Lessons On Raising A Partner Vvchapter 121

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Chapter 121: The Elf said, “Let there be light.”

Colin took advantage of Auguste's neglect and poked at JianJian's shoulder. “Of course, it's Auguste and his JianJian's love. Yippy.”

Hai'an's ears turned red as soon as he heard this. Auguste took a look at Colin and hugged Hai'an to himself without saying anything.

“Oh, it's too slow. Let's fly.” Kai didn't want to wait any longer. Before everyone could respond, Kai turned into a dragon, used his claw, grabbing several people and taking Auguste with them to the deep sea.

As an Ayulon, flying was fast, and the wind was stinging on his face, not to mention Kai did some difficult movements, flying backward and spinning. When he stopped, everyone's face was blue.

“I'm going to throw up…” Colin covered his chest and leaned on Corson.

Kai landed at the junction of the shallow and deep seas. People would not fall in the shallow seas, but the deep seas were different. Near the edge of the deep sea, there are no soul stones, only clean fine sand. On the surface of the deep sea, there were some long pointed flowers and bones. The bottom of the sea was like a dark abyss, which was dark and endless.

Kai tucked in his waist and carelessly wiped his hand through the water. “Ah, it's so cool to fly. Here's the deep sea. Wait. I'll fish for you.” After that, he threw the green vines into the dark waters.

Lydney looked at the flowers and bones in the deep sea and said, “These… Isn't it moonlight?

“Huh?” Kai looked up at sea. “Yes, the moonlight blossoms are here too. I scattered the flowers on the shallow sea, and I didn't know how they came here to open. Actually, it's not much on this side. There's quite a lot on the other side of the deep ocean center. It's a large area of growing densely.”

Jaime looked at the pointed, slender and white bones timidly. “Is that the moonlight flower?”

Although he found the moonlight, he had no idea how to use it to revive Cedar.

Hai'an took a few steps forward, squatted down on the deep seaside, reached out to touch the moonlight flowers, “These moonlight flowers have no soul, so they will not blossom – ah!”

Suddenly Hai'an fell into the water as if he had been caught by something. Silver hair spread out in the water and finally sank into the deep sea. Auguste's pupils suddenly became sharp and vertical, “JianJian!”

“Auguste!” Carl grabbed Auguste's arm and did not want him to enter the deep sea. Auguste broke free of Carl's bondage and jumped into the water to follow Hai'an.

Kai watched with a vine in his hand and was startled. “Shall we go down and save people?”

“Surely we must save them!” Colin jumped into the water after Auguste without taking off his clothes and went downstream.

When Alia and Red s.h.i.+eld arrived in a hurry, there were only XiaXia, Leston and Lydney on the sh.o.r.e. XiaXia threw his eyes into the water from time to time, “It's too dark below, I can't see anything.”

“I can go down and have a look.” The soft voice of Red s.h.i.+eld sounded, and Lydney was stunned for a moment. Then he remembered that all the original fighters could fight under the water, and they had lights to see things under the water.

“Take this.” After climbing into the c.o.c.kpit of Red s.h.i.+eld, Alia threw down a display screen. “This is what Red s.h.i.+eld sees. You can record it. It may be helpful to everyone.”

Lydney took the screen carefully and handed Alia one of XiaXia's eyes. “You can hold it. It can see fast-moving objects. If you are in danger, I'll ask Leston to remind you.”

“Thank you.” Red s.h.i.+eld put XiaXia's eye in the groove around her body so that XiaXia could see the objects around her, and then jumped into the deep sea.

Hai'an spit out a bunch of small bubbles and created an air s.h.i.+eld around him then he lit up a small globe and looked around carefully, but he saw nothing except endless darkness. He had been sinking since he was dragged to the bottom of the sea, and had not stopped dropping until now, but there were no other living things near him, just like a mysterious force calling him to continue to sink.

“Bah!” With a m.u.f.fled noise, the air s.h.i.+eld seemed to hit something. Hai'an looked back and saw that it was a white and dark elf. He opened his b.l.o.o.d.y red eyes, opened his dark grey lips, and showed his teeth. He jumped forward and bit hard on the neck of a white elf as if he had not seen Hai'an.

In an instant, the bright red blood stained the surrounding water, and Hai'an could even smell a gust of fishy smell.

After the white elf was bitten, he raised his dagger in his hand. The blade, s.h.i.+ning with cold silver under the glow of Hai'an's glorious globe, then fell into the back of the dark elf. At the last moment, the white elf turned to look at Hai'an. His blue eyes were filled with sadness. Hai'an could be sure that his tears would melt with the seawater and become hot and boiling. Cold and sad, his lips squirmed slightly, as if to tell Hai'an a word.

