Demon Emperor's Wild Husband 17 Chapter 17

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The moment their lips parted, both Li Jun and Chen Ming were panting heavily feeling out of breath. Chen Ming's body was still trembling from the sensation that came from the kiss. Li Jun used his body strength to keep him from falling.

" Are you ok?", Li Jun asked as he looked at the slightly trembling Chen Ming. Chen Ming looking at Li Jun, you could see that his face was flushed red. He looked straight into Li Jun's eyes.

" I'm fine", Chen Ming said quietly as he looked down at the floor not knowing what to say or do. Li Jun suddenly kissed him and it surprised him. Chen Ming kept stealing glances at Li Jun as he held him looking for any reaction. However, this face was still expressionless. Chen Ming wondered if this is still the same man that pa.s.sionately kissed him just a while ago. Out of everyone Chen Ming met both in this world and his world, Li Jun was the hardest person to read. He's like an empty book, no matter how much you look, you won't be able to find anything.

" There's something I have to tell you, I know now isn't the best time to do it but I didn't know what to do", Li Jun said as he looked at Chen Ming as he held his both of his small hands in his big ones. He made direct eye contact with him so he can his reaction. Chen Ming gave a slight n.o.b indicating for Li Jun to carry on with what he was saying.

" I'm leaving", those were the only two words that had left Li Jun's lips. Chen Ming raised his eyebrows not understanding what Li Jun meant by leaving. Looking at his confused state Li Jun felt guilty.

" I'm going back to my home. The reason I came to the forest was to get something, now that I found it I had no reason to stay, however, after I meet you I didn't want to leave and postponed it. Unfortunately, I can't delay things any further and I have to go today. I'm sorry Ming Chen", Li Jun for the first time shows such emotions on his face while saying that to Chen Ming. Li Jun truly didn't want to leave Chen Ming but he has no other choice.

He looked at Chen Ming to get an answer from him, but he got nothing. His guilt was rising higher and higher. He really didn't know what to do now, even if he wanted to leave he needed to make sure that Chen Ming got out the forest safely.

" Ming Chen?", Li Jun called his name only then did it seem like Chen Ming snapped out of his thinking, Chen Ming gave a weird look at Li Jun and forcibly release his hand that was entangled with Li Jun. Chen Ming turned around and walked back towards the cave. He was inside for ten minutes before he came out again. He walked past Li Jun completely ignoring him. He walked up to where he first fell and was about to start climbing the hill when his arms were grabbed.

" DON'T TOUCH ME YOU f.u.c.kER", Chen Ming screamed as he tried to grasp out of Li Jun's hold. Not being able to control the little screaming boy Li Jun push him until his back was touching the hill, with both his hand above his head.

" Ming Chen, please try to understand, I don't want to leave but I have to go, my feeling for you are sincere, the time we had spent together were the best moments in my life, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me", Li Jun said sincerely to a still angry looking Chen Ming who was still glaring daggers at Li Jun.

" Don't try to sweet talk me you f.u.c.ker, after you did want you needed to do you were gonna leave, you should have just gone ages ago, why bother entangling with me?", Chen Ming said as he looked hurt by what Li Jun said. Li Jun looked hurt by what Chen Ming was saying, he never wanted to hurt him, his feeling for Chen Ming was truly real, throughout his life the only person to make him feel normal was Chen Ming. He didn't mind if others hated him but the only person that he doesn't want is Chen Ming. Throughout the time he spent with his he already decided that Chen Ming was someone who resolved around his world.

Chen Ming was like a fresh whiff of air, without it Li Jun won't be able to live, thinking about this he inched his face closer to Chen Mings until their lips locked. At first the kiss was small and stiff, however, it grew deeper, bigger and more intense. Li Jun's whole body heated up and he felt tingles as his lips were feeling Chen Ming's soft ones. While kissing Li Jun's other hand was grabbing onto Chen Ming's chin.

Li Jun broke the kiss to allow Chen Ming to breath, he stared into Chen Mings eyes, his own eyes showing intense emotions and they were all directed towards one man, Chen Ming. Li Jun locked his lips with Chen Ming once again, kissing Chen Ming as if the world was ending, the kiss was sweet, full of pa.s.sion and love, all the feeling Li Jun had to Chen Ming. Li Jun tasted every corner of Chen Mings lips, Chen Ming couldn't help but let out a moan, this kiss was more intense than the first one. Chen Ming could feel Li Jun's hot breath travel down to his neck where he started to attack it.

Li Jun sucked on Chen Ming's neck, the feeling was too much for Chen Ming as he continuously let out moans, as Li Jun carried on attacking Chen Ming's neck his other hand that was on Chen Ming's chin travelled down to open Chen Ming's robes until Chen Ming was half naked. His hands played with Chen Ming's nipples, pinching them and squeezing them making Chen Ming a moaning mess. After Li Jun was done attacking Chen Ming's neck he then attacked Chen Ming's nipples.

