The Ultimate Business Lady Chapter 10

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"If miss is too busy, I will leave first, so as not to disturb!" WanQi Ling Xuan could not help but be annoyed, thinking of his ident.i.ty, he escorted her all the way back, she still treat him so indifferently, it is really enough!

"How can this be? Mr. Mo escorted me back wholeheartedly, If I, Yun Ling Xuan let Mr. Mo leave at this moment, won't it become a joke to all the people in this Capital?" She is very keen to let him leave, but if he leave immediately after she return home, it will be difficult to guarantee that there won't be any rumors, and it will be extremely unfavorable to her. So she thought of settle this after seeing her grandmother.

WanQi Ling Xuan see that she is showing a gentle smile towards him, strangely, the dissatisfaction feeling in his heart is gone. He nodded and said with some pride, "Then, miss should go ahead to settle your thing first, I will sit here to wait for you awhile."

"Alright!" Seeing that he is not leaving in a hurry, Ling Xuan bring Yun Ling Yan inside the residence... The usual elegant and quiet Yun Family House, at this moment is surrounded by layers of white cloth, there is only deep sadness, no joy like the past.

Walking along the familiar home that she can even walk with her eyes close, Ling Xuan's eyes are red, there are a lot of thoughts inside, she do not know what to say.

Here, because of her, let WanQi Ling Xuan sealed off, after that she had never come back here.

Here, is a place that her parents spent a lot of painstaking efforts, one flower and one gra.s.s are all done according to her mother's idea, it is totally different from other people's house.

"Cher." Leaving Mother Lin at the front all, Ling Xuan bring Cher and Yun Ling Yan towards the backyard.

"Miss." Cher walk to her side and greeted.

Ling Xuan whispered into her ears. After seeing Cher face showing shock, she said faintly, "Do you understand?"

Cher stared at her, there were a lot of thoughts in her eyes but she finally nodded and said, "Servant will go immediately!"

"Uhm." after Ling Xuan ordered Cher to do something, she hold Yan-er hand and walk inside, but they haven't taken a few steps, Mother Lin who was supposed to be at the front hall serving WanQi Ling Xuan came towards her anxiously.

"Miss, let Old Servant accompany you go in." Mother Lin showed a face of concern and loyalty.

Ling Xuan looked at her with deep thoughts and slowly nodded and said, "Alright."

Mother Lin, everything is different from previous life, can you handle it?

In her previous life, it is also Mother Lin that followed her to greet her grandmother, but this life time, Yun Ling Yan is here as well, everything is different.

"Miss Ling Xuan has returned." Seeing the far-reaching figure, the servant that was waiting for her turned inside to report.

"Let her come in." When Ling Xuan walk into the yard, she heard the familiar yet unfamiliar voice, her heart was filled with emotion.

The exquisite curtains was lifted by the maid servant, Ling Xuan holding Ling Yan's hand and walk inside the house. She did not ignore the strange flash of stare from her grandmother's eyes, and she did not ignore the other people in the house... Those are the people that died young because of her in her past life.

"Xuan-er give grandmother Kowtow." Madam Yun Ke had not yet open her mouth to speak, Ling Xuan already let go of Ling Yan's hand, get down on her knees, in front of everyone, she bow down and made three loud kowtows, everyone was shock!

This three loud kowtows, contains Ling Xuan's guilt towards them and all her hatred of her past life.

"Xuan-er, what are you doing? Quick! Mother Huang help the miss get up." Madam Yun Ke towards this granddaughter that she is not familiar with, she still feel weird. She had been thinking about it. This granddaughter, who is almost the same as ShangGuan Yuan, will she hate her for not allowing her mother enter Yun Residence last time?

When she was feeling perturbed, she did not expect that the granddaughter who showed resistance when previously went to Yun Residence for Chinese New Year gathering, will at this moment because of her son and daughter-in-law's accident, totally changed in personality. This is so shocking.

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The Ultimate Business Lady Chapter 10

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