Female Protagonist Is A Blackened Villainess Chapter 41

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Published at 20th of September 2019 09:21:11 AM Chapter 41

Chapter 41

The night pa.s.sed quietly, but time continued to tick . Long s.h.i.+yan quietly laid down on the bed, slowly digesting System Qian Qian’s universal halo theory . After a long while, she said softly, “Then, what should I do?”

“For the time being, the best course of action is to escape,” System Qian Qian solemnly stated .

Long s.h.i.+yan fell silent .

System Qian Qian looked at her gloomy expression and couldn’t help but remind her again, “I know you are reluctant to part with your present results, but rather than staying still and waiting for death, we should strike first . Isn’t that what you often say? Frankly, I am not willing to leave like this . But we obviously can’t make any mistakes at all . Besides, even when he arrives here, Long Aotian won’t be able to bring forth major changes to the school . ”

Long s.h.i.+yan’s mind wandered, and she revealed a rare expression . However, it could not be seen as she was completely submerged in the darkness .

The two were silent for a while .

“Hey! Elder Sister!” Suddenly, a clear voice broke the silence of the night . The shadowy figure next to her slowly moved . After a while, she leaned on Long s.h.i.+yan’s body . At night, her red eyes appeared extraordinarily strange . System Qian Qian also floated away for a while .

Long s.h.i.+yan’s expression changed slightly . She tried to move her body to no avail . Currently, she was completely suppressed by Zi Linglong, leaving her in a fragile state . Even a second-level child could win against her, let alone resisting against Zi Linglong’s berserk state .

If she were truly in a berserk state, then Long s.h.i.+yan will undoubtedly die .

“Ling’er, what’s the matter with you?” Long s.h.i.+yan calmed her frame of mind and tried to soften her tone .

“Although Linglong doesn’t know what Elder Sister and Qian Qian are talking about, Linglong knows that Elder Sister is discussing about something dreadful . ” Zi Linglong suppressed Long s.h.i.+yan’s entire body as her b.l.o.o.d.y eyes stared coldly at Long s.h.i.+yan’s .


In the darkness, she could see Zi Linglong’s pupils flash .

“What dreadful thing? Elder Sister is only discussing how to distribute tasks tomorrow, and there aren’t many things for me to do . ” Long s.h.i.+yan tried to calm herself as much as possible . She spoke soothingly, “Linglong, Elder Sister’s health is very bad right now, so I can’t resist against your current state . Can’t you let go of your sister?”

“No…I don’t want to…”

When Long s.h.i.+yan felt the grip on her body slightly relax, she quickly reached out . She held onto Zi Linglong, slowly pulled her into her chest, and then gently patted her head, ” Linglong, don’t think too much, just have a good night’s sleep . ”

“No, I don’t want to, Elder Sister is fooling me . ” Teardrops invaded her chest as Long s.h.i.+yan could clearly sense Zi Linglong’s mood swings . But the question was, when did this girl begin to lose her temper? Usually, she never expressed her doubts when they were discussing business affairs like this!

“I don’t want to! Don’t…” Zi Linglong whispered, “Elder Sister, why are you leaving? How about we leave the school, let’s go back home…”

System Qian Qian, who was floating in the air, raised her eyebrows . Long s.h.i.+yan was quiet for half a moment before asking, “Why do you want to leave, isn’t the school pretty good? Linglong has so many friends there . ”

“The school isn’t good at all; it’s too dangerous . Why does Elder Sister have to do such dangerous things? Aren’t you afraid of death? When you almost died in the battle against the a.s.sa.s.sins, how come you didn’t feel scared?” Zi Linglong gritted her teeth; her blood-red eyes stared at Long s.h.i.+yan’s .

Long s.h.i.+yan could not react at all .

Long s.h.i.+yan took a few deep breaths and gently consoled, “Ling’er is clever, but you need to calm down first . That matter had already pa.s.sed . You should take a better look at Elder Sister right now, isn’t Elder Sister perfectly fine?”

“No! It’s not just in the past!” Zi Linglong muttered to himself . “Elder Sister’s current condition is the same as before . You still want to fight . You still want to take risks . You still want to sacrifice your own life, yet make jokes about it . These facts can’t escape from me . I understand that Elder Sister and Qian Qian discuss things that I shouldn’t know at night . I am certain of this . I’m sure you are going to do something bad and very dangerous, perhaps linked to your life . And maybe one day you will…”

“No!” Long s.h.i.+yan retorted before composing herself . “Most likely, I will not be doing those kinds of things . I will live a good and long life, and nothing will happen to me . Ling’er doesn’t need to think any more about this,” she said in a determined and unquestionable way .

Zi Linglong was no longer speaking, but she still pressed Long s.h.i.+yan down with her hands . She tilted her head as her eyes lit up in the darkness . In the room, only two black shadows were entangled with each other .

“I don’t believe you! You are fooling me!” After a long time, Zi Linglong spat out such a sentence .

Long s.h.i.+yan’s black pupils flashed in surprise . This girl…was not placated by her, what is going on…

“I’m not lying…” Long s.h.i.+yan’s voice was abruptly interrupted by Zi Linglong’s stern reprimanding . “Although I don’t know what Elder Sister is doing, it’s definitely related to going on adventures, and it’s definitely related to fighting . As long as it’s about adventures and killing, it will definitely be dangerous . This time, your luck was good, but next time, it will be different . If you keep on treading right next to danger, sooner or later, you will one day…part from me . ”

“You will most likely leave me…”

“Linglong…” Long s.h.i.+yan was flabbergasted .

