto me and knocked me off and stabbed the woman lying on the carpet. "You saw everything now we have to kill you too. And of course your friend too" She wasn't my mother. She was my mother's twin sister. As much as I appreciated having an aunt at that time, I was glad I didnt knew her before.

In the distant I could hear the police sirens and I looked up to my aunt, I pa.s.sed a winning smirked and fainted. "Chloe, get up I need you" Patty said whistfully. I opened my eyes, The CPD hasn't reached here. How? Aunt Beth was smiling slyly. "Now now, what do we do with these two?" She started laughing like a maniac. "I'm sorry Chloe, but to have a future with Beth I need you and your mom to never exist" My own dad, kneeling beside me said to be. We bothwere bruised. I was in half senses, BANG! BANG! Patty crumpled beside me. No! No! No! Patty was dead. There was an urge inside me to knock my aunt out. They dragged me and Patty to the room where Leo was lying. Not there! I knew I was about to die and to save myself I have to do something. When they left me in the room, and went to het mom's body, I crawled up to the Old guard and searched him for anything that could be used as a weapon. The iron rod! I hid behind the door and as soon as I saw Aunt Beth entering. WACK! A hard blow on her head, and she fell down. "NO!!" My dad screamed "I will KILL you!" He came charging towards me, BANG! BANG!  Patty wasn't dead yet! I was crying and laughing at the same time. But my 2 seconds of happiness got washed away when she dropped onto the floor and took her last breath. I was the only person alive standing amidst of 5 dead bodies. Detective Espiranza came rus.h.i.+ng into the room with his team but he was late. I looked at him blankly and indicated his female partner to take me downstairs.

What happened in the old mansion house before I came in will forever be a mystery, because the people who knew about this were dead. How Leo and Patty came into this crime is also a mystery and so is how my mom ended up here. How my dad came out of his gravde is a mystery.

But some things are better left the way they are for if you dig into them, You may uncover secrets you never wish to think.

After all this my whole life had been change. My best friend, Patty and my mom are dead. My dad is now dead. The woman in the portrait in the old mansion was my Aunt Beth. All I knew is that my life will never be the same again.

After 2 days

Since I was a juvenille, Leo's parents adopted me. They had always treated me just like Leo, as their daughter.

"Hey Chloe, there is a parcel for you" Dad said. I choked onto my food. Again?  I could feel my ears getting hot and my heart beating fast. I picked the parcel and opened it. A letter and a casette tape.

The letter said,  "Maybe, you would want to know what exactly happened"

Someone else also knows about the case! But who?

Vulnerables 5 Solved

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