Dragon King 9 Sir Bardolph, The Lord Of Gold Vein Mine

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at the restaurant

about to explode in joy, as he finally get the information he needed

"" Aglovale, we got to go, I think I know where Celina is"" Fredrick said immediately he returned to his table

frowning already "" you won't let me eat my food in peace again??, it seem you are gradually going crazy, you don't know you are shouting, do you??, by the way who is Celina??""

"" the girl we are looking for!!, ""

Fredrick replied, pulling up Aglovale, for them to continue their search

"" G.o.d dam it!!, I swear with, am gonna kill that b.i.t.c.h!!""

Aglovale yelled, as he gave up the struggle to be free from Fredrick's grip "" alright fine, am going with you, can you please let me go, so i can carry my food??, heavens knows am not leaving here without my remaining food"".

feeling disgusted "" what?!!, you are going to eat that on the way??!!""

"" yes, yes and yes, see you better allow me or I will sit back here and eat my food slowly so as to savour very bit taste of my food, remember time is not on our side, the guards in search of you will be here soon, and that lunatic that left a while ago, will probably get the king's envoys,so in any case you got about two days at most, if am not mistaken """. enjoying the look on Fredrick face, as he hit him hard with the truth

"" hmmm, ok fine you win, let go now please?? "" Fredrick gives up and resort to begging, as he have to find that girl and change location before, somebody spot him, and he can't do that without the help of his friend


""back then at the restaurant, you called that man a lunatic, do you know him??""

still munching his food which he packed inside a worn out sack bag """ not the one that told you all the things you know now, but his friend that was yelling as if he can bring down the whole restaurant with his voice, that guy is a lazy ingrate, he is the illegitimate son of this village's chief, his brothers took him in as one of theirs but when he learnt of his true status in the family, he poisoned everyone to death except his only sister, who is now married to one of the king's minister, each time you offend him, he run downs to king's city to use his sister's husband influence to get a royal decree and ....."" cutting him off

"" let go, we don't have time for story telling, we have a real problem here, where do we go now??"" Fredrick is confused as they got to T-junction part of the road they have been walking for the past 10minutes

""where are we even going?? Aglovale asked

watching around the whole area to see if he can get the right path to the mountain foot "" we are going to gold vein mine""

"" to do what??, are we going in search of gold??, just give up the private guards of the Lord there will kill you before, you set your foot there""

"" no, we are going to meet the famous shark lord, sir bardolph the lord of gold vein mine""

"" good!!, am glad you know the ruler of gold vein mine, so what are we going to do there ""

"" c'mon, show me the way, I will explain everything to you""

"" h.e.l.l no!!, am not stepping my foot in that mountains not until I know why, or are you trying to say that b.i.t.c.h is now living in gold vein mine???""

"" not really, sir bardolph is actually holding Celina hostage, so to meet her I have to meet sir bardolph""

"" ok fine, I understand but am still no going into these mountains, it getting late already a and if we miss our way, those wild creatures will feast on us, we better wait till dawn before entering these mountains""

"" please bro, stop behaving like a weakling, you know time is not on my side""

"" alright fine, am doing this only to cure you of your madness, but remember am fleeing on sight of any danger"" leading the way to the mountains "" we are going round the mountain foot as we can't climb it because it already late,""

"" thanks bro, I won't forget this kind gesture of this great friend of mine""

""I hope you have anything on you to prove that you are the Prince because we will need some authority and power""

"" yes I do, I still have my medallion with me, why do you ask??""

"" first since we are following the mountain foot, we will encounter the private guards, guarding the gold mining site and we have to prove to them, that we ain't thieves, secondly you might need it to convince sir bardolph to let you see that b.i.t.c.h of yours and..."" cutting him off

"" stop calling her b.i.t.c.h, her name is celina!!""

"" alright, have heard you, stop shouting before you attract someone or any wild beast, I repeat I will leave you and run away, if anything bad happen ""

"" then stop calling her b.i.t.c.h!!"" still angry

"" alright, ain't calling her that name again ""

"" It like we are there, I think am seeing rays of light""

"" yes we are there, we just have to act normal and not arouse any suspicion, we can't afford to put a fight with those guards, "" i just hope that b.i.t.c.h worth all this risk "' aglovale murmur to himself, ""stop calling her b.i.t.c.h!!! "" Fredrick yelled at Aglovale again, there by attracting the guards

guard1: who is there??!!

guard2: you better stand your ground, running will be graveous !!

"" Fredrick stand your ground, it time to put on your robe of royalty, else we are dead meat"" clearing his voice "" where are your manners??, the prince of crimson valley and his personal guard is here to see your master and you treat him like that??!!""

the guards were startled by the the declaration of ident.i.ty and they humbled himself and offer to take the prince to the lord of gold vein mine

""who dare wake me up from my sleep!!!, how many times will I tell you all this stupid guards, not to interrupt me during my sleep!!! "" bardolph yelled out to his guards

guard1: sir you have a visitor

"" and who the h.e.l.l could that be!!"" still angry and yelling at his guards

""mind your words sir, you are referring to the prince of the kingdom of crimson valley"" Aglovale hit him off, feeling like the king himself as he talk to the mighty lord of gold vein mine, sir bardolph with no honorific

the lord froze in one spot,, his face drain of energy, all his life he have dread the royal family and have treat them with caution, avoiding any confront with them, because his illegal business, he can't risk losing his majesty favour

"" prince Fredrick de ballon of kingdom of crimson valley you are welcome to my humble abode, to what do I own this unexpected visit?? "" still sounding nervous

"" well I must say your place is not that bad as it seems, being in a remote place and devoured of human activities, you have turn it into a mini town, far more prospereous than the neighboring villages ""

"" hahahaha, you highness, you flatter me, I know you have a message for me from your father, the king of crimson valley I just hope it is a good one"" now being relaxed, since the prince do not sound mean, "" I guess he doesn't know of my illegal business and the money I get from this gold veins "" bardolph though "" bring him some nice wine and kill one fat chicken for him"" he ordered his servants, as he lead his guess to his parlour

"" ok sir bardolph, you are right I have a message, but it's not from my father it's my own personal message, you have a subject and I want that subject to be transfer to me""

"" haaa!! your highness, all subjects including me, belong to his Majesty, your father, so you need not ask for my permission to take any subject of your choice, so who is this person in question if I may ask??""

"" a girl, her name is Celina, I heard she was imprisoned because she was owning you, I was all her debt cleared and transfer to me, is that possible?? ""

"" yes, yes, but she is not here, she is in debtor's prison at the village, first thing tomorrow morning I will send for her, so you don't have to worry ""

""" you don't have to bother about it, all we need is to write a letter that will inform them of the latest development, as we are leaving tomorrow at dawn, so let merriment for now""

Dragon King 9 Sir Bardolph, The Lord Of Gold Vein Mine

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