“I am scared! I am even more afraid than Elder Sister!” Zi Linglong lowered her head and said with a m.u.f.fled voice, “I was scared when Elder Sister was chased by the ant wave; when Elder Sister was injured by Dina, I was also very scared; when I saw Elder Sister fighting so hard against the a.s.sa.s.sins, I was even more afraid . Maybe next time, you will no longer be alive . ”


“Elder Sister, can’t we go back? Go back to the East and go back home? Couldn’t we simply live out an ordinary life so nothing dangerous would happen?” Zi Linglong closed her eyes and said in a pleading voice .

Long s.h.i.+yan could not answer .

When Zi Linglong didn’t hear her reply, she could not help but open her blood-red eyes . They appeared more eerie and violent than the previous time . When Long s.h.i.+yan observed them, she noticed that there wasn’t much of a difference than the first time . Her beautiful little hand moved along Long s.h.i.+yan’s snow-white neck . Her violent gaze drifted down and looked at her eyes coldly . “If Elder Sister doesn’t agree, I will personally make you understand . This way, it will be better than having Elder Sister die in someone else’s hands . ”

The strength of her grasp was getting stronger and stronger, and it was getting more difficult for Long s.h.i.+yan to breathe . She could feel Zi Linglong’s killing intent and could tell that this was not a joke . System Qian Qian was also particularly surprised . She rushed forward to slap Zi Linglong’s face, but she was easily swatted away by Zi Linglong .

Long s.h.i.+yan also gained a chance to take advantage of her . She grabbed Zi Linglong’s neck and then forcefully pulled her down, into her bosom . “Ling’er! Ling’er! Don’t cause trouble, or Elder Sister will despise you . ” Gritting her teeth, she then opened her mouth .

As soon as she said this, Zi Linglong seemed to have vented out all of her strength . Laying in Long s.h.i.+yan’s embrace, she cried silently . Long s.h.i.+yan took a deep breath and whispered a few words to appease her . System Qian Qian, who was about to run out to find help, also came back, silently floating beside them .

This time, things turned out to be a bit more troublesome .

“Obedient child! Don’t be afraid!” Long s.h.i.+yan panted heavily, trying to make her tone as calm as possible . “Elder Sister doesn’t want to lie to you, but there are things that Elder Sister must do . I can’t live an ordinary life with you . I have to do certain things that might be dangerous . But Elder Sister swears that one day, Elder Sister will grant your wish . When the time comes and you must go, your sister will accompany you, okay?”

Long s.h.i.+yan’s tone was soft and tender . After this conversation, Zi Linglong was no longer aroused . She lay quietly in Long s.h.i.+yan’s arms and fell asleep . Long s.h.i.+yan opened the magic crystal lamp, illuminating the little girl who was lying in her arms and sleeping peacefully . The ruthless girl from a few moments ago was no longer here .

She finally breathed out a sigh of relief .

System Qian Qian floated beside them with an expression of wanting to say something, however, no words came out from her . After the showdown, Long s.h.i.+yan broke the silence . “She is, nonetheless, still quiet and adorable . Qian Qian, what did you want to say?”

“Host, it’s too dangerous!” A complicated look was displayed on System Qian Qian’s face . “There was no hint or foreshadowing of when Zi Linglong would become like that . It’s worse than we expected . Whenever she becomes berserk, she becomes extremely violent and uncontrollable . If this continues, then I’m afraid…”

“Afraid of what?”

System Qian Qian’s expression was serious as she hesitated for a while before saying, “Perhaps, she will one day kill you . ”

“Impossible . ” Long s.h.i.+yan looked down at the person who slept sweetly within her arms . Zi Linglong might be a bit extreme at times, but it was always for her sake . She understood that this must have been caused by the simulation they had watched on the water crystal ball today . The simulation of the battle most likely led to Zi Linglong’s fear, which eventually led to her berserk state . Of course, her own psyche may already have problems that started to build-up over time .

Zi Linglong allowed herself to yield to her feelings of insecurity and fear .

“Host, that won’t be true forever . Perhaps, this time was simply a lucky escape . But next time, I don’t know what will be the outcome . If you don’t use Zi Linglong properly, she may injure you . Keeping her with you is not worth the risk . ”

“That said, what should I do?” Long s.h.i.+yan stroked the back of Zi Linglong’s head . She slightly raised her head and glared at the system . System Qian Qian was silent for a long time, and her gaze wandered . She closed her eyes and said, “I can’t make your decisions for you; I am very sorry!”

Long s.h.i.+yan smiled .

“But…although I can’t make any decisions, you should still be careful as this may happen again in the future . If necessary, it will be better to stay in your lolita mode, so even if Zi Linglong goes crazy, you will have your self-protection ability,” System Qian Qian explained .

“I already understand this . ”

“Now, you should already understand that you will get into more misfortunate events in the future . Even the people around you will inevitably injure you whether unconsciously or not . Zi Linglong is a prime example . ” System Qian Qian once again moved the discussion forward .

Long s.h.i.+yan was astonished . Did this count? The misfortunate events that had occurred were mere coincidences!

“When too many coincidences occur at the same time and place, it is no coincidence . And whether it is a coincidence or not, the current question is how to overcome this issue . It’s worth thinking about whether we should escape or continue staying here . ” System Qian Qian’s expression was filled with concern .

What was the best way to deal with this sudden incident?

If they left, then Long Aotian would come to the Holy Spirit Magic School . Without Long s.h.i.+yan there to obstruct him, they didn’t know whether or not the school could resist Long Aotian’s protagonist halo . If their situation gets worse, then their plans may fail, and they would sink into a dire predicament . However, right now, the system could only worry helplessly because all of their decisions must be attributed to Long s.h.i.+yan herself .

Female Protagonist Is A Blackened Villainess Chapter 41

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