The Sword Dynasty Vol 2 Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Loneliness

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“As expected, this is the star cold fiendish energy . ”

When that thin black crystal disk took form and embedded into that meridian point, there was a slight feeling of pain . Ding Ning’s thoughts s.h.i.+fted and he left behind his internal perception, opening his eyes and waking up .

There were countless kinds of energies in the world, flora, thriving, withering, wood, fire, wind, lightning, rain, thunder … there were an unknown number of energies moving . But these energies could not break free of the fundamental combinations and variations of the primal energies of the universe .

Yet in this world, there was still the energy that came from the sun, moon and stars . The star energy that came from distant stars would pa.s.s through innumerable cold and desolate s.p.a.ces void of light . The coldness and size of those s.p.a.ces were ones that cultivators could not imagine .

The star energy that pa.s.sed through countless s.p.a.ces to land on this place were usually infected with extremely yin and fiendish energy that could not be tolerated by the body of cultivators . Yet those with great abilities were able to use and comprehend means to absorb and channel the cold and fiendish star energy .

The most crucial corner of the Painting Remnant Scroll recorded this method .

The absorbed cold energy had turned into a sword . Ding Ning could sense it . With a thought, that newly formed crystal sword would fly out like a flying sword .

While it could not change with a thought like a true flying sword, because this item made from the star energy which was cold and fiendish, it was extremely powerful . Enemies would have a difficult time defending against it when it was suddenly used against them .

These twelve meridians could hold twenty four of these fiendish little swords in twenty four meridian points .

Based on the waxing and waning meaning of the cold moon, the correct method was to create these twenty four swords, and then expel these twenty four swords according to a unique seal line . When the twenty four meridian points were empty, the cultivator would absorb large amounts of beneficial primal energies of the universe to the body .

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This was a method known in cultivation books, of absorbing water into empty ponds, and of gain and loss . Yet this Forefather Zhou’s knowledge and understanding was limited . He learned how to fight enemies, but not the true meaning of cultivation .

“No wonder you are the genius that set the newest cultivation record in Changling . You understood the method I told you so quickly, and you managed to condense fiendish energy so quickly . ”

The moment Ding Ning opened his eyes, a spot of Forefather Zhou’s vital energy went into Ding Ning’s body . He sighed immediately when he felt the cold small sword in that meridian point .

“You are able to form this one . You will not have any problems with the other twenty three . You already have the trick . You should be able to feel the many disadvantages that this cold small sword creates to you, but there should be no problem in keeping it in your body for half a year . This is enough for you to face the Min Mountain Sword Trials . ” He looked warmly at Ding Ning and said .

No problem for half a year?

Feeling the icy crystal disk seemingly inlaid into his meridian point, Ding Ning was certain it would be perfectly half a year .

Based on the wrong tactics of Forefather Zhou, in just half a year, the jade palace in his energy sea would solidify under the influence of the energies from these fiendish swords . He feared that if he fought an enemy at that time, his jade palace and celestial aperture would not flow smoothly . He would not be able to even use one percent of his vital energy .

That would come exactly at the start of the Min Mountain Sword Trials . His terrible state could be imagined if he could only rely on these twenty four fiendish swords and one percent of his cultivation .

While he thought this inside, Ding Ning had a sincere expression of grat.i.tude on his face . He bowed deeply and said, “Thank you, Forefather, for your teaching . If you need me in the future, I will do my best . ”

Each person had their own sinister designs . Forefather Zhou was in a dark mood but he had a bright and friendly smile . He said, “Young Friend, you are too polite . With your talents, in the future, the Zhou Family Ink Garden will be proud of you . ”

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The former privileged n.o.bility had been extremely luxurious in their food and drink . While the Zhou Family had declined, the care they took with their ordinary ingredients was unimaginable by ordinary people .

Xie Changsheng saw that each dish in taste and color was as beautiful as a painting . Even he, who was used to the dishes made by chefs of large restaurants, couldn’t help but think that many of the present prestigious families lacked that refinement and elegance in terms of their living standard compared to these past prestigious families .