But Hai'an didn't see it clearly because he was sinking, and the white and dark elves soon disappeared.

Hai'an s.h.i.+vered, jumped to the air s.h.i.+eld, but still could only see desperate darkness.

At this time, a burst of orange light came and attracted Hai'an's attention. He turned his head and looked at it. On his right hand, there appeared a group of magicians who were releasing the curse of fire magic. At the center of the magic circle, three n.o.bles were wearing luxurious clothes, the shackles of forbidden flame. It took three people with Royal blood as sacrifices to release the chains. The flames produced by the shackles of fire could burn devils.

Hai'an opened his eyes and suddenly turned back. Sure enough, on his left hand, he found a neatly arranged army of devils, who were attacking the Wizards on the right with their ghostly wands made of h.e.l.lfire.

The three aristocrats in the center of the Magic Front, with tears on their faces, were indeed willing to die, and magicians who were singing incantations were full of despair and pain. Once the magic curse was put into effect, not only would the aristocrats in the center of the battle lose their blood, but they would be ashes in flames.

Hai'an pa.s.sed through their center and did not see their final outcome, but Hai'an knew that no one could survive the war.

Another giant appeared in the dark water, the t.i.tans, a one-eyed t.i.tan, roaring toward Hai'an, stepping on Lori, a dwarf standing in front of Hai'an, stepping him into meat paste. The other dwarfs were shooting at the one-eyed t.i.tan with artillery, and they fell under the body, crushed into the mud.

Hai'an closed his eyes, clenched his fists, and tears slid down his face — all that was shown here was what happened in Nore.

White elves and dark elves, humans, and demons, dwarfs and t.i.tans, in addition to countless other races were involved in the war that swept the whole continent of Nore, and Hai'an finally understood why the elves had never been born again after him, why the dead elves had never returned from the tree of life, and why the moonlight carrying their souls had never returned when it withered.

The moonlight flower can only resurrect souls without contamination of blood, those that have not harvested the pure soul of life. From the day the war between the white elves and the dark elves broke out, all those who went to the battlefield never had a chance to return. Their bodies and souls would always be sleeping in the cold land, still soaked by sad tears.

No matter how many more elves were born, they would be victims of war. The Queen had to seal the tree of life herself, seal the new souls together with Hai'an, and use forbidden art to transmit them to another world, waiting for them to be reborn one day.

“He's here…”

“Hai'an… Do you remember me?”

“He's still alive… That's good…”

Numerous soul globes gathered around Hai'an, radiating warmth, touching his cheek intimately, whispering fragmentary.

“Come to my side, son…” The Queen's voice rang clearly in Hai'an's ear. Hai'an opened his eyes and sees a soft figure not far away. Her long blond hair undulates in the sea, and her blue eyes are as gentle as ever.

Hai'an stopped sinking at this time, and the Queen opened her arms and folded Hai'an in them.


“My dear Hai'an… Do you like the world?”

Hai'an raised his head and grabbed the Queen's arm. “That fire… Did you start it?”

The Queen still looked at Hai'an tenderly but did not answer his question: “I will sink to the bottom of the sea forever with the guilty who made mistakes… You leave with the new souls…”

After the Queen said that, the soul b.a.l.l.s around Hai'an floated to her side and gradually blended together. The Queen pushed Hai'an out of her arms. At that moment, Hai'an felt a sharp pain coming from his wrist.

Auguste went mad when Hai'an sank to the bottom of the sea. He jumped into the sea before he could think about it. Thanks to Hai'an's holding up a globe of light, Auguste could find Hai'an according to the white light, and then he grabbed Hai'an's wrist and pulled him into his arms.

On the way to the top, the bottle with the soul stone of the little Ayulon in Auguste's pocket fell into the deepest part of the sea.

Hai'an was close to Auguste's arms, pulling his clothes, and Hai'an saw what Kai said were the stars blooming on the bottom of the sea – they had no roots, but unfounded blooming, from the heart of the flowers, many white soul b.a.l.l.s, almost illuminating the whole seafloor, those strange-looking creatures have yielded after encountering these lights, making way for them.

Following Auguste's descent, the group of Carl, Collin, and Corson stared at the light b.a.l.l.s, and the pale blue stars revolved around them in a flower path, wrapping all the people in the sea and rising together in the bright white light.

“It's so beautiful…” XiaXia eyes blurred as if seeing a miracle.

Leston frowned and looked at XiaXia for a long time. He did not know what he saw. “What did you see?”

Lessons On Raising A Partner Vvchapter 121

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