The Ex 1573 Blow Blood

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"You and your secret can go to h.e.l.l." Han Sen wasn't having any of it. Wearing the Ghost Armor given to him by Ghost Eye, he dashed in front of the creature and attempted to punch its head in.
"I have an emperor geno core! I was going to give it to you, please take it!" Ghost Eye screamed, seeing he'd be unable to dodge the manic fist.
When Han Sen heard this, he stopped. He let his fist hover above the panther's third-eye, and he said, "You've got three seconds. If I don't see an emperor geno core within the allotted time, you're going straight to h.e.l.l. One..."
Ghost Eye gritted his teeth and pulled out an item that resembled a claw. He placed it in front of Han Sen. Then, he said, "Boss! This is it. I know I was wrong to do what I did last time, but now I am being whole-heartedly sincere. For first place, I am willing to give you this emperor geno core. Please, believe me once more."
Han Sen took the item from Ghost Eye, with his other hand still hovering above the creature's head. He said, "This is an emperor geno core?"
Han Sen did not believe Ghost Eye. If he had an emperor geno core, why would he throw it away to get first place for a silver geno core? Not even first place in the gemstone leaderboard would be worth that much, he reckoned.
It was a strange geno core. In the geno core storage, a geno core was sealed and unusable if it wasn't the self geno core used as a key for entry. But that geno core did not look as if it had just been sealed by the geno core storage. It looked grey and dark, like rusted steel. It was weird.
It looked like a flute, minus the holes. It was like a pipe made of stone.
Ghost Eye smiled and said, "You are smart. This is indeed an emperor geno core, but it just has the problem of being sealed. But with your strength, you can most certainly unseal it and become the best in the Fourth G.o.d's Sanctuary."
"Had you been able to unseal it, you wouldn't have given it to me, would you?" Han Sen looked at him with disdain.
Ghost Eye looked awkward, and with a grin, he said, "I was unable to open it because I was weak. You, however, are so strong. You must certainly be able to."
"I'm taking the item as a punishment for you breaking the deal last time. If you want to gain first place this time, go and bring me something even better. Don't bring me something else like this," Han Sen said, and without giving the creature a chance to object, he punched it in the face.
Ghost Eye hacked out blood. He had been injured, but he was allowed to concede and exit the geno battleground.
"F*ck! He's worse than me. He took my stuff and didn't give me anything." Ghost Eye was feeling fairly disheartened.
He had tricked Han Sen once, but he had never expected him to reach first place again. Now that he had sacrificed the emperor geno core and gotten beaten up without obtaining first place as he desired, he was dismayed.
"It looks like I'll have to wait until he reaches gold cla.s.s before I can reach first place. I wasted my emperor cla.s.s geno core." Ghost Eye was feeling very upset, and he spoke his sorrow aloud.

Ghost Eye had given Han Sen an emperor geno core. It was quite infamous in the Fourth G.o.d's Sanctuary, but so was its seal. No one had ever been able to open it. The emperor that used to own it was named Drink Blood Emperor. He was a very infamous spirit, and this geno core belonged to him. It was called Blow Blood.
The sad thing was, Drink Blood Emperor garnered the ire of a certain creature and was killed by it. The result of this circ.u.mstance left Blow Blood sealed.
After that, the Blow Blood geno core had pa.s.sed through the hands of many different elites. Sadly, no one had ever figured out how to unseal it Its renown increased, but so too did the belief that it was completely worthless.
After all, no matter how strong you were, a sealed geno core was useless. Ghost Eye had only managed to get it recently, and he wished to speak with Han Sen and offer it up in exchange for first place.
But Han Sen wanted to kill him right away, and in a rush, Ghost Eye had to play his cards and reveal Blow Blood. He had actually planned to trick him again, after the exchange, too.
But now that Blow Blood had been taken, and he had not obtained first place, Ghost Eye was quite upset.
Fortunately, Blow Blood's worth was only the equivalent of a gemstone geno core nowadays. Therefore, it wasn't all that expensive to lose. He'd be a lot more upset if he lost something of even greater value.
Han Sen, seeing Ghost Eye, was not in a rush to level up his Crystal Core now. He wanted to scam the panther and drain him of what he could before proceeding on to gold cla.s.s.
Han Sen left the geno core storage with the intent of studying his new geno core. He wanted to see if he was the one who could unseal the item.
Han Sen had never heard of Blow Blood geno core, though. He didn't know where it came from, and a part of him even thought it wasn't actually an emperor geno core.
Han Sen summoned his gold cla.s.s Real Blood geno core and attached it to the Blow Blood geno core. He wanted to see if that would allow it to be used.
Real Blood landed on the grey pipe. It didn't melt into it, but it didn't slide down, either. It seemed to be absorbing. Han Sen watched the process, and near Real Blood's position, a red line like a piece of silk was being generated. It seemed as if Real Blood was soaking into the geno core.
Han Sen was delighted, and so he thought, "It looks like Real Blood is helping with the seal. At this rate, it might take a few days."
If Ghost Eye learned that Blow Blood could be unsealed, he'd definitely be angrier.
Han Sen still did not know whether or not it was an emperor geno core, but the seal was very powerful. He had no doubt about that. It was a high cla.s.s geno core, either way. It was definitely super, at the very least.
As Han Sen continued his investigation, Gu Qingcheng and Elysian Moon suddenly walked into the hall. Elysian Moon hadn't been seen for a while. This time, she had come back looking terrible. She was covered in wounds. Her face was pale and bloodied.
"There is an angry creature nearby. It's a super creature, and it hurt Elysian Moon. I'm going to go kill it. Would you like to come with me?" Gu Qingcheng asked Han Sen directly.
"How are you going to split the profits?" Han Sen asked.
"You can have the loot. I just want to avenge her," Gu Qingcheng said.
"She wouldn't come looking for me if it was this easy. There must be something up with the creature." Han Sen didn't think Gu Qingcheng would approach Han Sen to a.s.sign an easy task.

The Ex 1573 Blow Blood

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