Son Of Chaos 108 Family Of Three

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When Lara came home, the sight of Jane and Ivan playing together greeted her eyes. They were fully focused on the card game they were playing and hadn't noticed her coming in. When this picture entered her eyes, she unconsciously smiled. She was really happy that Jane and her father got along this well, even though it sometimes looked more like a pair of siblings going along, instead of father and daughter.

She didn't disturb them and instead silently went upstairs into her room, where she took a shower and changed into more comfortable clothes.

When she came back down, the two of them had just finished their game.

"Mom, you are home!", Jane exclaimed and rushed towards her.

"Mm, did you have fun?", Lara hugged her and then softly asked.

"Of course. Come play with us.", she then pulled her mother along towards the couch. Lara didn't resist and was soon seated on the couch next to Jane. Ivan, on the other hand, had to make s.p.a.ce and was now sitting on the floor. This way they were close enough to play.

While they had fun playing unbeknown to them Madam Tanner watched them from the entrance to the kitchen. To her, they looked like a happy family of three which gladened her immensely. She had been by her mistress side for a long time and had experienced the way she had been after what happened back then. Sure the birth of Jane had a huge effect on her recovery, but it had been a long time since she had seen her so carefree in the presence of a man, other than her father. Smiling to herself she silently took a picture and send it to Lara's mother.

Although she was Lara's housekeeper, before that she had been working for her mother and they still had been in contact frequently. Back when Lara had first moved out, she had been tasked with watching over her and sometimes reporting how Lara was doing. This was something Lara was aware of and she had never said anything about it, although even if she did, Miranda would just find another way to get updates on her.

Meanwhile at the Palast Miranda and her husband were sitting next to each other on a couch and enjoying some tea, while relaxing. As the emperor and empress, their days were always full of work and so they didn't go crazy they had made the rule, that every evening they would spend some time together just relaxing. Of course sometimes one of the other wives or concubines would accompany them, but today it was only the two of them.

It was a time for them to relax and as such, they had blocked any calls. In case there was an emergency one could just call the palace number and a servant would notify them. Of course, that was only if their secretaries accepted the call as really important. So when Miranda's phone suddenly emitted a sound both of them were startled.

"You didn't block your phone?", Joseph asked reproachfully.

"I did.", Miranda hurriedly a.s.sured him, before admitting, "Except a few numbers."

"Aha.", her husband snorted. He knew his wife well enough to know that there was no way she would block every number. He was sure that the numbers of all the family members weren't blocked. It was just that they knew about there time off and didn't dare to disturb them.

"I'm sure it's something important.", Miranda said and then picked up the phone laying on the table beside them. She then saw that Madam Tanner had sent her a photo and without much thought opened it.

On the picture, she saw the happy family of three playing a card game. Her first reaction was to smile, but then she remembered that her husband was still in the room. And he didn't know about Ivan yet.

*Please, don't have him let see this.*, she silently prayed, before turning around. Sadly no G.o.d heard her prayer as he was standing directly behind her, looking over her shoulder. *d.a.m.n.*

"This is ...", he asked with a low voice, which was a sure sign, that he was angry. She shortly contemplated lying but instantly discarded the idea. It would only make him even angrier.

"Calm down.", she first tried to placate him, even though she knew it was useless.

"How can I be calm after seeing this picture? Why are my daughter and granddaughter playing together with a man and that at her home?"

It wasn't hard for her to understand his meaning. He didn't know that the man was Lara's husband. Because Ivan looked so young it didn't even come to his mind. As such the reason for his anger was that his daughter was playing with another man than her husband. Although he hated her husband for what he did to his darling daughter, he was a man who put emphasis on trust and loyalty, so seeing his daughter with a man, he thought wasn't her husband, made him disappointed and angry.

Seeing that she hadn't answered his questions, he once again asked, "Why aren't you talking? It seemed like you knew about it.", the second sentence was voiced in a disappointed tone.

Miranda took a deep breath and decided to just tell the truth. "First promise that you won't run over there and kill anyone."

Joseph stared at her with angry eyes, "If you don't start telling the truth then I won't mind going over there and killing this guy, that plays with a married woman."

"He is her husband.", Miranda blurted out, fearing that he would carry out his threat.

"Her what???", this time he didn't keep his voice down and instead bellowed angrily. Not only did he below, but he also started to walk towards the door, while starting to emit killing intent.

Miranda hurriedly grabbed his arm. "Calm down. Calm down. First, sit down again and let me explain." She continued trying to get him to calm down and finally, he sat down again, although he was still simmering with rage.

"I knew you would react like this.", she reproachfully said, while shaking her head.

"How should I react then? How dare that guy shows his face in front of my daughter? I have to make sure to let him pay for what he did."

"And that's why n.o.body wanted to tell you.", she mumbled.

"Right. You already knew about it?", he had heard her mumbling.

"Well...", she hesitated, not really wanting to admit it. "Yes, I already knew about it."

"Who else?"

"Only Carl."

"My brother knew too?"

Miranda stopped hesitating and started telling the story from the beginning where Jane had felt her father and how they looked for him after that. When she finished the story he sighed, his anger already gone.

"What a mess. And I can't even put the blame for what happened on him anymore.", he was a just man and although Ivan was the technically the same one that had hurt his darling daughter so much, now he was someone completely different. So he found it unfair to pin the crimes of his former incarnation on him. And more important to him was, that judging by the picture it didn't seem like his daughter had any problem with him. Quite contrary, she looked happy. In fact, she looked happier than he had seen her for a long time. Maybe she was nearly back to her old self.

It was just that he really didn't want to forgive him. *This won't do. I should find some kind of punishment for him. Something that is a punishment, but an opportunity at the same time.*, he silently decided.

"But if he dares hurt her, I'll make his life h.e.l.l.", he then spat out in order to vent his frustration.

"I'm sure he won't. From what I know he is quite nice."

"Hmpf. Still, even if I can't get revenge on him, I still have to punish my stupid brother, for not telling me about it.", he said. Ignoring the fact that his daughter and wife hadn't said anything either. This was just the difference of status in his heart.

Seeing him change his target to his brother, Miranda breathed a sigh of relief. Carl has already used to his brothers' punishments, so this could be considered as a great result.

"Oh, do you have his contact number?"

"Yes. Do you want to meet him?"

"Mmm,", he smiled while looking at his wife who understood him well. "Invite him over to an informal meeting."

Hearing that it would be an informal meeting, Miranda smiled. It seemed like her husband had already let go of his anger.

"Sure. I'll call him first thing tomorrow. But for now, let's relax.", she then grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the bathroom, to take a relaxing bath together. Well, first there would be some fun and then the relaxing.

Son Of Chaos 108 Family Of Three

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