If We Got Married 11 Being Modes

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On the car, as Ha Eun was taking in the sights she noticed how they were pa.s.sing a few stores that all had the same last name. Kim.

Although Kim was a common last name, Ha Eun remembered how Chang Wook mentioned his father owned a few businesses. All the stores ranged from food to electronics and even a small grocery store.

"Chang Wook" Ha Eun whispered his name. She thought he'd hear her since they were right next to her, but he kept looking out the window. She called his name a few more times but then hit him on the shoulder.

Chang Wook felt like he was just hit by a rock "Ow…Why would you do that!" Chang Wook told her in an angry whisper.

"Are all these family businesses?" she asks pointing at the stores they pa.s.s. Chang Wook shrugged then continued to look back out the window.

"Don't take it to heart darling. He was probably just being modest" Chang Wook's grandmother said. Ha Eun on the other hand saw it differently. He wasn't being modest, he hid a part of his whole life from her. She thought he was just a poor secretary who worked paycheck to paycheck and lived in a small studio apartment. With so many stores to his name, he could easily be considered a rich person.

They arrived at a dock where there were a few boats, which looked very expensive. Mi-Do and Soo Ryun got out of the car. Chang Wook followed behind them. Ha Eun was confused, since they were going to a hotel, she had no plan in stopping to look at the sea "Where are we?" she asked Chang Wook.

"We know you guys got reservations at a hotel, so we cancelled them" Chang Wook's mom said to them. Ha Eun and Chang Wook exchanged glances.

"Mom" Chang Wook said rolling his eyes.

"Hey, family doesn't stay in a silly hotel, they stay with family" Mi-Do said with a smile. Chang Wook looked over to Ha Eun and shrugged. He walked after his mother and grandmother and left Ha Eun to get her luggage out of the trunk and roll all of it to the boat.

"Wook" Soo Ryun said to his grandson "Geez, help the poor girl"

Ha Eun was grateful that someone noticed how she was struggling with her luggage. She looked up at Chang Wook but he said something she wasn't expecting.

"I'd love to grandma but Ha Eun doesn't want me to. She's one of those feminists, she wants to do everything on her own"

Mi Do and Soo Ryun looked at Ha Eun confused. For someone that likes to do everything on her own she's having a lot of trouble with that luggage and seems to want help.

"Come on, lets go" Chang Wook told his family as he pushed them forward "Keep up, honey" he said to Ha Eun. She was glaring at him while he smiled at her. She noticed how they all went down a ladder made of wood. It was permanently glued to the wall, but it still looked unsafe.

Ha Eun was wearing heels and an expensive dress, she wasn't dressed to go down a ladder and she saw Chang Wook's mother and grandmother on the boat.

"Chang Wook" Ha Eun said, looking down at all of them "I'm not getting on that boat" she whispered.

Chang Wook rolled his eyes, sighing "And why is that?" he asked, putting his arms on his hips.

"You know I can't swim" she said angrily.

"One of the reasons why boats exist" he said "Now hurry up, we're losing daylight" he said and clapped his hands, a way of hurrying her. She gave him her luggage which he gave to his mother to place on the boat. Then Ha Eun went down the ladder but the s.p.a.ces where so separated that she thought she'd fall.

"I can't do it" Ha Eun said.

"You're almost there" Chang Wook said, looking disappointedly at Ha Eun. He knew she was a horrible human being but seeing her be outwitted by a ladder made him want to laugh. He looked over at his mother and grandmother. They were looking at her with wonder and confusion. Most likely thinking what he sees in her.

Ha Eun was going down but it was taking longer than expected "Am I almost there?" she asked Chang Wook. He sighed in frustration.

"Yep, just 2 more steps" he said. The ladder only had 3 steps. She hasn't moved from her position since she got on that thing. As Ha Eun's leg reached the next step she felt something on her bottom.

"Don't worry, I got you" Chang Wook said teasingly. Ha Eun was shocked and could feel her face grow hot. He had his hands on her…

"Hands off a.s.s. Hands off a.s.s. Now, I mean it!" she said in an angry tone. Chang Wook let her go but still chuckled. He never expected that reaction. He just wanted to show his grandmother and mother that they were in a relations.h.i.+p that was more intimate than that of a boss and an a.s.sistant. Although her tone was angry, he knew she was fl.u.s.tered. He's known her for so many years, how could he not know the difference? He thought that reaction was cute.

Wait…did he just think cute?

When she was finally down, they got in the boat. Chang Wook's mother drove and after a while of just seeing stores, houses and more boats she wondered when they were going to stop.

"Where are we going?" Ha Eun asked. Chang Wook pointed forward and she looked at a huge two floor house. It was much bigger than she one she was living in but of course she lives in a gated community, that house has more than a few acres just for itself. She couldn't see any houses near it.

"That's your house?" Ha Eun asked shocked.

"One of them, yes" Do Mi answered. She was glad that she was impressing the girl her son brought with him to her birthday. Whether they were in a special relations.h.i.+p or not, she wanted to make a good impression on her and help her son win her heart. She knows money isn't everything, but it sure helps a lot. What she didn't know was that, Ha Eun was a CEO and, she has money to spare.

What a surprise it will be to them, when they find out. If they ever do that is.

If We Got Married 11 Being Modes

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