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Since she was unwilling to explain, Ivan didn't press her. Instead, he focused back on else she had said.

"When it is the foundation, then why do they ignore it?"

"Because it is weak in comparison. And most people don't want to do things that won't show results anytime soon."
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She was right. Who wouldn't want fast visible results instead of something in the far future?

"But wouldn't that mean that we would lag behind when we enter the higher realms?"

"Yes. But it isn't that much, so it is still fine. And after entering the higher realms, there is a short term boost that enables us to catch up with the majority."

"Then that's fine."

"So besides training your skills you still have some other plans?"

"Yes. I have a skill that enables me to increase my shadow stats. It is just that it is kind of hard to get the required materials."

He then shared the description for 'Blood is Power'.

< skill:="" blood="" is="" power,="" rank="" s,="" level="">

Mana cost: 200

Channeling time: 5h

Recharge time: 24h

Use up one blood essence crystal to permanently gain some of its stats in form of shadow stats.

You will get 0.01 stat per blood crystal stat.


"Wow! You really are one lucky guy.", when she read the description, she exclaimed in astonishment.

Seeing her strong reaction, he was surprised. Usually, she would keep her calm, independently of what happened. Even with the change into someone from a servant race, she had kept her calm. So to see her exclaim like that came as a shock to him.

Seeing his suprise she stared at him and then shook her head. "Right. You don't even know what you got there.", she then said with ridicule in her voice.

"Then how about you explain?", Ivan was slightly affronted by her tone.

"Sorry, sorry.", she lightly apologized. "How do you think one can strengthen oneself?", she then started her explanation with a question.

"To take in energy and use it to strengthen oneself." The answer was easy for Ivan since it was what everyone did.

"Correct. Now the difference is where the energy comes from.

Most training techniques use energy, that is everywhere around us. They then channel it into the body and uses it to strengthen the body in a specific way.

Now, while this is an easy and comfortable method of getting energy. It is neither efficient nor fast. It is much better to use energy, that has already been collected, concentrated and purified.", she paused an looked at Ivan to check if he was following.

When he nodded to indicate his understanding, she continued. "Now there are three different things, where one can find such energy. At least that are the accepted ones.

First, of are natural crystallization. If the energy in the surroundings is high enough, it can condense and form crystals. Depending on the energy they contain, they are called by different names. And because of the time needed for this process. They are seen as a nonrenewable resource.

Usually, they are found deep in the earth, where not many lifeforms can reach. There there is time available for them to form and grow. Then sects will mine them and use them for their cultivation as well as currency. Then when they have mined everything they have to start looking somewhere else."

"This doesn't sound like something that can be done in the long run.", Ivan commented.

"You would be surprised. The upper realms are huge. And there are many areas where no human has ever set foot. In these areas, large deposits of energy crystals have formed and when they start mining a new one, the old one can regenerate. Still, with an increase in population these mines become rarer and the distance larger. Which is the main problem with them."

"Can't they just teleport?", he asked in confusion.

"Hah. Unlike here, where the System enables and supports teleportation, it isn't that easy in the higher realms. Not only is the skill required hard to come by. The strength necessary to build portals is too high as well. And then there is the required energy. All of these make it nearly impossible to create a useful portal network."

"Anyway. The next method is to use herbs. This is the most commonly used method as well. Together with pill refining, it is possible to reach astonis.h.i.+ng results. Of course, it too depends on the quality of the herbs, with the really good ones only being found in the wilderness.

But it is possible to cultivate some herbs and those are enough to support most sects."

"But don't they have to grow as well? So how can they have enough energy?"

"Sure they do. But unlike the crystals, they actively absorb energy and are thus much faster in acc.u.mulating it. Sure the energy isn't as pure, but it is still much better than nothing.

Most of the increase in speed comes from special medical properties of these herbs as well as the fact, that absorbing the energy of one herb is equivalent to spending nearly half the time, the herb has grown, cultivating."

"I can see that.", he said. Just imagine multiple selves could collect energy at the same time. Even if there were losses, it was still much more efficient than only oneself cultivating.

"Then the third one?", he asked curiously. During this explanation, he had learned a lot, so he was eager to learn even more.

"The third one is to absorb the energy from animals."

"So the higher the being is in the food chain the better? Since they absorb the energy from the ones below them?"

"Theoretically yes.", she agreed. "But in practice, this isn't necessarily the case. Not only will there be losses in each step of the food chain. There will also be impurities brought into the energy, that has to be filtered out.

Through experiments, it has been determined that growing herbs is useful while rearing animals is just a waste. Of course, that doesn't mean that hunting wild ones is one as well. There is a huge industry around hunting wild beasts. Not only for the bones and pelts, which can be used in crafting, but also their cores and flesh."


"The cores are where they concentrate their collected energy. But it is only a small part, compared to the one that is available in their blood and flesh.

Eating the flesh of those beasts allows one to absorb some of the energy in it. It is just that it is quite wasteful. Absorbing the cores is better but still not even a fraction of the energy the beast has collected."

"Then where is the rest? The blood?", Ivan asked.

"Exactly. But the problem with blood is that it is nearly impossible to extract energy from it. It is too closely bound to the being. But still, there are some ways to extract that energy. Most of them require a combination of blood, herbs and some minerals to create pills. They are terrible ineffective but for most people the only way.

Then there are some races, that naturally are able to extract the energy from the blood of others. We call these species vampiric. But this ability is useless for humans since all attempts to imitate them have ended in disaster. "

"Then the skill?", he asked confused. The skill should use the energy contained in the blood of the slain beasts. But how would they form Blood Essence Crystals?

"You guessed it. The skill uses a different method to extract the energy. I don't know how it works, but I'm sure that it is much more efficient than the other methods I have mentioned.

By using it you can use beasts much more efficient than others and thus will be able to absorb energy faster than others. Of course, that is only if the rest of your talent is the same."

"So it is an awesome skill?"

"For sure.", she nodded confirmative. But then she warned him, "But don't think it is that unique. Although it is rare to have a skill like this. It isn't like there aren't others with it. There is even a sect, whose main cultivation skill can absorb the energy of blood. Although I have heard that there are severe side effects."

"Thank you for the explanation and the warning.", he thanked her. Before he asked her, "So what do you think? Should I try to use this skill to increase my strength during his period?"

"Of course. But you should first find a good place to find beasts which have at least level 100 or above. Or else using the skill would just be a waste.

Right, what level are you anyway?"

"Level 200"

"Not bad. Higher than I expected. I thought you would be around 150. It seems like you have trained quite diligently."

"I'm a bit surprised as well. If I add up the shadow stats and normal stats, no attribute is higher than 150."

"Then it should be your skills. Or your bloodline."

Son Of Chaos 146 Crystallization

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