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The dawn of the attack

Fredrick and the rest of the his team mate are busy strategizing on how best to ambush the bandits, without causing much damage for themselves or hurting the remaining town settlers who has not deserted the town

'''''' judging from their outfit, they are probably water and earth style users, and we are way outnumbered """"" sir Jarret weighing their chance of catching them

"""""I see the problem is to catch them with minimal damage, so why don't we use the element of surprise since they don't know we""""" Aglovale chip in, before being rudely cut off by sir jarret ( at last he let me spoke, ever since we left the palace he has been treating me like some kind of slave ) Aglovale thought to himself smiling to himself when prince Fredrick asked sir jarret asked him to let him speak

Taking over the table Fredrick set out the plan """"""" sir, he has a point, they move in group of four or five, if we ambush their smaller group, before they will realize it, they are down''''''''

''''''''from the information gathered by the soldiers, they are close to sixty soldiers at his disposal and close to twenty men guarding him, the main problem is how to close up on master Drago himself, because he won't go down easily ''''''''' Aglovale seeing that sir jarret is not a good planer saw this as an opportunity, (if I plan this mission and it goes well, he will have no choice than to respect )

"""""the soldiers will take care of the men patrolling the town, while we go after master drago himself ......… alright boys, you guys are to form a four man team giving us five group, the five men remaining are going with me and your a.s.signment is to launched surprise attack on the soldiers patrolling the town, when you are done, meet us at the town hall''''''' sir jarret instruct the foot soldiers with his baritone voice, giving out the aura of authority as they all get ready to launch the attack

Town hall

Master drago who is about to take his breakfast was surprise when he saw master Stuart (sir jarret), in a s.h.i.+nny armour with the emblem of crimson valley right on his shoulder, the shock on his body was so visible for he knows the implications of the king soldiers and him accepting the gift in the first place have confirm it to them that he is now a self-proclaim king over border town and the only thing to do now is to flee,

''''''''' wow, wow, wow, master Stuart , you never told me you are a royal figure , come sit down, am about having breakfast you are welcome to join me''''''' master drago nervously voiced out his invitation to the angry looking soldiers staring at him, trying to calm down the tensed up emotion in the air,

'''''''''master drago, with the kings name you are under arrest!!!!, you are charged with


disturbing the peace of the people of border town and

treason, proclaiming yourself king, when we have one sovereign king ''''''''

Prince Fredrick read out his crime from a scroll, keeping all the serious face he knows how to''''''''' how do you plead guilty'''''

''''''''' there is no king under this heaven, everybody is free to be king, and you are free choose who you give your loyalty, so don't stand there telling me that am committing treason ''''''''' master drago replied trying to justify his actions

''''''you are surrounded, we can go the hard way or the easy way, you choice to make, you better surrender now in peace or you punishment will be worst'''' sir jarrett shouted, to the ready to flee master drago ,drawing out his sword for the impending fight

''''' whether I put up a fight or not, you will still kill me, for the punishment of treason is death, no matter what form it takes all'''' with that said he yelled attack and instantly his private guards start fighting while he squired away from the uproar, two of his close men ran out with him as he flee

''''''' this guy is a tricky b.a.s.t.a.r.d, after him!!!!, you must not let him enter the jurisdiction of the other kingdom else this will turn into another problem much bigger than we can imagine ''''''''''' sir jarret screamed on top of his voice as he raced after master drago, while the rest of the soldiers aided by some of the soldiers who have rounded of their a.s.signment joined in the fight

Coming outside in chase of master drago, all sir jarrett could see is just shrubs, little trees, farmland and vast empty field, a clear indication that they are in another kingdom'''''' I know your plan master drago, you think stepping your foot in another man soil where the king has no control over will save you'''''''''''''

'''''''''no matter how powerful, your king is, the least thing he want to do is to get into a fight with another kingdom, I heard he has barely recovered from the last war'''''

(someone is feeding him information from the palace, for him to know what the king dread most and use it as an advantage, no wonder he changed the location of the town hall from the middle of the town to the end of the outskirt, right at the boundary of the two kingdom) sir Jarrett think critically, """'''''' you can run drago but you can't hide, you know that, so let save ourselves the st...…''''''''''

''''''''''''' he is not just hiding, he is killing time, for the soldiers of the other kingdom stationed at their border to hear the commotion , that way his chance of escaping will be high ''''''''cutting sir Jarrett half way through his speech Aglovale, who ran out to the open field with Fredrick yelled from behind

(dam it, why didn't i think of it that way); '''''' alright this hide and seek game of yours is over""""""

SAND STYLE: GOLD DUST RAIN ( a lord stage, sky cla.s.s spell that make gold dust to drop from the sky like rain, depending on the intention of the user, it can be used as an offensive spell, as weapons can be created from it and any object it touch will be under the influence of the user depending on the quant.i.ty of the gold dust and the size of the object. It can also be used as an intelligence spell, as the user can scout out a target, as long as the gold dust is touching the target the user can always find him out. But it is not a poor defensive spell)

Gradually gold dust start raining down on everything 10m away from sir Jarrett, as he goes out more into the open field , the range of the gold dust rain also increase

EARTH STYTLE: JADE SPEAR (a lord cla.s.s, earth cla.s.s spell that manifest on the user body as a solidify crystal, when it covers the whole body it server as a defensive s.h.i.+eld and when mounted on just the limbs it can be used as an offensive weapon, it can even be thrown, a derivative element of base element (sand 70 and fire 30)

Seeing that his cover would soon be blown open, master drago cast his own spear and wait patiently for an opening for him to strike

''''''' if I go down, I go down with one of you'''''' on entering into close range, master drago shouted as he jumped, diving toward Fredrick

'''''' watch out!!!!''''' yelled Aglovale as the jumped in front of the vulnerable prince and the crystal spear drove straight into his heart ,


(the gold dust on the target, along with others still falling or on the floor bond together forming a statue and the target being trapped inside)

Before master drago could make another move, his body start stiffing as more and more gold dust rest on his body and form a statue over him

''''''''' nice catch boy, but I must say, you are area fool, risking your life for another fool like you(referring to Aglovale ,who is lying on the ground and wincing in pains)...… you have succeed in stopping me but you still can't stop my master, he will.....''''' before he could finish his statement, the statue formation was complete, thereby making mute

after successfully capturing drago, sir jarrett walk over to where aglovale is lying down on top of Fredrick laps, almost unconscious, the only thing that could be made out of his speech is """ I don't want to die, I don't want to die""""

"""" you are one lucky boy, although the spear strike, your chest, am sure it missed your heart if not you could have been dead by now...…. you are not dying today, boy...bite down tight and hold your breath for a second, let me pull out the spear...… someone go find a doctor in the town""""" before Aglovale could follow the instruction that was dished out for him, he had already pulled out the spear, and Aglovale gave out a resonating scream

the result of the outcome amazed everybody, immediately the spear was pulled out, the earth vibrate due to the rush of sand from no where in particular, threatening to flood the whole town, the commoners, who saw the incoming sand all started shouting and running away, back at the field, Fredrick, lost of word just stared in awe the quant.i.ty of sand rus.h.i.+ng toward them, while Aglovale was still screaming in pains, arteries and veins pumping out, threatening to tear pa.s.s his body, the more he scream the more the sand.

Dragon King 21 Border Town Ll

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