The Scary Yakuza Is My Husband 66 Chapter 66: Can I?

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"What are you wearing?!!!"

Touma face slap himself looking at the outfit she chose. She was wearing Lara Croft's kind of outfit. Tight black leather pant pair with revealing stomach tank top, shoulder black jacket and then matched with black boots and fingerless glove. For her hair, she did a ponytail style to match her natural makeup.

"You said we need to fight today. It is easy to move with this." She shrugged and looked at her own outfit tried to understand why Touma disapproved with it. She couldn't find any fault about it and she believed she looked like a bada.s.s in it.

"Ouch! What's wrong?!" a blow she received from Touma's finger on her forehead anger her. She did nothing wrong and this outfit is normal nowadays but she can sense displeasure and cloudy storm coming from him.

"Why don't you announce to everyone that you wanted to kick their a.s.s? What with this?! And this! Go change now!" he pointed to her s.e.xy breast and revealing stomach with fire in his eyes. If Kahina was his, he might forget about the mission and eat her alive right now. Touma took a deep breath to calm the fire in him. This woman really pushed his limit.

She was s.e.xy and alluring and he wasn't happy when he imagined other men's eyes staring at her white jade skin and the s.e.xy curve she had. If he can control her, he will never allow her to reveal any skin to other men. Never! It is only for his eyes.

"Then what should I wear?"

Touma opened her suitcase and rummaged inside it for a while before giving her an oversized knee long chequered s.h.i.+rt and blue jeans. Kahina almost cried a bucket when she looked at the mirror. Not s.e.xy at all. There is nothing revealing including her arms. How on earth is she going to seduce him if she can't show him her charms? She cursed him inside while walked out from the bathroom but all the cursed disappeared together with her breath because of the man sitting on the corner of the bed. She gasped for air to bring her back to life not ready to die right now. She needs to marry him first before die.

'How can this is fair? Look at him!'

He was wearing a blue plain V neck s.h.i.+rt, black leather jacket, blue jeans and a silver Hermes buckle belt. His hair nicely combs and his beard adds the s.e.xiness to the look. Simple yet s.e.xy.

When Touma saw her coming out from the bathroom he immediately approached and circled her and nodded. She is cute and adorable. Then he pulled the hairband and let her hair free to hide the neck. Satisfied with her look, he patted her.

"You perfect now. Let's go." Without waiting for Kahina to reply he grabbed her hand and brought her out the room.

Yes. They stayed in the same room because Touma refused to let her out from his sight even for a minute but she was okay with it, no! She enjoyed it. And now, Touma was holding her hand. She can see a different side of Touma here. He is more carefree and easygoing compared when he is in j.a.pan. Maybe because he was not surrounded by anyone he knows, so there is no pressure for him to maintain his perfect image. Kahina admitted this version of Touma is her favourite so far.

She took out her phone and snapped the picture of them holding hands and hid it before Touma noticed.

When they arrived at the hotel restaurant, he pulled a chair for her and sat beside her. Then, he called the waiter and ordered a simple breakfast without asking her at all but Kahina just let him pampered her as much as he like. She let herself enjoyed the ride for now.

"Did you see the woman there? Your two o'clock."

The woman he meant is gorgeous but dangerous like a shower of broken gla.s.s, sparkle yet really sharp. She was alone enjoying her breakfast ignored the world. Like a G.o.ddess in heaven and she felt like a peasant in her presence.

"Ahh... she is so pretty..." she murmured bitterly. A fit of slight jealousy touched her heart.

"You are prettier..."

Kahina instantly faced Touma when she heard him whispered. She must heard him wrong.

"What did you just say?"

He cleared his throat, "Nothing!"

"Owh, it must be my imagination. I thought I hear you said I'm pretty..." It just a whisper, she can't be sure and it quite embarra.s.sing for her to press about it.

"Stop daydreaming. She is our target. Her name is Alana Mahoe. She is the wife of Keanu Mahoe, the top Mafia here. We need to get closed to her."

He handed her the tablet with Alana's information. Alana is the mother of two beautiful boys, a model and has her own modelling company. She married to Keanu Mahoe when she was in her peak of a modelling career. She had everything that women desire except a loyal husband. Her husband cheated on her with a full harem of models and celebrities but she is still loyal to him.

"Ohh.. poor woman..."

"Keep reading."

Kahina glared at him but still followed his order. After reading a few lines more, she covered her mouth with a hand.

"Shut the front door! Is this serious?! Wow!"

"Yes, she was the mastermind behind Mahoe Group and she is a lesbian. Let just say they married for the empire but she strives to support her husband. Their main income was drug trafficking and we need to control it. They have been distributing the new drug in j.a.pan and the worst part is they are using my people."

"It is not an easy task. How about we go small first? Destroy the duo trust. If the leader is weak then the group had no chance."

"That is what we are going to do. Here is my plan. We will go..." Touma explained everything he planned and she quietly listened to each of the information.

"So, what do you think?" Touma believed he had a solid planned but when he needed to include Kahina with the planned, he made a few adjustments.

"Interesting but why I need to pretend to be your girlfriend? I don't agree!"

"But it is much more convincing for both of us. No one will believe if I say you are my sister."


"What the..." he was dumbfounded with Kahina response. He felt his energy drained by a lot when he needs to deal with this woman. Slowly he took the fork and started eating, ignored her complaint.

"Touma! Can I? Can I?"

The Scary Yakuza Is My Husband 66 Chapter 66: Can I?

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