Li Jun's mouth was sucking and bitting Chen Ming's nipples making him let out moans that got louder and louder. Chen Ming's whole body was shaking, his body felt so weak that he could stand out anymore, luckily Li Jun still had both of Chen Mings hand pinned on the hill stopping him from falling on the ground. After Li Jun was done playing with Chen Ming's nipples he gave one last kiss to Chen Ming before his grip on Chen Mings hands were released. Chen Ming fell in Li Jun's arms. In the end, Chen Ming looked like a mess, his lips were red and swollen, his neck had reddish blackish bruises all over them and his nipples were red, swollen and had bite marks on them. Li Jun only had swollen lips. Li Jun carried Chen Ming back into the cave and lied down with Chen Ming on top of him.

As they both lied down, their breathing gradually calming down, Li Jun looked down to see that Chen Ming feel asleep. He couldn't help but smile to himself as he gave a kiss to Chen Ming on the top of his head. After a while, he also fell asleep.

At night as the moonlight entered the cave, Li Jun was woken up when some of the light had fallen on his face. Feeling irritated by this he got his free hand to cover his eyes, while his other hand was holding Chen Ming. No realising that his slight movement had woken up Chen Ming. Li Jun turned to face Chen Ming to make sure that he was still sleeping, but instead, he was greeted with a wide-awake Chen Ming. As they stared at each other Chen Ming couldn't help but recall what had happened this morning, resulting in a ma.s.sive blush on his face.

" Didn't you say that you were gonna leave today, it's already night time shouldn't you be leaving", Chen Ming said as he turned his face away from Li Jun's as he didn't have to guts to look at him after what happened.

" Do you truly want me to leave my dear?", Li Jun asked as one of his hand grabbed Chen Ming's chin and turned it to make it come face-to-face with his. Li Jun's face help displeasure, he didn't like the fact that Chen Ming would no longer look at him when he talks. Seeing that he wasn't getting any response from Chen Ming, Li Jun got up and walked to the entrance of the cave. there he stood for quite some time before he was joined by Chen Ming.

" Even if I were to ask you to stay you wouldn't, you have somewhere you need to be and I won't stop you", Chen Ming said as he looked at Li Jun who looked back at him.

" Ming", was all Li Jun said before he hugged Chen Ming. The hug was tight, it was as if he loosened one bit Chen Ming would disappear. During that night both Li Jun and Chen Ming departed from the bottom of the cave if one were to listen closely enough you cloud hear lightfoot steps. Getting out of the inner and middle zone of the forest wasn't hard at all, maybe due to the aura Li Jun was releasing, no Sprite animals came after them. Li Jun carried Chen Ming on his back through the inner and middle zone without taking any rest. In 30 minutes they were outside the entrance of the forest.

Maybe because it was so late in the night, but there was not a single soul that could be sighted. This was good for both Li Jun and Chen Ming who didn't want to be spotted by others. Li Jun gently put down Chen Ming. Li Jun held onto Chen Mings hand tightly as they both looked into the distance where they can see the bright light coming from the Kingdom. They both knew that they had to leave however they were both reluctant on letting the other go. Thinking that it might be a while before he could see Li Jun again or that it might be the last, Chen Ming couldn't help but squeeze Li Jun's hand.

" I guess this is a goodbye", Chen Ming said as he looked at Li Jun, who has been looking at him for quite some time. Li Jun felt depressed hearing Chen Ming say goodbye, it was as if they were never gonna see each other.

" Its a goodbye, for now, we will definitely meet each other again", Li Jun said as he leaned in for a kiss. This kiss wasn't like the first two, this one was gentle, sweet and filled with longing. They kissed for a little while longer before they had to part with their kiss. Feeling the coldness from the parted kiss made them miserable. Despite feeling reluctant on parting, Chen Ming and Li Jun let go of the hands of each other.

Li Jun watched as Chen Ming walked towards the direction of the city. Not having Chen Ming by his side made him feel lonely and all the emotions on his face have now completely disappeared, there was now a cold and blank expression on his face. He looked at sternly at the figure of Chen Ming which was becoming smaller and smaller until you couldn't see the figure at all.

" Speak", Li Jun said with a commanding voice, but he didn't turn around to look at the figure clothed in all black jumping down from the tree branch. Li Jun still started the direction which Chen Ming had left in.

" Master, during the time you were gone we were able to catch the rat", the figure in black said as he paid his respect to his master.

" Did he speak", Li Jun said keeping his word count to a bare minimum but still getting his message across.

" We tortured him but he still hasn't spoken, the person behind him must be powerful, what should we do master?", the figure asked looking at his master who has a sinister look on his face, that even made him s.h.i.+ver. Despite serving his master for such a long time, he still hasn't been able to get used to that sinister look on his face.

" I'll take care of it, take this to that man, you don't need to say anything he'll know", Li Jun said as he turned around and handed the figure a wooden box. After Li Jun said that the figure quickly disappeared. Li Jun was also ready to leave but before he did he quickly took one last look the direction which Chen Ming left off, before leaving as well.


I'm really to everyone who expected a chapter last week but I wasn't able to update, as a sorry gift I wrote this really long chapter to make up to last week and an early presnt for this week. I usally do 800-1000 words for each chapter but this one has 2000+, yes I combined two chapter together to give one big one. Please don't hate me.

Demon Emperor's Wild Husband 17 Chapter 17

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