I Want To Waste Away Time With You Chapter 12

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When Lu Wei Xi finished reading the group chat to the end, she thought about what will happen after the finished product of “Beyond Expectations” is completed…..Lu Wei Xi felt happy just thinking about it, even the 5000-word paper that she had to turn into the professor this evening doesn't seem to matter.

Cover Singer-Eastern Attempt: Ahhhh, so excited! I just want to run two laps outside without wearing a coat!!

Producer-Crisp and Clear: Let's do it together! I am so excited!!

CV-Pond Fish Thinking Deeply: Me too _(:3 」∠)_

CV-Idle Person: ... you are a group of sick women.

Planner- Free Magic Star: You must be envious and hateful.

Producer-Crisp and Clear: You must be envious and hateful +1

Lyricist-Meow Meow Don't Cry: In other words, Wonder-sama is online. He just told me he will send the recording over this weekend. The first time that I talk to Wonder-sama alone on QQ….my, my, my hands are shaking.

Art Designer-Dreams Come Late: [Bite handkerchief] In the past I worked hard to find Wonder dada's QQ and when I mustered up the courage to add him, he rejected me three times.

Producer-Crisp and Clear: Agreed, I have lost count how many times I have been rejected. [Goodbye]

When Lu Wei Xi read there, her hands froze, her head filled with many twists and turns. Finally, unable to hold back, she opened up a private chat with Meow Meow Don't Cry.

Cover Singer-Eastern Attempt: Um...can you give me Wonder's QQ account?”

The other party seems to have been accustomed to such requests since she quickly sent her a bunch of numbers and kindly reminded her not be sad if she got rejected since Wonder, besides necessary projects and close friends, hardly ever add anyone else.

But, right now….aren't they considered working together….? Well, their names will appear together on the poster of the song.

30% anxious and 70% nervous, Lu Wei Xi copied the string of numbers and paste it into the search bar.

So now the problem arises, what should she write in the friend verification column?

“h.e.l.lo Wonder, I am Eastern Attempt, the lead singer for “Beyond Expectations.”

….Is this too formal?

“h.e.l.lo Wonder dada!! My name's Eastern Attempt and I am a big fan of yours QAQ. I am very fortunate to be able to work with you on the ancient song “Beyond Expectations.” I hope you could add me as your friend "

….Is she being too much of a fangirl?

What should she write to seem polite and natural?

She said there staying heavily at the computer screen, thinking about what she should write. Without knowing it, ten minutes have already flown by.

Suddenly, the phone that she had cast aside on the table vibrated. She unlocked her phone and found that it was a text from Xia Nuan telling her that she will be in the library this evening and will not be coming back. She also such a bunch of exclamation marks to express her shock and excitement that Wonder is going to take the monologue role.

Lu Wei laughed and responded back–––Then, a familiar sound came from the computer.

Shocked by this sudden sound, Lu Wei Xi opened the QQ icon in the lower right corner of the computer screen. When she saw what the content was, she was frozen in shock.

Because, it says: Wonder requests to be friends with you, do want to accept his friend request?

...This Wonder should be the same Wonder she is thinking about right?

Lu Wei Xi looked back and forth between the string of numbers that Meow Meow sent her and the request that just arrived. After confirming that it is the same one, she happily chose “Accept.”

When she clicked on his profile, she saw that there was no personal information except for his name, gender and birthday. It really is the same as his Weibo... consistently simple and cold.

Nervous, Lu Wei Xi took a deep breath and took the courage to take the initiative to send the first message.

Eastern Attempt: h.e.l.lo, Wonder dada!

The other party did not respond.

However, Lu Wei Xi was not discouraged and sent another message.

Eastern Attempt: I am the lead singer for “Beyond Expectations” QAQ Don't worry, I will do my best and not give you guys any trouble!

The other party still did not respond back.

A little frustrated, Lu Wei Xi hesitated before sending out the third message.

Eastern Attempt: I am also your fan, I like your voice very much. I was really excited when I heard that I was going to work with you.

…..No response

Feeling a bit discouraged, Lu Wei Xi frowned and stare at the three messages she sent. Was she too enthusiastic and scared him off?

Even if he is reserved, shouldn't he still give her a response to show that he is online….even a period would be fine T^T

The group chat for Alluring Sounds is still going on nonstop. However, Lu Wei Xi had no interest in looking at it and focused her whole attention on the man on the other side of the computer.

She patiently sat in front of the computer for a few minutes but there was still no response.

….Is he offline? Contemplating, her fingertips lightly tapped on the mouse before she reluctantly sent another message.

Eastern Attempt: Wonder dada, are you still there?

Including this one, she had already sent out four QQ messages without a response from the other person.

He must think she is annoying….if she was him, she would also think that she was annoying.

It's fine that she left a poor impression in the 3D world, but she can't even leave a good impression in the 2D world….Lu Wei Xi couldn't help but sigh and gave up on herself.

Another ten minute past before she finally received a reply–––

Wonder: I lost connection earlier

It was a very concise and comprehensive explanation for why he didn't respond.

Four words, including a period.

Lu Wei Xi, who was left hanging in the air, let a sigh of relief, her spirit finally returning.

Eastern Attempt: No worries, no worries.

Wonder: Tomorrow 10:30 in the evening, accompany me for a practice run* YY.

T/N: pia戲: I have no idea what this means so I searched it up on Baidu and I think it's supposed to be like a script reading for the CVs to get a feel of their character's emotions as well as correcting their tone(?). Correct me if I'm wrong cuz I am still confused about it. For now, I will use practice as a replacement.

I Want To Waste Away Time With You Chapter 12

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