The Sword Dynasty Chapter 2: If You Live Long, You Will Go Far (1)

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A few officials with black umbrellas carefully escorted Ye Celeng to a carriage waiting for her.

The teenager who came out of the half-collapsed sesame oil shop looked directly at Ye Celeng the whole time. After she drew the curtain of carriage and entered it, the teen exclaimed: "She is so pretty!"

The lying swordsman near him was only able to come to his sense by then, thinking of the meaning of the short sentence Ye Celeng just said with a huge joy and shock filling in his body.


Then he began to contemplate the teen's word. The beauty of Head Officer Ye was unquestionable, but for a top officer like her, a powerful spiritual pract.i.tioner who was wors.h.i.+ped by all the people, the word "pretty" seemed to be kind of inappropriate.

With the sound of the horseshoes, the carriage carrying Head Officer Ye, the most powerful female top officer of Jiantian department of the Qin dynasty, instantly disappeared in the rain.

The black swordsmen disappeared quickly and silently in this street just like how they came.

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The streets and lanes sleeping in the rain were completely awakened. More and more people came out of their houses to see what was going on, but suddenly consistent sound of gold and iron hitting the ground obscured the sound of the rain and thunder.

Instantly, countless incoming chariots formed an iron wall that blocked the sight of the crowd.

"Your name is Ding Ning, from the wine shop in Phoenix Tree Lane? Why did you bother to come here to buy sesame oil?" Under a temporary shelter, a middle-aged fat officer who was slightly bald gave a dry cloth to the teenager who was wet by the rain.

The officer seemed very kind. He was in a hurry, so there was sweat on his forehead, which made him look more mediocre, but most of the officers and sergeants around him deliberately kept a certain distance from him. Changling people all knew that he was Mo Qinggong – one of the most experienced Evil Hounds of Imperial Secret Service.

"Evil Hound" was definitely not a compliment, but it implied several layers of meanings. In addition to his cruelty and sharp senses, it also meant that he had enough men and powerful patrons. To deal with extremely difficult and troublesome "Evil Hounds", the best way was to stay away from them.

Like this moment, when "Evil Hound" Mo Qinggong just arrived and was still breathless, he had already been dealing with dozens of cases in his hand, recording the ident.i.ty of this young man who had some doubts in detail.

The boy named Ding Ning did not fear Mo Qinggong who seemed to be a nice person. He wiped the muddy water from his face with the dry cloth that Mo handed to him, looking at the tiger head patterns on the chariots and the wolf patterns on the weapons of the swordsman with curiosity. He did not answer the questions of Mo Qinggong but asked: "This is the Tiger-Wolf Army of our country?"

Mo Qinggong wiped the sweat from his forehead and replied: "Exactly."

"Who is the one living in that small courtyard?" After wiping the dust and mud from his face, Ding Ning's delicate face showed out, "Why did he drag so many people of you?"

Mo Qinggong felt that Ding Ning was different from others, and his calm atmosphere was infectious. When Mo calmed down, his eyes gradually became more delightful.

"Have you heard of Sword Furnace?" He was not angry about Ding Ning's numerous questions, but asked with a peaceful mood.

"Zhao Dynasty's Sword Furnace?" Ding Ning said.

"Exactly." Mo Qinggong looked at him and patiently said: "Since the battle of Great Qin and Zhao Dynasty began, the world's talents have understood that Zhao people's strongest place for spiritual practice is not the Qingyang Sword Tower, but a seemingly ordinary iron shop. The eight disciples of Sword Furnace are all able to use just one sword to ma.s.sacre all the people in a city. Zhao Dynasty was destroyed thirteen years ago, but those disciples of Sword Furnace are still a severe threat to us. If we don't get rid of them, we will never feel at ease. Today the one killed is the seventh disciple of Sword Furnace, Zhao Zhan."

"No wonder..." Ding Ning looked through the gap between the chariots and observed the totally destroyed courtyard. Many spiritual pract.i.tioners were still carefully examining every corner of the small place.

Mo Qinggong smiled gently: "Now you understand why I asked you these questions in detail?"

Ding Ning nodded and said seriously: "The arch enemy like this is lurking here. All the nearby people, of course, have to be investigated carefully, especially people like me, who actually don't live here. I totally understand."

Mo Qinggong appreciated his remarks: "So can you answer my previous questions?"

Ding Ning smiled and said: "In fact, the sesame oil shop near my home is temporarily closed for days, so I could only come here to get oil. I didn't expect to be delayed here by a heavy rain, and I didn't even expect things like this could happen."

Mo Qinggong was silent for a moment, and then he handed an umbrella to Ding Ning. "In this case, you can leave now."

Ding Ning was a little surprised: "Is that this simple?"

"You don't want to leave? Don't ask for trouble!" Mo Qinggong laughed and joked, waving his hand and hinted the teenager to leave soon.

"Then how can I return your umbrella?" Ding Ning asked.

"If I don't come to you, you can keep it."

The Sword Dynasty Chapter 2: If You Live Long, You Will Go Far (1)

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