Magical Explorer Chapter 13

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Here's the second chapter. There is a part where I got a little uncomfortable translating so the wording might be clunky. you will know which part after you read till the end. -_-


Mizumori Yukine 2

The swings that have been repeated innumerable times suddenly stopped. She lowers her naginata and takes a new stance with her weapon on her side.


The moment she exhales, something flashes. When I noticed it her naginata was already thrust out. The water curtain was split vertically in two.

Aa, I have seen that move in the game before. It's that move, right? I can't think of a move other than that.


That move of hers is one of the reasons I favored her so much in the game.

I couldn't follow her thrust with my eyes at all.

The dance liked move of her naginata is not over yet. Upward slash, downward slash, and a side sweep.

Her technique beautifully flow. My body is getting hotter and hotter. 

I can't contain myself, I want to start das.h.i.+ng now. I was attacked by such an impulse.

I immediately arrive at the cause.

I turn my back on Mizumori Yukine who is still swinging her naginata, leaving the backside of the waterfall. Then I put all of my power into my legs and dash out.

My heart is burning. My blood and magic flow like a flood in the typhoon, my body feels hotter.

Ah, d.a.m.n it. 

I am cursing in my mind.

The beauty that can rob away my heart, the envy makes me want to drive my fist into the wall and the jealousy that is burning my body. They got mixed up and lit my fire.

I want to get stronger. I want to be able to use my weapon beautifully like her. I want to become strong like her.

No, I want to become even stronger than her.

My entire body screaming so.

I climb up a mountain a little away from the waterfall and enter an open s.p.a.ce. There I circulate the entirety of my magic power and start running with all my might. As if to extinguish the flame that is burning my body, I keep running.


I wondered how much I ran. The bright sunlight is already getting dark as the sun is setting. Training at this place further than this is not possible anymore. There's no light and I promised to return before dinner too.

"Let's head back….."

I muttered so and start running back to the house. 

The only thing on my mind is Mizumori Yukine.

It's so crazy that I can't even see the movement of her naginata.  Even though I looked at her from a distance I still can't see it at all. What should I do to achieve such speed?

How can I counter it?

If I can't keep up with her speed, I won't be able to win against her for life.

Then, What should I do?

The simplest and surest solution is to make the first move. Fortunately, my stole wall effective range is huge, I can seal her movement with this. It will be fine as long as I set up my guard before she moves.

But will that be enough?

I am thinking while taking off my shoes at the entrance and heading to the bath.

There might be humans or demons that can move as fast as her. If you asked me whether I can come up with a countermeasure the first time I see such a move, the answer would be impossible.

Especially with the demons. If I got done in, I will surely be death. If I can save & load then there wouldn't be any problem though. 

However, this is a reality.

I need to train my sight. My reflex as well.

I remove my stole and take off my sweat-soaked s.h.i.+rt.

It seems athletes can train to improve their eyesight and reflexes. How can I do it too? 

Acquiring some skills might be good…hmm

The moment I touched the doork.n.o.b, the door opened.



What appeared was a white skin dyed with pink, sakura tint of Hatsumi-san. Did she just take a bath? Droplets of water and wet hair clung to her face and skin. I can see steam rising from all over her body as if to emphasize her warm body. 

She's the type that looks slimmer in her clothes huh… When she has her clothes on, I didn't notice that she has such a nice pair of ample fruits, I got the urge to suck on her cute pink t.…… 

Moreover, since her hip is not too thick or too thin, it is the hip fitted for childbirth. The important part was somehow being barely hidden behind a towel though…………

But this situation is already out, isn't it.

I register the view permanently into my head and quickly close the door. I want to make a backup of this image right now if possible.


I heard Hatsumi-san screamed at the volume that I've never heard from her before. Then finally,  the guilt hit me.

"I am Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

At that time, I heard footsteps from the corridor.

"What's the matter ! ?"

Apparently, Marino-san just came home. She should be arriving here soon. 

When she arrived and saw me, her face is getting red.

"Kyaaaaa♪ "

Why does her scream sound so weird? 

Wait, why is she screaming?

I glance at my body. It's my healthy body that I take pride in its tightness. I feel like boasting about my well-defined chest and abs……..well, let's not go there. 

What below my abs though, is the part of me that is currently defying gravity, this missile.

I see I am naked.

I left my clothes in the dressing room, so there's nothing I can use to hide it.


I hurriedly hide my missile with both hands. I didn't expect this second disaster.

"Kousuke-kun, you work so fast♪♪♪♪"

Marino used both of her hands to cover her face but she is staring intensely through the gap of her finger, at my crotch that is.

 Ah, What should I do, what should I do? It's over, my head is a mess. I can't think anymore.

The door suddenly opens and Hatsumi-san comes out in her underwear. Magic was released from her hand and my defence surely won't make it in time. Rather, I don't even have my stole.

"Ah, I'm gonna die."

Magical Explorer Chapter 13

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