Demon Guardian In The Multiverse 98 Citadel Under Attack

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After returning with Mordin, Shepard says, "Welcome back. Did you have fun?" "Now that Mordin finished with the Genophage he can begin a career as a singer," says Logan and Shepard says, "So you heard him sing." "Pretty good singer for a Salarian," says Logan and Shepard says, "That's because he is the only Salarian you ever heard singing." "Good point. I might need to hear some other Salarians before I give Mordin his award for best Salarian singer," says Logan and then Wrex and Eve came over accompanied by Ino, Abigail, and Sora as well as Gentiana who was in her human form.

"So you didn't leave like the other two," says Logan to Gentiana while Shepard was talking with Wrex, Eve and Mordin about the future and Gentiana says, "I still have time. My world is still safe until the Chosen King arrives." "So you still hate mortals," says Logan and Gentiana says, "Not all mortals. Only those who don't know sympathy. That woman from before with the red hair. She has a burden no other mortal would be able to carry. But she has the luck to have people she can trust around her and help her in the time of need. I hope you will do the same when the time comes and you help the Chosen King."

Then she turns to Abigail and says, "It's been long, Abigail. Do we go for a drink of tea?" "We can once we are back on the Normandy," says Abigail and Gentiana asks, "Hmm, what is that Normandy?" "A s.h.i.+p," says Abigail wanting to surprise Gentiana, who says, "It's been a while that I had a real conversation with someone I can call a friend." "Wasn't it only some month ago," says Abigail and Gentiana says, "That must be the time ratio between our worlds. For me, it was already ten years since I talked to you."

Sora then walks in front of Logan and awaits a price for fulfilling his mission and Logan then says, "Later I will give you your favorite food. But you have to wait until later." Then Shepard walks over and says, "It's time to return to the Normandy." "What about Mordin?" asks Logan and Shepard says, "He will stay here for now keeping Eve stable until she doesn't need him any longer." "And what says Wrex about everything," says Logan and Shepard says, "He wants Mordin as far away as possible after Mordin took some probes from him."

"Well I think I would do the same if Mordin cut somewhere down there," says Logan and Shepard says over her com to Steve, "Steve you can collect us at my position or are the Reaper still in the air." "I'm coming. The Reaper forces retreated once they lost on the ground. We almost lost now man only some s.h.i.+ps thanks to Sion giving us some covering fire when we went to recuperate the Turians that were floating in their s.p.a.cesuit. They had luck, not like some others who didn't get the chance to escape their s.h.i.+p before the explosion," says Steve and Shepard says, "Well at least we now have the Krogans. How long do you need?" "I will be right there in a minute," says Steve and Gentiana hearing this says to Logan, "Can't you just bring us over directly."

"That would spoil the surprise Abigail has for you," says Logan and Sora nods his head cutely and Ashley seeing Sora wanted to grab him but Sora evades Ashley and attacks with his fluffy tail Ashley's face making Ashley go soft. And Logan sees that and holds her firm so she doesn't fall from a cuteness attack and says, "Everything alright Ashley." "Sorry, it's just that Sora is too cute for this world," says Ashley and finally Steve arrives to pick them up and says, "Is it just me or are we more than before. And what is that cute fox doing on your shoulder Logan?" "That here is Sora and the woman is Gentiana. Both are friends of mine," says Logan and Steve says, "They must be strong then." "What is this?" asks Gentiana and Abigail says, "Ah right you might not have something like this. My world also doesn't have it as well as Ino's. This is a shuttle. We are flying right now. We use it to fly from the Normandy to other planets and back to the Normandy."

"Now with your explanation, I'm sure the Normandy is not a normal s.h.i.+p," says Gentiana and Shepard hearing this says, "It's a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p to travel in the Galaxy. You see that. That's the Normandy." "Do you live on the s.h.i.+p?" asks Gentiana and Abigail says, "Only when we are on a mission. If not we are on earth with my father-in-law." They enter the s.h.i.+p and Logan disappears and appears again with a cooked chicken and presents it to Sora who begins to eat the chicken while Gentiana, Abigail, and Liara were drinking tea and talking with each other.

Logan then walks over to Shepard that was sitting on a different table observing the trio and Logan says, "Don't worry Jane, Gentiana doesn't swim that way. What are we going to do now?" "Back to the Citadel, we leave there the Primarch and continue with our journey," says Shepard and then Gentiana walks over and says, "It's time for me to leave Logan. See you soon." "Please make it not too soon. I still need him here," says Shepard and Gentiana says, "I can't promise you anything. I will try my best to slow everything down. So he won't disappear when you need him. It was fun around here. Invite me over whenever you want Logan."

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Gentiana then disappears and Joker says over the com, "We have a problem, Shepard. Anderson has an emergency at the Citadel. He only could send us this message." Joker plays it, "Shepard we have a problem we need you here fast. The Bat." "That's all we received. We are almost there," says Joker and Shepard says, "We are going in right away. I want everyone to be ready." She looks down and sees Sora who was lying down after eating the chicken and pets it while saying, "You too have to be ready for this battle little one."

