The Wanted Wife: Daddy, Mommy Escapes Again! Chapter 19

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Published at 23rd of October 2019 06:35:20 PM Chapter 19

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They have done so much to me just in order to make me regret in front of you .

"Antonia, I really didn't mean it four years ago . Can you hear it?" Florence says with a faint sigh . Her tone is full of sorrow .

Her eyes are empty, and she thinks of Austin’s words . Don’t they want to see her situation? She can give up everything for Nelson, not to mention a bit of dignity .

If she could see Nelson through this, she is willing .

Florence reaches out and gently wipes the sweat on her forehead . Standing under Antonia's photo, she then kneels down with her limp knees .

"Sorry,Antonia . If I didn't send you that day, maybe things would be different . " Florence kneels there . Her face looks menial, and her black long eyelashes cast shadows under the red light .

Brian, who is in the living room, is shocked . He quickly turns off the slab, and stands up in front of the window, looking indifferent and elusory .

Tabitha stands there, wondering about his behavior .

Brian originally thought that he would enjoy the woman's guilt for Antonia, but at the moment she kneels, a pity flashes across his mind, which is for the previous Florence, who once was so proud and happy and clung to him .

She looks so dejected and despair is engraved on her face .

Brian is upset for having such a reaction . He turns and walks to the room .


In the darkness, there is only a bunch of red light on the photo on the table . Florence has said a lot of apologies . Even if her feet have already lost consciousness, she still kneels there bitterly .

Florence is there, and suddenly there comes the sound of footsteps from the doorway, and the voice rings in the silent room .

She looks up to the door . The door is opened violently and a dazzling light comes in . She subconsciously reaches out to block it .

"Florence, I hope that your confession is genuine . " Brian's voice is cold and magnetic .

Brian strides over, grabs her arm and pulls her up .


Florence has been kneeling for a long time with her feet unaware . She feels a fierce pain resulting from his pull by force .

"Your acting is good . But regret to tell you, it doesn't work for me . "  Brian ignores her and takes her out .

“Feet numb, I . . . ” Florence’s words have not been finished yet, and she is pulled out instantly .

Simple and rude .

"Stay here . " Brian leads her to the living room and  says to Tabitha, “You  bring the little one here . ”

"I will . " Tabitha responds, turns and goes upstairs .

The moment Florence hears the news of Nelson, the pain on her knees and the anesthesia on her feet are immediately forgotten by her . She turns her head eagerly and looks following Tabitha’s steps .

A few minutes later, Nelson does not appear yet . Florence begins to become impatient, holding the sofa to stand up and moves to the stairs .

"What’s the hurry, I said that you would see him when you were bound to . " Brian stubs out the cigarette in his hand, glimpses her with cold eyes, and says in a low voice .

"But . . . " Florence is going to talk, when a crisp and sweet voice comes from the stairs .

"Mom, mom"

Nelson finds his mother standing underneath, and his white face turns red because of excitement . He breaks free of Tabitha’s hand and rushes to Florence yelling .

"Slow down, run slowly . . . " The little one who takes up her whole heart finally appears, and Florence chokes with sobs and says softly .

The moment Nelson jumps into her arms, the tears in her eyes can no longer stop, and they flow out in an instant . She holds the small and soft kid in her arms tightly .

After a long time, she loosens Nelson with eyes filled with tears . She  carefully looks up and down his whole body, says with a frog in her throat,  "Let Mom see if there is any injury, how did you lose weight so much . . . "

Nelson finds Florence’s eyes red and swollen, and he offers his small hands to wipe her tears . He says like milky cream,“Mom, where have you been in these days, don’t leave me alone . ”

"Mom has something to deal with, not leaving you . Now I am here to pick you up . " Florence pretends to be fine, reaching out and patting him on his little head, and says softly .

A child is always his/her mother's world, and little damage can bring an enormous distress .

"Well, don't play a bitter drama here . " Tabitha raps out,standing at the side and crossing her hands .

" . . . "

Florence hears her words ,then she whispers in the ear of Nelson, pinches his little face and slowly stands up .

“You have already known that he is mine, so Nelson ought not disturb you here . I will take him away soon . " Florence looks up at Tabitha, with a weak tone and a hint of weakness .

"Take my blood away,have you asked me?" Brian suddenly opens his mouth .

Florence is just about to leave,when she hears Brian’s words . Her body is shocked . She knows Brian well . How can he let Nelson and her leave so easily .

"I have already confessed all that you wanted . What else do you want to do before letting me take away Nelson?" Florence grips Nelson’s hand tightly, with her eyes glaring at him . Her eyes show strong hatred .

"The repentance you made for Antonia is what you should do . " Brian gets

up and walks over . His eyes are like a beast’s that have locked his prey .

His eyes are red, and his voice is cold, "I have promised you to see him,

but I have not promised you to take him away!"


Florence is shocked . Her brows are narrowed tightly, and her eyes are glaring at him but she can’t say anything contrary .

"He stays here,and you go with me!"

Brian suddenly steps forward and separates her hand from Nelson’s and inserts himself between them, expressing his viciousness word by word .

"No, I won’t be at ease if he is here . Brian, please . ”

When Florence hears the words, she suddenly panics . She clasps his arms tightly, pleading again and again .

Tabitha has already known that Nelson is her child . Surely, she will not be kind to him . Staying here means sending a sheep into a tiger's mouth .

Florence stares at Brian with black eyes . Her tone becomes lower and lower .

"Brian, please, don't . "

Nelson cries and beats Brian's calf, making earthshaking noise, "You bad guy, you big bad guy!"

"Shut up! Or send you to the h.e.l.l!"

Brian roars fiercely, and Florence is shocked completely . She puts a finger on her mouth and faces to Nelson, "Hush, good boy . Mom is fine,good boy . "

It means nothing to her if she irrigates Brian . But she can't let Nelson get hurt .

  The child's thoughts are very simple . Seeing that her mother is fine, Nelson stops crying soon . His two round eyes are looking at Florence and Brian with a finger in his mouth .

"Li, you have no choice now . You can only obey me, understand?" Brian reaches out and grasps her wrist . His black eyes show chilly violence, oppression and despotism .

"I will do everything you order . But I do not agree Nelson stays here, never!" For her baby, Florence will never concede . Her stubbornness is more annoying to Brian .

"I say it last time . You go with me and he stays here!"

Brian does not pay any attention to her words . His hazed face approaches her little by little . His tone is like ice, which makes people’s hairs stand up in unconsciousness .

The Wanted Wife: Daddy, Mommy Escapes Again! Chapter 19

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