Desharow Merman Chapter 20

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Translator: Cheonsa

Editor: Rega

Chapter 20

"Stay far away from me, you beast!" I held tightly onto the flashlight and swung it in front of the merman's eyes to prevent him from approaching any closer to me. Like before, it was completely useless. Agares simply did not look bothered and like a lion challenged by its prey, he opened his mouth to reveal rows of sharp white teeth. He propped himself back up with his hand and advanced towards me till his body completely blocked my own to the corner.

The unique hormonal scent emitting from his body filled the air and my mental state seemed to have snapped because of it. My instinct of self-defense made me press the electric shock switch on the flashlight and stab it at the merman's iron-like chest without any further thought. 

A "szzzz" sound was heard and Agares's body twitched for a quick second, immediately followed by the smell of burnt skin and flesh rus.h.i.+ng straight into my nose. However, the merman did not bother retreating, instead he grabbed my arm and pressed it against the wall. 

"Let go of me! Get the f.u.c.k away! Don't force me to hurt you!"

I yelled incoherently as I used my other unrestrained arm to grab the flashlight and aim the electrical currents at Agares's arm that was holding my right arm hostage, leaving a white scar. I admit that I completely lost my rationality, and was acting just like a provoked young kid resisting crazily. G.o.d knew how much I wanted to be fearless because right now, I was willing to throw all of my so-called spirit of research and study results out of my mind just so I could push the malicious and duplicitous, two-faced merman to the floor and violently beat him up for once!

In reality, my strength was nowhere near the same as the thick, well-trained muscle of a vicious beast, basically incomparable. Agares had easily held both of my hands above my head, and plucked the flashlight that was gripped between my thumb and my forefinger away before tossing it to one side.

Agares slightly narrowed his eyes and stared at me with both an obsessive and playful look as if thinking that my stubborn resistance was my way of flirting with him. I felt his wet, huge claws move to support the back of my head as he hung his own above mine. Before I could make any sound of exclamation, the shadow of his approaching face placed a cold sensation over my own lips.

Oh! I wanted to shout but only a groan came out. 

The memory of being s.e.xually violated by the merman was still vivid in my mind and I could not help trembling violently from fear and humiliation. From conditioned reflexes, I bit down on the cold lip that was pressing me down. My mouth immediately overflowed with the taste of salt and metallic blood, but Agares did not bother to care, he pressed the back of my head against the wall, and began to kiss me deeper and more vigorously. His python-like tongue drilled straight through my clenched teeth, unchallenged, and invaded every inch of my mouth, leaving me breathless. He was like a love expert easily bewitching someone to lead them astray, but also like treating a young child using soothing comfort.

Soon enough, my mouth and tongue felt like they were not my own. Half of my body had melted away and both of my arms were already released at some point. I attempted to push Agares away, but both hands only had the strength to reach his chest, making it seem as if I was responding back to him.

I did not know whether the merman's saliva had some sort of poison like the ones of vipers which had a paralyzing effect on a person's nerves, but I was feeling dizzy to the point where I didn't even notice when his face had pulled away from mine. I was still leaning on the wall, my breathing in disorder, and my brain was blank for a couple seconds.

Agares did not seem to have the intention to continue forcing himself on me. Instead he pressed my body down with his and used one of his arms to prop his head up, before gently combing through my hair with his fingers and smelling the scent coming from it. His actions resembled a ferocious beast that already had his fill of food and rest, resulting in a satisfied and languid state.

However when I thought of what he had done to get such great satisfaction, I was ashamed to the point where I didn't even have the courage to face him. Subconsciously, I covered my face with my elbow and wiped my still wet lips with the back of my hand. I leaned against the wall with my head up, wis.h.i.+ng there was a crack behind me so I could hide within it.

I sucked in a deep breath and forced out a couple sentences though my gritted teeth, "You had saved my life once, that, I know. And I ought to repay you for that. Now you've obtained your reward but why aren't you leaving yet? You want to go back home to the sea don't you? I can release you back right now!"

"NO." Agares sudden response lingered in my ear, his hoa.r.s.e voice left a heavy impact, each p.r.o.nounced words seemed to reverberate in the deepest part of my eardrums. "I… wan…t… you."

When he opened his lips, a blast of hot air coming out of his moist mouth dispersed on my neck, and I s.h.i.+vered because of my current sensitivity. The last bit of my endurance melted away, I withdrew my arm, and pushed him a few inches away from my body. I stuck myself against the wall and roared out, "I am not yours and I will never belong to a beast like you!" 

As soon as those words left my mouth, my ankle was clenched within his fingers. I raised my other foot to kick the merman hard in the chest, but it was also grabbed. The two legs now in his hands were being dragged down, his amazing force dropped me down flat onto the bed where I was being imprisoned under Agares's body.

One of my legs were hanging out from the edge of the bed, and I felt his claws slowly coming up to the underside of my knee. The thick and cold palm rubbing against my skin made gooseb.u.mps trail right behind each touch as my teeth chattered. “Don't touch me, I'm not your spouse. No!"

My words seemed to have worked. The moving claws stopped at my waist, and suddenly loosened, two hands were then propped up on both sides of my body. I held my breath, my heart beat accelerated like a racing car as I stared at the figure that enveloped me. In the mottled shadow created by the merman's hair, Agares's face looked dark and unpredictable and I couldn't find the usual ferocious and teasing smile on the corner of his mouth. His eyes stared at me, as if thinking about my words just now, feeling quite concerned.

I couldn't grasp what this deep sea creature was feeling at the moment but my instinct was telling me that he was on the verge of getting angry.

How terrifying the merman could get when angered was basically unpredictable. An extremely strong sense of crisis spread all over my body, stopping my panicked breathing. Adrenaline rushed to the top of my head when Agares leaned down on me. However, he just put the tip of his nose on my collarbone and took a deep whiff, before letting out a series of strange, seemingly mixed with Russian syllables, I seemed to hear the p.r.o.nunciation of the words “you” and “my”.

——He looked to be saying "you are mine" in Russian. 

My sensitivity towards my native language made me jolt in shock, thinking that I had heard it wrong. I could not believe the merman was trying to communicate with me using Russian. I sucked in a mouthful of cold air in surprise.

Agares's lips slightly nudged against my earlobe, his voice continued in a slow and mellow tone. Although each p.r.o.nunciation was unproficient and intermittent, there was a hint of force and power behind them. "I… allow you… to… know… me…" 

This kind of tone sounded like a lure. The merman seemed to want to discuss something with me but I didn't know what he meant, but at least I became sure he wasn't angry, so I calmed down a little from my panicked state. But I was still mentally tense because of shame and the fear that he would tear open the bedding the next moment. 

His quiet breathing beside my ear made gooseb.u.mps form on my body, but I did not dare to move even a single inch, "You… what exactly are you trying to say… what do you actually want from me?"

"Know… my… all…." He tried to piece together the words in broken Russian syllables haltingly, attempting to make me understand what he meant. He grabbed the flashlight that was thrown to the side and flashed it at his own body. His dark beady eyes stared at me as the corner of his lips hooked up. "You want… to know …me."

I stared blankly at Agares, unsure of what to make out of his actions. Only until a second later did my brain manage to catch up to what he was trying to say. My breathing became heavy and rushed, the uneasiness that was overshadowed by fear once again stirred in my heart. I couldn't help but admit that this was a huge temptation for me.

What Agares evidently meant was… that he would allow me to study him as much as I wanted. He basically allowed me to learn everything I needed to know about merfolks.

So how could he not ask for some sort of payment, he naturally wanted….

I clenched my hand into a fist.


Desharow Merman Chapter 20

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