Desharow Merman Chapter 2

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Translator: Cheonsa


Warning(not major): Rape talk + Attempt(ish) rape


Chapter 2 Secret Plan


Early Morning

Under Rhine's dissuasion, I temporarily gave up on the inspection of the merman for the time being. However, according to known data, merfolks, like dolphins, belong to mammals with high intellect. When they are captured and imprisoned without effective safety measures, these creatures may fight in a more extreme way to resist. For example, suicide.

This merman is too precious so I can never let his life be threatened...

Even if it meant to risk my own life.]

I wrote in my diary one stroke at a time with a determination that is as firm as sharp ink trails. My mind still seemed to linger in the dark pupils of the merman's eyes. Traces of lingering chills on my back still remained, couldn't be shaken off.

[Before dawn breaks, I want to start mapping out a taming plan, just like the way we treat wild dolphins. Although currently, we are unable to determine how high the IQ of the merman is, I would still like to try to communicate with him, hoping that he can relax his guard towards me.]

"Dong, dong, dong—"

The door was suddenly knocked, "Desharow?"

That was Rhine's voice. I slammed the diary shut, stuffed it into the opened bed seam to avoid it being discovered by him. If Rhine ever finds out about this plan, he will definitely stop me. Rhine had always believed that merfolks are natural bloodthirsty creatures, they are as wild as great white sharks, and can only be observed in a closed manner. But, Rhine is my mentor, his accomplishments in the mythical biology research were much superior to mine, even I couldn't persuade him to give up that idea.

Just after the diary was hidden away, Rhine pushed open the door. I simply leaned back onto the bed, and looked at his approaching figure with my eyes squinting before tightly closing them to a.s.sume a heavily sleeping face.

He bent down, his shadow fell from mid-air: "Stop pretending to sleep, I just heard the noise of you climbing into the bed."

I closed my eyes and ignored him, faking my heavy sleeping by smacking my lips together as if I was in a dream state. However, for a moment, he seemed to be waiting patiently but grabbed my injured hand later on. When I was just wondering what he was going to do, I felt something cold and instantly, a shot of burning pain rushed inside my body. Nearly shooting out of the bed, I opened my eyes and saw that this man was dabbing down an alcohol-covered cotton ball!

"How hateful, you are practically trying to pain me to death, aren't you?"

I glared at him and bared my fangs, but my arm was instantly grabbed into a firm grip. He did not bother looking at me, but his eyebrows were carelessly raised to show a hint of sinister triumph while slowly rubbing my wound. I ground my teeth, pretending to be indifferent to the pain, but sweat appeared on my forehead. Rhine loved to give me a hard time. It's literally one of his greatest entertainments on this long and boring voyage at sea.

Moody pervert, I silently cursed.

The cotton ball was finally removed when my eyes darken. I leaned onto the bed with relief, but unfortunately, Rhine was still holding onto my hand. Instead of letting go, he pulled me closer till the point where his lips almost touched the tip of my nose. He murmured, "Don't risk approaching the merman behind my back, DerSharow. The restlessness buried deep down inside your bones is stirring up again, isn't it? I could tell that something was off just from the look in your eyes today."

I was caught off guard, making me instantly break out into a cold sweat. My nose was completely invaded by the cigar smell on his body, even causing my breathing to turn sluggish. "I don't, I already know how aggressive that merman can be after experiencing his attack, plus I am also the type of person that fear pain and death."

I showed him the injured hand that was rubbed red and looked at him with genuine fear, but my guilty conscience was already backing up in my throat.

Rhine's Adam apple bobbed in front of my eyes, his nose let out a snort, " You, DerSharow, an adventure-seeking lover... is afraid of death?"

I hurriedly nodded my head.

His hand finally let go and I breathed a sigh of relief. But then my back was immediately grasped by his other hand and he easily pushed me onto the wall with his much stronger body. At that moment, I thought he was going to strangle me to death, but he only just lowered his head, and quietly breathed into my ear, "If I ever find out that you did something preposterous without my permission, I will rape you. Remember, those sailors on board are hired by me."

