Magical Explorer Chapter 1

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Eroge is like a joke waiting for to retort.

There are a lot of retort worthy points but first let's have a look at the protagonist's family.

In most Eroge, the protagonist's parents are usually absent. Why they never show up?

That is because if they are, they can't have the protagonist's sister or childhood friend woke him up in the morning, or to make it easy for a girl to sneak into his room. Simply just anything to suit the scenario writer's convenient. 

The detailed reason was never understood but there are various reasons presented such as the parents are working overseas or he is living in a dorm, away from his parents. there are even some instant that the parents themselves doesn't exist in the first place.

"On top of the fact that your parents aren't home, you even have a beautiful little sister taking care of you !?", people would normally want to insert such retort, but this kind of thing is normal in Eroge.

Yes, the protagonist is a man that is living in an environment that has a lot of unique circ.u.mstances.

The place that is inviting all kind of retort is not only his home. There's also a special ability exclusive to Eroge protagonist called the [Eroge Protagonist Correction].

For example, a protagonist who cross-dress and went to an all-girl school. Why doesn't anyone notice that? It is so obvious to the extent it make you think that he would be found out ages ago if there wasn't some kind of special power helping him out.

In a certain Eroge, there's even a swimming cla.s.s event and he still isn't exposed.

Well, in that game there was a ghost attended the cla.s.s in place of the protagonist. So Yeah, if it's a ghost then it couldn't be helped that  everyone would be fooled right? (WTF)

However, there are a case of [After all that you still haven't notice but you suddenly notice it now!!?] There are a lot of time that it was likely for the protagonist to be exposed, like when the protagonist running with a big stride in physical education cla.s.s but his wig still doesn't come off, Why does it easily came off so suddenly with a little brush from the heroine? Well, it couldn't be helped since he was fighting with the heroine huh.

Although we deviated a little from the main subject, the thought that a man attend an all-girl school while cross-dressing is already an abnormal setting, a normal person wouldn't be able to wrap their head around that.

However, this is just an ordinary event in the Eroge World, even if you are not an expert in Eroge you can still immerse in the story without discomfort. Those who would feel such a sense of wrongness would be only just those novice that just got introduced to an Eroge.

On another point, the fact that the protagonist is so popular with the girl might be because one of the powers of his [Eroge Protagonist Correction].

For example, the protagonist is always surrounded by beautiful sight.

A beautiful little sister or sister-in-law who would call him Onii-chan.(TLN:Big Brother) A beautiful childhood friend who even though you didn't ask, would come to wake you up early in the morning everyday then proceed to flipping your futon without permission only to witness your morning wood and give you a slap. A talented, well-dressed student council president with a strict looks who suddenly turn meek in an ero-scene. Or even a teacher who should already have graduated from the university but no matter how you look, she still look like a primary school kid. And they all l.u.s.t after a boy with little to no redeeming feature aside from that he is a little kind. They all acted like succubus trying to charm the protagonist.

No, maybe it was the protagonist that was an incubus. 

Be that as it may, the only abnormal one here was not only the protagonist, even the heroines are abnormal. 

In reality you wouldn't find a woman who has such a surprising high fighting power who happened to be a professional fighter falling for you or a housewife who already have a child in high school but still look younger than even her own daughter, a heroine that look like a primary schooler no matter which angle you look at her from. 

However, no matter how young they looked, before the game starts there would be a disclaimer stated that “All of the individual in this game are of the age of 18 or above” that made all the gentlemen (Eroge player) able to zealously perform their self-stimulation  with a peace of mind.

Well, the story itself is also mind blowing. Even if you compare it to manga or some drama, your mind would still be blown away.

If I have to pick one as an example. There's a game where the protagonist's family consisted of his father and brothers, an all male household. While the family next door is an all female household with a mother and her daughters. One day both parents said they want a son/daughter respectively and come up with a good idea. 

Yes, let's exchange one of their children.

In an Eroge even such a stupid idea can happen. Then when the protagonist got swap into the female household he suddenly got himself a harem.

What is with this situation?

The same goes for the setting of the cross-dressing protagonist I mentioned earlier, that guy suddenly got a harem too. And I can't say it too loud but there're also game specialized in the art of Ero called Nuki-Ge with a super hard to understand erotic development that's definitely not for a beginner.

To put it in a word, Eroge's world is a special world that commonsense can not be applied to.

If you have entered such a world and you are the protagonist then there wouldn't be a problem. (except for some game) 

The protagonist is the center of the world and because of that you will definitely become popular.

“This is bad, This is really bad………….”

The me that is reflecting in the mirror right now, he is me but also not me. No, the reflection moved as I move but the body I see is not mine, saying it that way would be more accurate.

And this face, there's no mistake……………..

“It's not the protagonist………'s his unpopular friend that always being noisy on the side of the screen.”

I crumbled down to my knee on the spot.

Magical Explorer Chapter 1

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