President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 764

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Published at 30th of May 2020 12:35:05 AM
Chapter 764: 764

Many people stopped to watch the two girls who were very close to each other in the airport .

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 Both of them were too eye-catching .

 Several men walked past them and had their eyes fixed on them . After they were a distance away, they did not forget to complain, “No wonder it's so difficult to find a girlfriend . All the beautiful girls have become lesbians . ”

 Xia Yanran did not care what others said at all . After they left the airport, she held Nan Zhi's hand and jumped around, still as cheerful as before .

 Xia Yanran had driven over personally to pick up Nan Zhi .

 Her newspaper company opened a branch in Hong Kong . At first, it was not very smooth as they were excluded by the other newspaper companies . But after a period of hard work, they had a firm footing here now .

 Actually, at first, the CEO working with her did not send Yanran to Hong Kong, but another colleague .

 But Yanran wanted to come here . She wanted to see the place where that man grew up and now lived . It was bright and prosperous, and more luxurious than she had imagined .

She had never told anyone, including Yan Hua and Nan Zhi . Everyone thought that she was easy with relations.h.i.+ps and had forgotten about that person .

He was actually still deep in her heart .

 After coming to Hong Kong, she did not look for him .

 But she would hear his name in the news from time to time .

 For example, Qin Peipei, the supermodel who had won the t.i.tle of Miss Hong Kong not long ago, was Second Master Qin's daughter and she was getting engaged to Xiao Yi soon!

Qin Peipei was very popular in Hong Kong and the CEO had ordered for her to interview Qin Peipei a few days ago in an attempt to make the cover of the next issue .

 Her breakup with Xiao Yi was not because of a misunderstanding and also not because they had no more feelings for each other .

 But because their paths were simply too different .

 She was fated not to be together with him in this life!

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 Now that he was getting engaged, she had no reason to stay here any longer .

 After things became stable in the branch company, she still planned to return to Ning City .

 After all, that was her home .

 There was also her brother and sister for her to think about .

 Xia Yanran took Nan Zhi to the apartment she had rented . It had two rooms and a living room, it was warm and clean .

Xia Yanran had bought Nan Zhi's favorite fruits and snacks and the two of them sat in the living room and talked .

 Nan Zhi took out the address Yi Fan had given to her . “Tomorrow morning I'm going to this place, is it far from here?”

 “It's rather remote here . I'll take you there tomorrow . ”

 Nan Zhi held Xia Yanran's hand shook her head . “You're busy with work, I can go myself . ”

 “Zhizhi, you're here and nothing is as important as you . If you don't let me accompany you, I'll be angry!” Xia Yanran puffed her cheeks and deliberately looked angry .

 Nan Zhi patted the back of Xia Yanran's hand and gave a helpless smile . “Okay, okay, I'll let you come . ”

 At night, the two best friends lay on bed and talked for a long time .

 Xia Yanran had heard Yan Hua mention on the phone that Nan Zhi had forgotten about the past, so she talked about some interesting things when they were still students, trying to bring back Nan Zhi's memories .

Then, the topic changed to their relations.h.i.+ps .

 Thinking of Mu Sihan, Nan Zhi asked, “Was I the one who pursued Mu Sihan? I feel that with my personality, I'm not the kind who will chase after boys . ”

 Hearing Nan Zhi's words, Xia Yanran could not help bursting into laughter .

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 “Young Master Mu told you that?”

 Nan Zhi nodded .

 “He's too arrogant . It was not you who chased him . He was the one who was interested in you and used all kinds of tyranny to gradually capture your heart . ”

 Nan Zhi silently scoffed in her heart .

 It turned out that she liked domineering men .

 Nan Zhi lay on her side, her hands clasped together and supporting her face . She looked at Xia Yanran, who was beside her . “What about you? Did you have any boyfriends when you were in Ning City?”

 She heard from Yan Hua that Yanran was single now .

 Xia Yanran bit her lips, a dim look flashed past her eyes . “I'm not as lucky as you, Zhizhi . I had two boyfriends, but both ended up in us breaking up . ”

 Nan Zhi hugged Xia Yanran . “Sorry . ”

 Xia Yanran lifted her lips into a bright smile . “It's alright . It's good to have been in love before when I'm young, and it's nothing to feel regretful about!”

 “Our Yanran is so good, you'll definitely find someone better . ”

 The smile on Xia Yanran's face turned brighter .

 Actually, with her personality, there were many men who were pursuing her .

 One of them was a rich second-generation heir she had met when she came to Hong Kong . She was in a bad mood that day and went to the bar to have drinks at night . When she saw a woman spiking his drink, she kindly reminded him and then things got out of hand . The rich second-generation heir found the place she worked and would send her a bouquet of flowers everyday .

 It had almost been half a year and he was still chasing her . If she had not experienced that relations.h.i.+p with Xiao Yi, she would probably be touched by his sincerity!

 Although she was still young, sometimes she felt that her mentality was of those who were in their seventies!

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The next day .

 Nan Zhi and Xia Yanran got up very early .

 The place where Amy's teacher, Elder Dong, lived was a two-storey small building with a beautiful garden outside, surrounded by plants and flowers, as well as unknown vines and small flowers, which looked warm and elegant .

When they arrived, they saw an old man who was over sixty, holding a watering can and watering the flowers in the yard .

 When a parrot in a cage saw Nan Zhi and Xia Yanran, it imitated a human voice . “Somebody's here, somebody's here . ”

Elder Dong turned around and looked out of the yard .

Nan Zhi knew that it was not easy to get Elder Dong to go to the Capital with her, but she did not expect that Old Mr Dong would not even see her .

 Elder Dong clearly saw Xia Yanran and her, but he acted as if he did not see them and went straight into the building .

 “This old man has a strange temper . ”

 He was a well-known psychiatrist and should be able to tell at a glance that they were here to seek his treatment .

 Xia Yanran accompanied Nan Zhi and stood outside the yard for most of the day .

 But Elder Dong did not come out .

 Neither of them left at noon . They ate bread and continued to wait .

 In the evening, they were both starving .

 “I saw a noodle shop in the alley in front, let's go have something to eat first!” Xia Yanran suggested .

 Nan Zhi nodded . “Okay . ”

 After eating, they went back to the small building and saw that a Bentley Mulsanne was parked outside .

 Seeing the license plate of the car, Xia Yanran froze and her pupils constricted .

 How was it possible?

 The other time a colleague of the newspaper company secretly took a photo of Qin Peipei and the car she had gotten into was with this license plate .

 And the man inside was Xiao Yi .

 With the influence of Second Master Qin, even if they took photos of Qin Peipei, all the major newspapers dared not publish them easily .

 But at that time, Xia Yanran remembered the license plate number .

 But why was Xiao Yi's car parked here at Elder Dong's place?

 Elder Dong refused to see them, but was willing to see Xiao Yi?

 When Nan Zhi saw that Xia Yanran was staring fixedly at the license plate of the car with a pale face, she asked with concern, “Yanran, what's wrong? Are you feeling unwell anywhere?”

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President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 764

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