True Vampire In Teen Wolf 47 Food God..46

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Stepping out of the car behind Alex Lidia looked at the lodge with interest.

" This place actually look good." She said.

All ignore her as they proceed to carry their bags.

Erica was the one with the key. The lodge should have been packed with food and wine from a day ago so all they need to do is unpack and relax.

Soon each person had their own room.

The lodge was quite big containing ten bedrooms, four bathroom, a big kitchen , one living room , an indoor and outdoor pool, a rock border hot spring and some other interesting facility.

Currently two hour after settling in Alex was in the living room laying on a luxurious looking sofa.

The room was quite big. It had five huge sofa, gla.s.s table curved uniquely, a plasma screen TV and the room was AC.

Currently Lidia, Allison and Erica was in the living room looking after breakfast while Scott and Stiles already set the table and exploring the house. Jackson was like Alex laying around but it was in his room.

Closing his eyes Alex paid attention to the sound of hearts beating. To calm his mind he would listen to the heart beat around him. He didn't know why it calm him. It could be that it show he could easily kill them all in that he was invincible or the sound relax his mind. It didn't matter it calm him down.

Although many of his friends had questions about what he was he just simple label himself as True vampire. He wanted to wait for a good time to explain since he wasn't exactly born like this.

Opening his eyes he got to his feet. He was feeling some what lazy so he decides to help the girls cook.

" So what we having for lunch" Alex said as he lean on the kitchen door frame.

" Alex. We are cooking. Just stay out of the kitchen this is the women domain." Allison said to which the other giggled.

" Oh. you guys wanna bet that I can cook better than you" Alex said with a smirk as he look at the three girls in different ap.r.o.n. Lidia was where a pitch black ap.r.o.n with red rose ill.u.s.trated on the front.

Allison wore dark blue ap.r.o.n with plaids patterns and Erica wore a dark purple color with golden word written on the front slanted saying ' Cooks rules' .

The girl frown at Alex statement as they considered what Alex said.

Seeing they were thinking about it Alex said.

" Why don't you three take a break and I finish up what you are doing It won't hurt" Alex said.

The three soon agreed. Allison and Lidia wanted to see more of the house while Erica wanted to go out and find her friend to show them.

By this time everyone was convince it was a pet she had around.

Borrowing Lidia black ap.r.o.n with a rose he quickly put it on. While tying the strap around his waist he felt eyes staring at him.

Finish he looked up to see the complicated look on the three girls face.

" What is it?" Alex asked confuse.

" You look good in an ap.r.o.n." Lidia said to which both Allison and Erica agreed.

Alex smirk lightly as he shoo the girls away from the kitchen. He look at the ingredients and the food that was already on the stove and smiled. He began to rub his palm together and revealed a playful smile.


After leaving the kitchen to Alex Erica left the lodge and began to wonder around. She would search every ditch and cave she met up on but she couldn't find her 'pet'.

She showed a sad expression as she lean against a tree. It was currently 2pm.

' Lunch should be ready. Sigh where is she' Erica wonder as she glance around.

As she was unsuccessful she decided to go back. They would be there for four days. She is bound to find her before they left.

Reaching back to the lodge she directly enter the lodge to find a set of drooling teens. Around the dinning room table Scott, Allison, Lidia and Jackson sat obediently as they stare at the steaming hot meat infront of them. The aroma it was giving off instantly made people know that this was a delicacy.

Erica was too immerse the aroma.

" Alex made this?" She asked surprised.

The group then notice Erica arrival and showed a happy expression.

" Where were you. You made Alex place this infront of us but forbade anyone from eating until you came." Lidia said with a sour expression.

" Ah. Sorry But did Alex really cook this?" Erica asked again.

" Yeah who else. I knew Alex could cook from what Scott told me but he understated Alex abilities a little to much." Allison said.

" Yeah but didn't we leave him in the kitchen with stew chicken how did it turn turn into hot barbeque chicken." Erica said shock. One can be a good cook but you can't turn stew into barbeque, can you?

Lidia and Allison showed a weird face at her question.

" We also don't know how to answer this but I can a.s.sure you he didn't change the chicken. He used the same chicken we already season and place in the pot. Erica you really got a prize there don't miss it. " Lidia said to which Erica made an awkward smile.

Suddenly the door to the kitchen open revealing Alex with two tray.

Removing the covering snow white rice and soft bread with some vegetables and fruits. Other dish were also their and he said the desert were in the fridge.

Seeing the food Alex laid infront of them they all thought.

' Food G.o.d? Good Husband material?'

True Vampire In Teen Wolf 47 Food God..46

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