Zhang Yi, who had been wondering what opportunities Ding Ning was having, was slightly inattentive . He picked up a piece of eggplant with his chopsticks and tasted the chicken and shrimp stock as he ate . However, when he couldn’t taste the eggplant, he couldn’t help but think, eggplant was eggplant, if one wanted to taste chicken and shrimp, then they should just eat chicken and shrimp . Why waste so much effort? This shallow dish and eggplant would not be enough for an ordinary farmer in Changling to eat two bowls of rice . In the process of making it, how much food would be wasted?

One of the important reasons the former prestigious families were unable to stop the reformation was due to their wastefulness .

The most famed story was one of a prestigious family that would pour the white rice they could not finish that day into the ditch . The monks in a neighboring temple would wash the rice, dry and store it each day . When this prestigious family went into decline, the white rice stored in the temper was enough for a household to eat for multiple years .

Did true n.o.bility and loftiness need to be exhibited through this kind of refinement?

In a flash, a truly n.o.ble presence spread from his body, containing the seal lines he had comprehend from the Painting Remnant Scroll today . The sky above Ink Garden suddenly grew slightly wet .

“Senior Sect Brother, you want to soak me with rain again? You are Eldest Sect Brother, not Eldest Soak Brother,” a teasing voice spoke from the doorway .

Zhang Yi shook and he woke up . He discovered he had accidentally touched those lines that existed in the world . He instinctively pulled back his presence . As the wetness in the sky disappeared, he looked at the person in the doorway and shouted in joy, “Junior Sect Brother Ding Ning, you’ve returned?”

Seeing Ding Ning appear in the doorway, Xie Changsheng and the others immediately grew excited .

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“Senior Sect Brother Ding Ning, you comprehended?” Shen Yi was the first to speak .

Ding Ning nodded his head .

Zhang Yi was stunned in surprise .

“That is great!” He said sincerely in the next moment .

During this night, a youth of similar age to Ding and the other sat in a study deep in Changling’s imperial palace . His features were handsome, gentle and gave off the feeling of honesty and kindness . His natural gentleness and calmness were all the more valuable for the youth of the imperial family sitting like this while alone .

Of all of Emperor Yuanwu’s imperial sons, only one son had this kind of personality . He was Fu Su .

At this time, a thin booklet was open in front of him . This thin book was the Book of Talents that the Hongyang Academy had created for the Min Mountain Sword Trials . But the book of talents in front of him had changed compared to the past . Chen Liufeng, who had won against Fang Wuque, was now ranked thirty fifth, and Ding Ning, who had won against Zhou Xieyi, had risen to sixty first .

In the span of a day, many people’s positions had changed on the book of talents . But these changes and even the upcoming Min Mountain Sword Trials had nothing to do with Fu Su . The secret cultivation manuals of the Cultivator imperial palace would not be any less than the records of Min Mountain Sword Trials . Also, his mother was the empress of the Qin Dynasty, and his father Emperor Yuanwu . They were the strongest cultivators in the world . They had arranged a path of cultivation for him .

Even if he really had an interest in going to visit the Min Mountain Sword Sect, with his status, he would not need to attend any test .

Everything he had was the envy of any young person in Changling . But he was very lonely .

Just like Ding Ning and the others, many of the young geniuses were surrounded by friends, but he was alone . He was alone from start to end .

Especially after that banquet at the start of the year . That palace attendant that usually served him disappeared into thin air as though she had never existed . Nothing seemed to have changed, but he smartly felt everyone deliberately distancing themselves from him .

This kind of distance did not originate from their dislike and conjectures of him, but reverence and wariness towards his parents .

No one wanted to get caught in trouble and turn to dust .

When most of the people that had to appear in front of him held such reverence and wariness, he felt even more lonely .

While the thin book in front of him had no connection to him, he felt the changes on it were lively and spectacular . He wanted to have friends like ordinary youths, and also be lively and spectacular like them .

His gaze moved away from the book and he looked up . The majestic building outside his window looked like icy chains .

His body did not move but his mind had flown away .

“Maybe I should make some changes . Otherwise, if I am stuck here in my low spirits, this will naturally affect my cultivation progress,” he spoke as though he was convincing himself .

A warm and sunny smile appeared on the corners of his lips .

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The Sword Dynasty Vol 2 Chapter 57

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