Arriving at the Citadel they take two shuttles down. "Once down there I want the triplets to go havoc while I want Abigail, Ino, and Sion to secure the refugees. Garrus, Tali, and Javik you secure C-Sec. Liara, Logan, Ash and I will go and save the counselors," says Shepard over the com to everyone. Once inside they go and do what they were told to do. Garrus and his team arrived at C-Sec and find the Executors fighting back the Batarians. They join them to flank them from behind making it easier to kill them.

While Garrus and his team were helping C-Sec were Abigail leading her team down to the refugee camps. Some C-Sec Executors were defending the refugees with everything they could until they arrived and Ino uses her Nyx warframe to empower her jutsu making the Batarians fight themselves while Abigail heals the refugees and the Executors and Sion jumps into the fight killing the Batarians as fast as he can. After killing all Abigail says, "They should be safe for now. We should try to secure the other areas now that this one is safe."

The triplets were fighting everywhere on the Citadel splitting up and regrouping after clearing an area. "How many do you have?" asks Liona and Ray says, "I'm around the 250 what about you?" "278 for now," says Liona after smas.h.i.+ng her opponents head and Aaron says, "I'm around 313." "Magic is cheating and you know that," says Ray while Aaron says, "Just using my powers the most effective way. You know father always says that." "There he is right Ray. How about you show him your secret weapon," says Liona knowing that both she and Aaron weren't born with it and Ray opens the first gate and Ray begins to become faster and stronger by almost 3 times and says, "Falling Moon Sinking Star." Killing the Batarians in front of him even more easily.

"What is he using?" asks Aaron Liona, who answers, "He is using his Profound Energy. We weren't born with it like him. Father always told me that I was born for the light while you for magic but Ray was born to learn everything but to never master one." "That can't be," says Aaron and Liona says, "That's right. He would never master anything if he was born with limited time. But with our body stopping aging at 25 years he could master everything after some time."

"Now you sound like Mom," says Aaron and Liona says, "Dad says that too sometimes." They entered battle after letting Ray catch up to them and Liona uses her light while Aaron begins to use his magic. Ray begins to open the second gate and becomes wilder. He forced the other two to become serious since he was now in the lead.

While everything was going on was Shepard's team following leads to find the counselors until Sora begins to make noises and Logan says, "He found something." "Let's follow him then," says Shepard and Ashley says, "You sure we let our mascot take the field." "Don't worry he can take care of himself," says Logan and they follow Sora while killing Batarians on their way. They follow a trail of dead C-Sec Executors and Logan says, "They must have come through here."

"Let's take the elevator up then. Logan, you fly up from outside up and inform us where the counselors are," says Shepard and Logan says, "See you up then. Sora stay with them and if something happens battle mode is allowed." Logan then breaks the window and flies up while the other four were waiting for the elevator. While flying up Logan sees Anderson and the others and says over the com to Shepard, "I found them take the elevator to the last floor. I will protect them until then."

Shepard on the other side says, "You heard him let's go up." They take the elevator while Logan arrives at Anderson's side and says, "You did well not to die to them." "Well, I was a soldier before. But I don't think I will make it with those wounds," says Anderson and Logan takes a bean out and says, "Eat this while I close the holes with my magic." Anderson eats the bean and a bright light comes from Logan's hands helping him close the holes. Then Logan helps him up and clones himself four times and says to his clones, "Protect them while I have some fun."

Logan summons his sword and walks over to the door Anderson locked and says, "Anderson open it." Anderson does as said and the door opens and Logan begins his carnage. Counselor Sparatus seeing this says, "Now I know why he said what he said back then he is a real monster." "At least we aren't on his bad side," says Counselor Valern and looks at Counselor Tevos, who says, "How should I know that he can kill so many in less than a minute."

Then they hear a growling and something big and white jumps out of the elevator and brings Logan down to the ground and the four counselors become nervous. Seeing their Savior being on the floor with something unknown to them on top of him. The Shepard, Liara, and Ashley came out of the elevator and they looked now at the beast licking Logan's face while Logan says, "Did you find problems while coming up." "You never told us that Sora could transform," says Shepard and Logan says, "Sora was my first summon so Shura gave him some bonuses from the other Carbuncles. Making him the ultimate one. He has this battle mode he only uses when I tell him to."

"It seems we missed the party," says Shepard and Logan says, "There are still more down there I think." "No there are not. Your kids have gone really havoc as I told them too. I got a com that the Batarians were fleeing the Citadel. Your wife saved the refugees that were wounded critically as well as C-Sec Executors. Garrus retook the C-Sec HQ and from there they fought back. And your kid kill count might be higher than yours since they flew from one area to another killing the Batarian and healing the wounded with Aaron's magic." "Well then let's go down and bring the counselors somewhere safe," says Logan while Sora turned into his normal form and jumped on Logan's shoulder and everyone goes down.

Demon Guardian In The Multiverse 98 Citadel Under Attack

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