I thought to myself, for goodness sake, the more I think about it , the more amusing it became.

Rhine is a person with a boastful mouth, and with sailors that liked to play vulgar jokes, I'm already used to it after being mixed into this hooligan community for several months. So you think I would still be afraid of this ridiculous joke?

I raised my head slightly to meet the tip of his nose to oppose him with equal harshness[1]. I opened my lips and calmly bantered a sentence. "Once you raped me, will I be allowed to study the merman? If so... go ahead."

[1 針鋒相對-to oppose each other with equal harshness (idiom): t.i.t for tat /an eye for an eye]

He was obviously stunned, apparently not expecting me to return such an absurd remark. His hand on my back suddenly increased in strength, it slipped straight down my tailbone, and tore off my belt, as if he was angry. I thought he was just kidding around, so I pretended to struggle a couple of times in a lazy manner until my hip b.u.mped into his crotch.

My body froze in an instant.

Rhine's erected "plaything" under his abdomen was pressed hard against me.

d.a.m.n it, my mentor dash partner is actually gay and is actually s.e.xually attracted to me, his student!

Remembering how I had been shoulder-to-shoulder and arm-to-arm[2] with him for several months, I jumped out of bed, banged my head on the railing, and quickly stepped aside holding up three fingers[3] with an ashen face: "Oh, oh, oh, I swear to G.o.d that I will not touch that merman without permission."

[2:勾肩搭臂- A close but friendly relations.h.i.+p; ally]

[3: Like how Americans use their pinkies or cross their fingers to make a promise, Chinese people hold up three fingers like in the picture below to make promises, do not a.s.sociate this with Hunger game]

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Rhine parted his hand away and propped himself up onto the bed languidly. He raised one of his eyebrows and stared at me suspiciously with his slender legs criss-crossed, not even bothering to hide the erected bulge on the crotch of his jeans.

I scratched my slightly feverish cheek. To alleviate the embarra.s.sment, I squeezed out a joke through my gritted teeth: "It's growing pretty well, bigger than mine."

Rhine looked down, the shadow of his bangs swept over the corner of his mouth, secretly carrying an implication of a meaningful arc. A chilling numbness that could make one's blood run cold rushed up from the soles of my feet, I resisted the impulse to kick open the door to run away. I watched him sit up slowly from my bed in an unhurried manner before finally walking out.

Rhine probably thought that his intimidation was successful so he did not continue to hara.s.s me. But unfortunately, I am an atheist who never devoted myself to any religion, so making that promise was just a hypocritical gesture.

That night, I stayed wide awake, waiting quietly for the whole boat to be silent, even making sure that the sailors on night duties were dozing off before grabbing a fluorescent stick and some small useful equipment, such as a small echo detector and an underwater DVs[4]. I had successfully communicated with many different species of organisms using these, so it was clear from personal experiences that these were indispensable auxiliary tools.

But of course, the most important thing still was the communicator themselves, using biological experiences to communicate.

[4: hand held echo detector + Underwater Dv]

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2:11 in the morning. The most tired moment of mankind. I checked the electronic watch on my hand, like a meerkat hiding in the dark, I successfully avoided the visible area of the observed deck. I did not waste any time and even victoriously sneaked into the bottom compartment of the s.h.i.+p.

As I open the door at the end of the underground cabin, a green light appeared in the darkness and soon a cylindrical gla.s.s water tank came into view. I lifted the fluorescent stick and looked for the blurry, curved shape of a slender shadow in a cl.u.s.ter of artificial aquatic plants and found that the merman was floating quietly and calmly at the top of the cylinder. Through the drifting hair, I could see his drooping, sharply outlined face, just like a silent demon in the quiet night, landing down to take my soul at any time.

I took a deep breath trying to calm the rising adrenaline coursing in me before walking up the spiral staircase placed around the gla.s.s cylinder. Unfortunately, my heart still couldn't stop its wild beating. 


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