Dungeon Core Online Chapter 181

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Published at 30th of March 2020 04:35:04 AM
Chapter 181: 181

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Chapter 181

"I'm pretty sure everyone watching this thinks we are crazy . " Rue laughed as she flicked her wrist, pulling up a rapidly moving wall of text before her eyes . Curiously, the wall was following her even as the pixie flew after James, who was moving extremely quickly . It had been maybe an hour since the end of the battle . His players were rested, and they had done as he asked . Now, they were rus.h.i.+ng towards BLANKs portion of the map . It may have been early still in day 3, but he didn't care . They were going to make BLANK pay . And, if everything went according to plan, they would catch the siblings and their players completely off guard .

"Actually, I know they think we are crazy . " Her eyes scanned the screen . James knew it was the chat bar for the livestream he had going from his point of view . While the developers of DCO were live streaming the dungeon wars to all the players, he and BLANK were streaming their own point of view for the dungeon wars as well . And from what James could tell, while he had no access to BLANKs stream, James could tell he had the majority of dungeon core views . Probably because he was, you know, actually interesting and amusing to watch .

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"Well, crazy is our thing . " He was currently riding on the back of Monty Python, his giant, 23-point Giant Plaython that he had summoned, once more, for battle . He linked it to himself, which meant he was now unkillable, as long as he kept Monty alive . And, while Rue had put herself dangerously in harm's way, James had no reason to . He and his players had devised something even more useful for Monty Python . Something that would ensure not only his safety, or at least, keep him from having to deal with dangerous melee attacks, but also bring a lot more chaos and destruction to the battle against BLANK . Honestly, he hated himself for not thinking about it earlier .

Monty Python was nearly 100 feet in length, and when he reared his ma.s.sive head up and back, was 25 foot high . That was impressive, but wasn't the aspect of the mob that James was abusing right now . Instead, it was the fact that the Giant Plaython's stuff body had a diameter of close to 10 feet at most of its points, tapering off obviously towards the tail . Conveniently, that meant the mob's back was a great place for players to stand upon . And, to add to that, James may have abused his poor summons's stuffed animal aspects . As in…he totally had .

On his way back from the war, James had taken note of his wall of, well, walls, with the cannons positioned protectively behind them . He had made 60 cannons for his players, and set them up in a formation that was meant to be used in a defensive setting . During the attack from BLANK, he, and pretty much everyone else, had completely forgone those cannons, and rushed into the battlefield . Which was only sensible, given the size of the attack . Sixty Cannons was kind of paltry when dealing with long range attacks from thousands of spellcasters, ranged mobs, and so on . Not to mention, the decreased accuracy for the longer ranged shots on the cannons made them kind of dangerous to his players as well as BLANK's .

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Now, these cannons that James had placed on his Fields of Battle were reminiscent to him of cannons he had seen in movies and games that originated on pirate s.h.i.+ps . Or, something that seemed like a stereotypical cannon used in a castle or fantasy games . That is to say, it was extremely simple, with a large rounded backend, and a long barrel . His cannons were roughly, if he had to measure them, 6 foot in length, and Rue informed him they were modeled after the what she called an '18pounder' . Which apparently had to do with the size of the cannonball it could fire .

Normally, cannons of this sort, from what James knew of them, were loaded from the front, and then fired by lighting a fuse . Because DCO was a video game, it seemed the game developers had gone with video game logic . That being that a single player could man the cannon, aim it, and then pull a string on it to fire it . The cannon would then reload itself after a minute, and could again be fired . They were easy to use, had the ability to swivel slightly from atop the stands they were on, which gave players essentially a zone of about 30 degrees to either side to fire with .

So, seeing he had forgotten to use that resource, and living up to the crazy, chaotic nature that James was trying to embody, and with the help from Grandma Jenkins, and his players, he had gone about creating something he never thought he would have . Something that, had he not been 100% sure he was immersed, and thus not dreaming, he would have thought was a dream . Actually, James wasn't sure he would ever have dreamed up something as crazy as this .

