Way To The Heavens 36 The True Monster

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As the fight was about to begin the two boys set some ground rules.

"Stop when the opponent is unconscious or when he gives up. Apart from that, there is no stopping this fight." Chen Li said with an evil grin on his face.

'Once the fight begins I will kick this little snake' a.s.s.' He thought to himself.

Outside of the sparring arena, all the girls were talking to Long Yue and Lee Zheng. Not because they were super cool or anything but they were friends with the handsome w.a.n.g Wei. They themselves were also pretty handsome but they couldn't compete with w.a.n.g Wei.

"How come we didn't see you at the entrance exams?" One girl asked.

"We didn't have to take those." Lee Zheng said.

"Why?" Another girl asked.

"w.a.n.g Wei took first place in the solo soul expert compet.i.tion in dusksh.o.r.e city. w.a.n.g Wei and I placed first in the duo tournament and the three of us also placed first in the trio compet.i.tion. We took down glory academy in each compet.i.tion. We are the strongest in our generation of the west division. That is why we were scouted by the princ.i.p.al and vice-princ.i.p.al. I don't know where this Chen Li is from but it doesn't matter. w.a.n.g Wei will defeat him in no-time. Just you watch." Long Yue said.

After that one of the uppercla.s.smen announced the start of the fight.

Chen Li was the first to make a move. He immediately released his soul form and a bright hot blazing sun formed above his head. He had two soul jewels one was a light orange soul jewel. The other one had a solid yellow color.

"A thousand-year-old soul jewel?!" the crowd yelled out.

Outside the arena, a lot of murmurs was going around.

"Wow! That kid is amazing! He has a thousand-year-old soul jewel!" All these kinds of things were being said at the moment.

A girl then turned to Long Yue and Lee Zheng.

"Aren't you worried about your friend?" She said.

"Worried? Why would we be worried?" Long Yue said in response with a smile on his face.

"Because his opponent has a thousand-year-old soul jewel." The girl said.

"It's okay." Long Yue said. He then turned to the arena. "Ooooi, w.a.n.g Wei!" He yelled.

w.a.n.g Wei then turned to look at him.

"There is no need to hold back! You need to earn respect in this place with power. Now show them your power!" Long Yue said.

"Power? What power could a mere red snake have? Hahaha." Chen Li said.

But the next moment it turned dead silent. Even a pin drop could be heard.

This silence was caused by w.a.n.g Wei. He summoned both his snake claws and defensive scales at the same time he showed his soul jewels. They were two light yellow soul jewels. One a little bit lighter than the other one.

"I told you!" One of the uppercla.s.smen said. "He is the monster from victory city! The strongest genius in the entire city."

"So what. You have two, thousand-year-old soul jewels who cares about that? You're still a weak little red snake. I am from the powerful holy sun family I will burn you to a crisp." Chen Li said.

w.a.n.g Wei said nothing. His second soul jewel lit up and he spat out his poison breath soul technique. As he did this Chen Li' second soul jewel also lit up and a small solar flare shot out to meet the poisonous gas.

The crowd went wild.

"So what if he is the strongest genius in victory city. The young master of the holy sun family is way stronger than a red snake." The people who supported Chen Li said.

"To think trash like you can produce such a strong soul technique." Chen Li said.

It was at this moment that w.a.n.g Wei burned with rage. He hated to be called trash. Not because it is hurtful but because everyone called his family trash and that is why he hated it when someone called him trash.

"How about we make this a little more interesting?" w.a.n.g Wei said.

"How do you intend to do that?" Chen Li said.

"Instead of paying for the winner' dinner why not make the loser the winner' follower?" w.a.n.g Wei said.

"Okay. I don't see why I would want someone like you as my follower but an extra hand is always helpful." Chen Li said. After he was done talking his first soul jewel lit up and the sun above his head lit up and then turned into a stone-like substance and fell into his hands. He then threw it at w.a.n.g Wei but right before it hit it exploded.

"How do you like my soul technique. I call it nova." Chen Li said while there was a dust cloud around w.a.n.g Wei.

"Pretty good. You actually made me back up a couple of steps." w.a.n.g Wei said as he walked out unscathed. He only had a few burn marks in his clothes which created holes but in those holes, you could see the red scales.

"How are you okay?" Chen Li said.

"Your soul technique was pretty strong. But my individual technique was stronger." w.a.n.g Wei said. "Now that I have given you your turn it is time I made a move."

After he spoke these words his first soul jewel lit up. He knew that since Chen Li had the holy sun soul form he had less time that his paralysis eyes worked on him. So he moved very quickly. He first used his paralysis eyes. He then gave him a spinning back kick followed by a liver-punch. He ended his combo with a triple-twist kick. Since that was the first advanced technique he learned it was also the technique which he had perfected the most. He landed his triple-twist kick on Chen Li' chin which knocked him out. Stone cold!

"The winner is w.a.n.g Wei. He is the strongest new first year. He is a true monster!" Long Yue announced.

Everyone went wild. Who would've thought that w.a.n.g Wei, someone with the red snake soul form which was known to be a trash soul form. Would defeat Chen Li with the top tier blazing sun soul form.

After everything settled down and w.a.n.g Wei walked out of the arena. He was then called over by Shen Teng.

"Vice-princ.i.p.al." w.a.n.g Wei said while making a deep bow.

"Follow me." Shen Teng said with a serious look on his face.

w.a.n.g Wei then proceeded to follow Shen Teng to the academy' main building.

Way To The Heavens 36 The True Monster

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