I Accidentally Married A "CEO" I Accidentally Married A “Ceo“ Chapter 326: Wedding-1

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Jeff and Ann had a blissful afternoon, while everyone was busy attending to their upcoming wedding, the couple was busy making triplets.
The couple stayed cooped up inside their bedroom the whole afternoon, no one in the household dare to bother them.

It was a much needed time with each other. Jeff lay wide awake caressing Ann's white satin skin while his chin rested on top of her long silky reddish-brown hair. "Hmmm, it's happening. Tomorrow is our wedding day, the one that everyone would engrave onto their memory." Jeff mumbles while sniffing and kissing Ann's hair.

Ann was not sleeping either. She's wide awake with many thoughts running into her mind. So many things had happened, and it seems like it's only yesterday when they first met...


Four years ago in Las Vegas Nevada, her grandmother pa.s.sed away living her orphaned and dest.i.tute. Luckily she has a friend like Lea who had been with her since high school. Without Lea's ex-boyfriend idea, she would have never met Jeff who had helped her become who she is now.

Jeff, a man she never thought would fall for a person like her. Young and naive, with no family background to speak off, and on top of that, she was flat broke living in a small shack... About ready to be evicted.

Jeff, who's a CEO of a big conglomerate, fall for a girl like her. [A fairy tale story] [Cinderella met Prince charing]

After meeting Jeff, her life turned for the better. She was able to continue her education, and she has given a chance to hone her talents of singing like the mother who abandoned her at birth.

After four years, she and Jeff meet again. He was back to claim what's rightfully his, Ann the accidental wife. The one he married out of impulse and became the love of his life.

After so many misunderstanding, they were finally able to come to term and joined together in Asia where she eventually met her mother and the unknown father. Her true ident.i.ty was divulged to the world, and she now has a place in society, the sole heiress of Tan Corporation and the daughter of the #1 Diva of the Country.

She met Jeff's family who adored her to death, and she gained a little uncle, a cousin, and brother-in-law that used to be one of her secret admirer in high school. A Grandmother and grandfather who dotes on her and the incoming babies. The next day would be their official wedding day when the story of their fairy tale life would end... But is it? Or is it only a beginning...[IAMAC-II]


Eva and Lea finished entertaining the bridesmaid for the day. They dropped them all off back to the villa where all of them staying together. After dropping the bridesmaid off at the villa, Lea and Eva called Ethan and Ronald to come to pick them up so they could all go back to the Villa where they were staying with the whole family.

All the bridesmaid was satisfied with the gown they would be wearing at the wedding. Each and everyone has different creations that separate them from each other. The color was all the same jade green, but different design. The friend designer of Rita had delivered an excellent piece of gowns for the girls to wear. The designer had outdone himself to be recognized as M.C. second.

M.C. had created all of Ann's clothing for this wedding. Rita's friend was tasked with creating all of the bridesmaids clothing, and he made sure that it would be at par with M.C.'s creation. Everything was set and in order.

The GroomsMan was the easiest one to handle, the master tailor who had been making Grandfather Go's clothing was the one in charge of all the GroomsMan's tuxedoes.

All of the tuxedoes was cut the same style. The only difference was the sizes, and who would wear it the best...

Jeff's tuxedo was also created by M.C. the one he wore at the fas.h.i.+on show in New York. He had fallen in love with the designed and requested to M.C. to make it exclusive only for him, and he would agree to model it for the whole world to see, in which he did without hesitation.


The bridesmaids were all excited during the dress and dinner rehearsal. Everyone was looking exceptionally, elegant and beautiful. The men were not far behind either, and the men look like they all came out of GQ magazine. The most prominent one of them all was the bride and the groom.

They came in hand and hand showing everyone how much they love each other. The dress rehearsal was successful. Barely anyone made a mistake, only Jeff who's so nervous when he was reciting the marriage bow. Other than that, everyone perfected the walk and everything from the beginning to the end.

"Everything is perfect, but why is the Maid of Honor and the Best Man both have a long face?" Grandmother Tan was asking Grandfather Go curiously.

"b.i.t.c.h me, If they continued with that long face, I would suggest to Jeff to changes the Best Man to Ronald instead, since he had been with him since they were young anyway."

"Let's do that. Why don't you talked to them now before the Bride and Groom realizes what's going on." Grandma Tan suggested to Grandpa go while urging him to go and do it asap.

"Alright! I'll get to it, this hurting my eyes while watching." He motioned to Old Ron and asked him to call for a quick meeting with the men.

After a short meeting and an order from Grandfather Go, the Best Man was changed to Ronald, and of course, the Maid of Honor stays the same it's Lea. All the men agreed, and they were about to commence when Ann interject. "No! I can't let you do that." She shouted to the men.

I Accidentally Married A "CEO" I Accidentally Married A “Ceo“ Chapter 326: Wedding-1

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