Dragon King 19 Departure To Border Town

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""""""Your highness!!, your highness!!" """"" the guard sent by Jarrett, bang furiously at the door of Fredrick, who is still fast asleep, due to the exhaustion from last night drama

After what seems like infinity, Fredrick finally opened the door of his chamber, his eyes swollen, encased with eye bag, a clear indication that, he didn't catch enough sleep last night "" """""" I believe everything is set and we are good to go"""" Fredrick said authoritatively as he match towards the gate, trying to cover the impression that he is exhausted and not yet ready for the mission hand

""""""yes your highness, we have with us, five horses, twenty five foot soldiers along with our food supplies, the journey will probably last for 3 days and we will have to reload our supplies again at border town"""""""" the guard replied, reporting the situation on ground, as he followed the prince toward the western gate where the departure party is waiting to leave

"""alright, give me a second, I will meet the rest of you there, I have some unfinished work to do"""" prince Fredrick said, waving off the guard who has been following him about


The king's chamber

On his way to Celina chamber, prince Fredrick, stopped and picked up aglovale in his chamber, who is busy enjoying the morning beauty from the window side

""""where are we going to?? As far as I remembered, this is not the road leading us out of the palace, even if I just got here, am not that dumb, so you better start talking now"""" aglovale spoke, getting tired of the lingering silence

Breathing down, prince Fredrick finally spoke up"""""" am having a bad feeling about this mission......... We are going to see my father, the king of kingdom of crimson valley, king Raymond....... I have been thinking of what you said last night, and you are right, I have to patch things up with my father........ I bare him farewell and we stop at Celina chamber before going""" Fredrick poured out his heart to his bossom friend as they approached his father chamber, """" stay calm dude, he might be gentle but he is a bit tough than my uncle and might not accept you instantly, his att.i.tude might not be welcoming, unlike my uncle, he spent all his life in the palace"""" Fredrick explains things to aglovale as they step into the king chamber

The king who is busy staring at the portrait of his deceased wife as was his morning routine, was amazed by the prince sudden appearances in his chamber but nevertheless was happy and felt warmth inside, finding it strange, he tried to cover up """"" what brought you here, ain't you supposed to be on your way to border town by now"""""" the king asked his son to know his reaction, hoping to pick up a clue that will prove his hypothesis that his boy is finally back

"""""actually dad, I just want to return the scroll, I stole from you last night"""" Fredrick lied to cover up as he hand over the scroll to his father """" meet my friend dad, I meet him, when I left the pala....."""""

"""""""you mean when you snicked out of the palace"""" the king cut him off, as he examined the boy standing at his presence """" come here boy, what is your name???"""

"""Aglovale sir"""

"""aglovale it is, what is your father's name??" """

""" am an orphan sir"""

""""oh am sorry, you do miss them right?? """

"""that ok sir, I didn't really met them, they were killed when I was still an infant,..... They say, you can't miss what you don't have"""" aglovale replied feeling comfortable around the king

""""hmmm you look smarter than you look, I like that, so tell me what is you element affiliate"""" the smiling king asked aglovale who he found more interesting and lively

""""dad don't you think we are running late already, we sh........"""" Fredrick fearing that his worst fear is about to come true, quickly cut in to save the day but was too last as aglovale have already started answering the question

"" "" Actually sir, I don't have magic Sir or will I say, I lost it""" aglovale springs out before realizing the gravity of his statement and both of them stare at the king

""""" well, I will ask Jarrett or Gerald to train you in martial arts, you can't be left behind in all ramifications, that is the sound of horns, it time to leave"""" the king finally spoke, surprising the duo who looked at each other before leaving the king's chamber

Tossing back the scroll to his son, who is almost at the door post of his chamber """"" hey boy!!, you keep it......... And safe journey, we you come back we will probably have a gla.s.s of wine as celebration........ Just the both of us"""""""" the king finally spoke out what has been in his heart, to which Fredrick didn't utter any word but smile and node in approval

""""will I say you are lucky, they both loved and accepted you without putting up a fight, I wish they do the same to her"""" Fredrick voiced out as they walked down to the west gate to leave

"""" don't worry dude, every thing will be fine, just get her to love you first, that is the basis of our struggle....... By the way, ain't we going to see her again??""""

""""they have already sounded the horn, that means they are dead tired of waiting for us, let not waste anymore time, I will see her when we get back"""" with that said, they both hurried down to meet others


Celina's chamber

Back there at Celina's chamber, she have been busy all night tunneling her way through the walls of her rooms and, going directly under ground around the palace because she is new and doesn't know where to dig her tunnel to, for her to escape, frustrating her effort, as dawn gradually creeps in so does her magic energy diminishes, she suspend the plan, not to blow her cover or collapse in her own tunnel;

At dawn, she stand at her window observing the whole palace, so as to know where to dig to when next she goes down the tunnel, the. She saw the team going out through the west gate of the palace, and the leader of the team who happen to be ridding white horse is staring at her window, on close watching, she discovered it is the prince, their eyes met and locked again as time once more stood still for the electrochemical reaction going on between them, after what seem like infinity she diverted her eyes, feeling awkward about the whole thing

"""the whole palace is kind of dry, a perfect timing for me to carry out my escape plan to the fullest"""" Celina thought to her self as she goes over bolt the door to her room and quietly remove the carpet from one conner of her room, directly beneath the carpet is a tunnel large enough to house someone crawling.......

""""snap out of it dude, before we lost a battle we have not even started, aglovale said as he jerk Fredrick out of his reverie, who just smiled, knowing fully well that he has been caught


Back at the king's chamber

""""Raymond!! Raymond!!""" Prince Richard yelled his younger brother's name as he step into his chamber

"""" sir, with all due respect, he is the king and you have to address him as one""""" a steward at the door try to cus.h.i.+on prince Richard, who is still busy yelling his brother's name like a lunatic, pus.h.i.+ng pa.s.s the guards and steward who are nothing but nuisance to him, he walks inside the chamber

Inside the chamber was the king staring through the window, at his boy as they match forward, toward border town,

"""" hmmmm, someone is missing his boy already?? """" prince Richard asked a rhetorical question as he opened his arm wide apart for a hug

""""am not hugging you, ain't you too old for all this emotional stuff??"""" walking away from the window king Raymond asked, observing his brother closely with hidden smile laced around his face

Rolling up his sleeves, and getting ready to chase his brother"""" then I will chase you till I get my hug....... Remember mother asked me to look over you""""

""""what!!! So that is how you will take care of me right??, oh!! What caring brother you are"""" He asked his brother, bursting out in laughter, approaching his brother for the hug """"how have you been doing old man"""

"""""am fine your Majesty, how much I miss this palace and its occupants""" still in the embrace, both brothers laugh over their little display of affection

""""" who is out there, go get us, a bottle of wine and two cups """" prince Richard yelled immediately he broke out of the hug. """" come, sit down bro we have a lot to talk about"""""

"""""" you still have not given up on this your drinking habit"""

""" I have travel far and near, I have seem and taste things, both abstract and physical...... Everything have failed me except wine..... Even love have failed me, brother, so tell me why I will leave the only thing that have not abandoned me?? """"

Dragon King 19 Departure To Border Town

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