Now, Across the back of Monty Python, all 60 cannons sat, 30 facing off to one side, the other 30 on the other, as if the Giant Plaython were a pirate s.h.i.+p . The cannons had been embedded into James's mob . The players had helped James cut his poor snake open, over and over again . Once the cuts were made, James would place the cannon into the mob, and then Grandma Jenkins would sew it up . Their work was quick and efficient, with James only pausing occasionally to heal the poor mob . It was really a good thing the Giant Plaython did not have an intelligent AI in it, otherwise he was sure this would have resulted in some rather strong objections .

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Once they had completed the task of arming Monty Python with cannons across its entire back, he had broken up the wooden walls he had created on the Fields of Battle, and once again emplaced those all along Monty Python's back . All in all…they had completely fortified Monty Python to be a ma.s.sive, 100foot long moving piece of artillery . They had also been careful to break up enough of the walls during this task, to ensure Monty Python could still move rather agilely, though James doubted the mob would be able to fully utilize its struggle snuggles anymore . Considering the fact they had traded out Struggle Snuggles for a ma.s.sive fortified snake with cannons mounted all along its back, James figured it was a fair trade .

And that wasn't all . Monty Python had all 60 cannons, and now, as they rushed towards BLANK's part of the map, and BLANK's sp.a.w.n area, all 60 of those cannons were armed by players . Alongside those players, each cannon team had mages, archers, or other ranged players, who would be launching long range attacks from the safety of the mobile fortress . Additionally, healers paced to and fro in the protected area, prepared to cleanse the players of any debuffs, and to keep them healed and healthy .

The rest of James's players, had gone to work in different ways . The Knights Who Go Ni had immediately rushed back to the Mech Station, and had activated it in order to once again summon Voltron . Much to the dismay of other players, it seemed the Mech Station could only create one such ma.s.sive combining mech for players . It was a unique option apparently, which could only be used one at a time, per mech station . Which just meant James was going to have to build more mech stations later on .

Still, players were able to spend essence at the station to create generic mechs for themselves, ones that looked like the cannon fodder zaku mechs James had seen in Gundam animes . Even still, groups of melee players had invested essence into James's armored transport depot . Unlike the mech station, this one didn't have special, high cost versions . But still, there were now quite a few armored, motorized vehicles being driven at high speeds towards BLANKs side . Within each sat probably a dozen or so players who were planning to get dropped in the middle of battlefield, up close and personal, where they wanted to be .

Finally, trailing just behind Monty Python and the vehicles, came the remainder of James's players, and of course, Grandma Jenkins . Players, upon realizing they couldn't summon Voltrons for themselves, or who didn't want to invest in the armored personnel characters, had had a free for all when it came to summon James's mobs . Literally, looking out at the ma.s.sive force moving towards BLANK's starting zone, James could see every possible mob type had been summoned . The crowd favorites, of course, had been d.i.c.kens, velocity raptors, and snuggle woofs . But still, there were Giant Playthons, breakers, steamers, and even funky monkeys .

That latter was the best part… . as it seemed some players had spent a little too much time on James's third floor, and gotten the idea to mount the funky monkeys . Troll'd from Skar's group, was one in particular, and the troll appeared to be leading his flying brigade of mounted funky monkeys… . the mobs releasing their terrifying screams mid-air, while the players atop them, mostly ranged players, including MercerEffect, the deadly gunslinger James had observed . With the funky monkey's, the players would be able to launch their attacks from the relative safety of the sky, with the monkey's debilitating cries actually helping paralyze any targets they might be aiming for .

All in all…it was crazy . It was ridiculous . It was something James was sure no one would have expected unless they were heavily using drugs, and even then, this scenario still seemed unlikely . With all of those factors, James was certain BLANK would have no way to prepare for this . And that was exactly what James was hoping for .
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Dungeon Core Online Chapter 181

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