Dragon King 7 The Mysterious Girl

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""ever since that day, public sentiment have risen so high and every body is tensed up, the king is trying everything possible to avoid another war, so you don't have to worry about the guards in search of me, causing troubles,"""

fredrick said trying to calm down his friend. "" let go to that contest ring again""

""what for?? you want to fight another contest??, we are gonna be rich!!"" aglovale asked

"" h.e.l.l no!!, although am up and walking around, am yet to fully replenish my magic energy, and if I keep on exhausting my energy like this I will end up being in trouble. """

aglovale frown instantly "" so in summary we are not going there to fight??""


"" then what the h.e.l.l are we going there to do??, remember the guards are looking for you, so we need to keep a low profile""

""yeah I know, I have been thinking of that girl, I wanna meet her again, and the best place to find her is that contest ring""

""some body is in love!!, wow you should have inform me since, with the number of birds I know, it won't take long for me to search her out for you"" aglovale replied feeling proud of his intelligence and underground network

( birds are spy and informants that carry information around, they are everywhere and yet, they are no where, their service charge varies depending on the type and potency of the information)

fredrick not in the mood of arguing with him, "" okay, am sorry I didn't recognized your powers, can we go now??,"""


Contest Ring

Maddox goes about yelling on top of his voice to entice contestant to come forward and challenge each other in a duel, but fredrick is less concern about the whole activities of the contest ring, as he look around in search of the mysterious girl that have occupied his mind, at the end of the day, they didn't see her and have to confront Maddox

""Hey sir wait up a bit,"" fredrick said running up to Maddox who is already going to his office, directly behind the high pavilion of his contest ring to count his lot "" do you remember me??"

"Yes I do, you are that boy that took out that girl, truth be told I really underestimated you, I think you can take down shark man"" Maddox replied trying to convince fredrick into another duel

"" who the h.e.l.l is shark man??"" Aglovale asked feeling lost already

Maddox who is happy that they are buying his mischievous ideals continues to convince them "" you see shark man is a water style element user and but he is too proud and boastful, I have been looking for somebody to beat him, and I think you are the perfect match for him and mind you, the money at stake here is handsome "" he finished his statement with a broad smile looking at fredrick, hoping that he will accept his offer

"" okay I have heard you, maybe one day you will set fight for us but now I am here for another thing"" fredrick running out of patience accept just to get the Maddox attention

"" and what could that be??""

""The girl I fought with the other day, you know her right??""

"" yes what about her??""

"" can you please tell me where she stay??""

"" no, no and no!!, you see boy I don't share credentials with others as it will put my fighters in risk, I mean the contestant in risk"". Stopping half way to correct himself

""Okay then I guess there will be no fight between me and shark man, I believed every body will like to watch that fight and you my friend will make more money from that fight"" fredrick replied, using his own trick against him

"" hmm okay, but you must promised me that you will cause no problem and will not tell anybody that I told you Anything "' Maddox after weighing his option decided to give fredrick what he wants

You see that girl works for one shark lord and but as we already know, you can never be free from any shark lord due to high interest rate, she have tried couples of times to escape but the shark lord will always catch him, I heard she lives at the other side of the village, if you cross the stream or should I say small river but mind you that bridge is bad and will injury you, I don't want my future champion to injure himself""

Trying to sound nice and caring "" that is, that all I know about her, now leave my office I have work to do and it is getting late ""

After leaving the office, the duo decided to call it a day and continue their search the next day as they head out in search of food to eat


Across the stream

Early the next day, they are already across the stream trying to locate her house but n.o.body is giving them any link

Dragon King 7 The Mysterious Girl

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