Love Betrayal 29 Gongs Of Blood

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Chao Li woked up and the same guy from yesterday barged into the room.

"Chao Li, I am Jin Xiu, a body guard of Jin Rong."

"Are you related to her?"

"No." Jin Rong said as she walked into the room.

"I am just a mere bodyguard that Jin Rong saved." Jin Xiu replied.


"Do you feel anything different? Dizzy for example?" Jin Rong said.


Jin Rong sighed and said "We have to find Chenglei, he probably has all the answers to our questions."

"Chenglei?" Chao Li asked.

"Chenglei is a ancestor of the Crystal Tribe. He responsible for destiny and fate of all the people in the Tribe." Jin Xiu said.

"I recently received news of Chenglei. In a dream, I saw a pitch black room with ashes of smoke and the number 26."

Just then a gong sound ringed in Chao Li ears. The gong sound continued and Chao Li screamed in pain soon her ears were bleeding.

"Call the doctor." Jin Rong said.

Jin Xiu left the room and Jin Rong tried to stop the bleeding.

"If this goes on, her powers will weaken and it would take more time for her to get her powers." Jin Rong thought.

Dispit Jin Rong efforts, Chao Li kept losing blood and her screams got louder.

When the doctor arrived, it was too late. The bed Chao Li was laying on turned into a puddle of blood. The doctor examined her pulse and said" It looks like someone was controlling her on purpose. The person has skills in using the gongs of blood. Most of her powers are lost but there is still a little of hope. "

" Find every solution you can to recover her power. "

"Yes." The doctor said and he left the room.

"Jin Xiu find everyone who has the skills of using gongs of blood."

"Jin Rong. You may not know but gongs of blood can only use my scarfising one's blood. The gongs were banished by the Yuan family so besides the Yuan family, there wouldn't be a second person to know about the gongs." Jin Xiu replied.
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"Yuan. Yuan. Yuan. Everyone is dead in the Yuan family except Yuan Feng."

"Go find the whereabout of Yuan Feng."

"Yes." Jin Xiu said as he left.

"Wait. Also check places that are similar to my dream."


Love Betrayal 29 Gongs Of Blood

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