Dragon King 25 Prince Fredrick's Domain

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"""wait a minute bro you choose border town as your domain??..... what happen to all those cool cities and town, am not even sure border town has what it takes to be called a town""" Aglovale flared up when he heard about Fredrick decision, both of them had been awake all night, discussing about the day event """"wait a minute but why is it called border town and not border village??"" Aglovale asked hoping Fredrick will have a better reason

""" I can't say for sure, but border town is too big to be called a village and it has not neighbouring settlement around it except the king city, so calling it border town and not border village was not a bad ideal after all, but I think it is politically motivated, all the ministers fight for the authority over it but the king refused, so they all resolve in no letting it exist at all, border town was created for the sole purpose of monitoring the neighbouring kingdom when they will launch attack, it was not even up to fifty peasants, the rest were soldiers and military personnel more like a camp but gradually it started gaining more population and the king have to officially make it a settlement and but he decided to make it a town, so that he can directly govern the affairs of the border, but as time goes on, the influence of the king over border town weakens probably due to the peace that have been between both kingdom and the soldiers were withdrawn; The emergence of new settlement with more economic and socio-cultural value over border town quickly remove the attention of the succeeding kings """

"""""" who created border town??""" Aglovale, who have all of a sudden gain more interest on the subject cant' help but ask more question

""" maybe by my grandfather or so, I don't really know

"""" then again why did you chose border town to be your domain, you will definitely succeed the king someday and rule over crimson valley from king's city

"""" that question, I still don't know the answer myself, maybe because of how helpless they appeared choosing here as my domain, is the only way I could render the little help I can, king city have all the protections it need and beside majority of the elite lives In king city so they won't let it perish easily, at least for their own interest. """""

"""""" but that have not been done before, do you think, they will accept it??""" Aglovale asked, sounding concern

""""" I don't know yet, but I have to try, it has not happen before doesn't mean it can't happen...….. let catch so sleep, it already late, and we have set off as soon as the day break"""" stretching his body, a clear sign that his body is gradually shutting down, while Aglovale is still much awake, all thanks for the long slumber he fell into due to the magic energy seal that was broken


""""" your highness it time to leave, we have to leave so that we can reach the palace in the evening"""""" sir jarrett pus.h.i.+ng open the door of Fredrick room

""""""""" how is that possible to reach king's city in one day when it took us close to two days to get here"""""" Aglovale who is already awake asked him as he finished making his statement, his voice startle sir jarrett who quickly hide his surprise

""""""the people were kind enough to provide more horses for us, even when we turn their offer, they said it will an ungrateful act of them, if they allow their savior leave on foot, although it is not enough, and some soldiers will to share ...........initially I was thinking if we can make it, due to your heath, but it seems your are strong enough to ride along , I must confess, you are one strong fighter""""" sir jarrett commend on Aglovale bravery, while he beacon on Fredrick to get ready to depart.

An hour later, the team set off for king's city, the people act of grat.i.tude, confirm to Fredrick that he made the right decision of choosing border town as his domain, not waiting to get home anymore to inform his father about his decision, he left ten out of the twenty healthy and strong soldiers and the other five, who are still healing to stay back and protect border town, and erecting the king city flag once again, six out of the donated horses was left behind and the falcon they came with for an effective communication was also given to them, they were tasked to send a report every week about all the things happening in border town

In the evening of that same day, the remaining team arrived home at king city, the king watching from his balcony was scared that the number of soldiers sent for the mission has greatly reduced, scared about the wellbeing of his son, he couldn't wait for him to report in him room or throne room but went out to meet his son but, to his greatest surprise, his son and the his new friend, Aglovale had gone to check on Celina, without even coming to give report about his mission

When the king got here, his expression changed, (should I be happy that, what Richie said about that girl being the thing that will fill that void, or should I be sad, that he chose her over me or should I be mad, that he left without even coming to get me the report of the mission) still wallowing in his thoughts , sir jarrett walked up to him

""" your majesty, the mission was a successful one, more that expected ......… we came back with the leader of the bandit group and before I sealed him off, he was ranting about his master, and I have reason to believe that his master is inside the palace or has someone inside """""" stopping half way to observe if the king is actually following all what he has been saying, due to the gloomy face the king is wearing

"""" continue, am all ears jarrett""""" the king try to a.s.sure jarrett, after seeing the way he had been staring at him

"""""""" something peculiar happened, your majesty, the prince has chosen border town as his domain and...….""""""

The last statement brought the king out of his reveries, """"" why on earth will he do that, domains selection are reserve only to royal member who by birth are ent.i.tled to the throne but can't get it, they are given domain as a form of compensation...…. Now tell me, who is dragging the throne with him that made him to choose border town as his domain, even if he is allowed to choose, why border town""""""" the king weighing the implication of his son action paced around the hall way

""""""" your majesty, we got another problem, during the battle, Aglovale, by that I mean the boy that he came back with from inner community.....""""

"""""" yes!! what about him??"""" the p.i.s.sed off king can't wait to hear all he has to say, so he can a.s.similate everything at once

"""" during the fight, he risked his life to save the prince, but it happen that he is a sand style user but his magic energy was sealed a long time ago maybe when he was still a little boy, in the process of the save, the projectile weapon pierced his chest and broke some part of that seal, the amount of sand that manifested, as I was tending to his wound is big enough to flood the whole palace, your majesty that boy is a working bomb, we have to do something to dis arm it, I suggest we take him to the royal physician, something has to be done, else one day, we will all wake up and find out that the palace have turn to desert

""""""" if that is the cast, take him to the royal physician to fix this issue,........... jarrett, I want him to be under your tutelage, if his magic energy is restored, you will train him on sand spells and arts and probably gold dust also if he has the potentials, but if his magic energy doesn't return, then you will take him on swordsmans.h.i.+p; now if you will excuse me, I have Fredrick mess to fix""""""" ( I need to talk to you, Richard, where the freaking h.e.l.l, will you be right now, at such a critical moment


Celina's chamber

"""" c'mon bro, knock and enter, there is no big deal about""""" for the past fifteen minutes both pals have been standing out side the door post of Celina, waiting for the other to summon up the courage to face the pretty damsel, that have capture the heart of the young prince

"""""" you help me out dude, enter first, and I will follow you right away, I promise""""

""""" she is the girl you are dying for, yet you can't confront her?, you came back from your a.s.signment of which you are yet to give your report and came to meet her, now go inside, you are asking me to do it for you......… truth be told dude, am also scared of her, I still quiver in her presence, for her beauty is so scary, that it will tame a wild beast, so if you are not going in, then let's leave, and if you don't want to leave, and wish to stand here all day staring at her door, then be my guest, am going""""" ( I wonder what is there to tell her how you really feel, if she acknowledge and appreciate it, fine and good, if she don't , no problem there are many girls In this, why stress yourself) Aglovale thinking of Fredrick display of stupidity as he leaves the place, he had barely gone three meters away before, Fredrick yelled from behind, """ wait for me, maybe now is not a good time to meet her"""

Celina who has witness everything from the door k.n.o.b hole smiled to herself and back to her table, to eat the food presented before her by the maids """ let wait and see if he will really have the guts to face me, till then let me do justice to this mountain of food before me...... this is gonna be fun""""

Dragon King 25 Prince Fredrick's Domain

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