President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 40: Oh No, I Made Him Angry Again

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She did not want to answer him. She put down the fruits platter before she glanced at the two big hands that were wrapped around her waist. She furrowed her eyebrows while her voice was sharp as she ignored his question, "Young Master Mu, I will not be your woman!"

She took a deep breath to try to communicate with him properly. "I won't lie to you, I have a boyfriend."

If it was any other man, they would back off from their advances as soon as they heard that she was attached. However, this narcissist behind her was one of a kind. He merely ordered coldly, "Then break up with him."

He let go of her waist and held onto her shoulders with his large palms to turn her around. He looked down seriously at her with his black orbs. "Follow me and I will give you everything that you want."

He was a merchant that was skilled at negotiating. He also knew best what women needed and wanted the most. In this materialistic world, there were few that were able to differentiate themselves from the temptation of personal gains.

"I can give you an empty cheque. You can fill in the numbers however you like."

Nan Zhi scoffed, her voice cold, "Young Master Mu wants to be my sugar daddy?"

"You can put it that way." He glanced at her like an arrogant king bestowing a gracious honour on a peasant woman, as though it was an honor for her to be taken under his wing.

Nan Zhi held in the urge to slap him. She smiled without actually smiling. "I'm sorry then. I really love my boyfriend. I wouldn't break up with him even if you gave me a hundred million dollars."

The man did not think that she would reject him outright, without giving it a second thought. His expression darkened as he pinched her chin with his long fingers. His dark orbs flashed with danger. "Woman, your brother still promoted you to me even though you have a boyfriend? You should stop with your playing hard-to-get. Your tricks are getting old and tiresome."

Nan Zhi furrowed his eyebrows. She did not understand what he meant.

What younger brother promoting her to him?

"You're crazy. I suggest that you seek a doctor to check your head."

Nan Zhi wanted to leave after picking up the fruits platter. However, the fruits platter was kicked away once she walked past the man. He grabbed onto her slender wrist and swung her forcefully towards the kitchen counter. The counter slammed into the back of her waist and she inhaled a sharp breath in pain.

The man continued to hold onto her wrist tightly, as though he wanted so badly to crush her bones. He pulled her face towards him, his voice predatory and his eyes a hard metallic glint. "Are you seeking death?"

Nan Zhi cried in her heart.

She was doomed.

She had made him angry again.

She made him angry again, even though she knew l he had bipolar disorder and could not control his emotions.

However, he did cross the line. How could she possible ensure him when he continued to act the way he did all the time!

Just as she thought that he would strangle her to death, he let go of her wrist and strode out of the room, his thunderous gaze furious as he slammed the door. The hinged rattled and the walls shuddered in his wake.

Nan Zhi was cleaning the fruits on the floor when the old madam entered the kitchen. She glanced around the kitchen and at the woman kneeling on the ground.

"Miss Xiao Zhi, did Sihan bully you?"

Although the old lady was very nice, Nan Zhi did not want to have any further contact with this family. She also did not want to say any bad things about the old madam's grandson either as she shook her head. "I dropped it accidentally. Young Master Mu did not bully me."

The old madam did not press any further and Nan Zhi bid her farewell after she tidied and cleaned the kitchen. She could not wait to leave.

The old madam returned to her room and saw Mu Sihan tearing the room down, seemingly searching for something in her cabinet. She coughed lightly, "Do you feel something for Miss Xiaozhi?"

Mu Sihan did not turn back. His voice was cold and hard. "No."

"You really don't? I saw that her eyes were red. Did you bully her?"

Her eyes were red?

Mu Sihan furrowed his straight eyebrows and his dark expression lightened somewhat. "Grandma, where's the bottle of bruise ointment Old Man Zhong left?"

"What Old Man Zhong? Show some respect you mischievous brat! He's from the well-known Zhong family that had been practicing in traditional medicine for centuries. The bruise ointment that they made themselves cannot be bought even if you have the money. Why do you need the ointment?"

"Manzhi's woman had been injured by him. He asked me to borrow it from you."

President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 40: Oh No, I Made Him Angry Again

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