Magical Explorer Chapter 16

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Marino-san strikes again……

BTW anyone has a recommendation for Kyoto Itinerary? I got one day there.


Hanamura House: Ludi's event

Well, should I say that the time has finally come? I know this would happen sooner or later but it still felt so sudden.

In front of my eyes is the person I saw many times through the display, to which my son has been indebted to countless times (TLN: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), her Highness Ludivine Marie = Ange De La Trefle is sitting there. Standing next to her is a woman with a splendidly elastic b.u.t.t. I can't recall her name though. Anyway, the woman with splendid b.u.t.t is standing next to her. She is wearing an Ero(TLN: Erotic) armor which makes me question its practicality while making a strict expression. Hanging on her waist is a metal wand and a thin sword(TLN: can mean many kinds of a sword such as rapier or cutla.s.s). 

I don't know why she is fully armed, did she come to execute me? There are too many reasons to count after all.

"Good day(TLN: Gokigenyou), Marino-sama, Hatsumi-sama, and Kousuke-sama."

Ludi said her greeting and stares at me. I returned her greeting with "Good day" which by the way is the first time I ever use the word in my life. Perhaps my voice might have sounded a little high-pitched there.

"I think Marino-sama might already have introduced me. But again, My name is Ludivine Marie = Ange De la Trefle. As you may already tell, this person is my maid.”

"Please call me Claris."

Wait, A maid? A maid wearing armor and sword with a beautiful b.u.t.t? The concept of a maid in this world and j.a.pan might be different after all.

 "How polite of you, my name is Takioto Kousuke."

  Now that the self-introduction is out of the way, should I start doing the dogeza now?

"Takioto-sama, Thank you very much for the last time."

Before I could do that, Ludi thanked me. At the same time, Claris-san also expresses her grat.i.tude. Because they suddenly lowered their heads, I was stunned for a moment.

"Ah, please raise your head. I haven't done such a great thing. Rather, the one who should lower his head here is me, right?"

"No, you saved my life. Furthermore, you do not need to apologize, that was an accident after all."

Ludi said with a cold smile while Claris-san puts her hand on her sword handle for some reason.

Why are you touching your sword? She seems angry, should I just play dumb here? But if I make even a slight mistake in my response, it wouldn't be weird if she cut me down here and now.

"Is, Is that so. But as I thought, please allow me to apologize. I am terribly sorry."

I said that and deeply bow my head.

"Please raise your head. Understood, I will accept your apology. Let's treat that incident like it never happened. More importantly……"

"Our future course of action, huh."

Marino-san entered our conversation. What Ludi wanted to say is that I should forget about that matter already, right? Since I have a common sense I will not tell anyone about it. I will never forget that sensation for my entire life though (Absolutely).

"Yes, let's start with the report from our side. Our conclusion on the ident.i.ty of the people who targeted me this time is…………the leftist faction from our country and the evil G.o.d cultists."

Cult of the Evil G.o.d, when she heard that Hatsumi-san's body shook a little. She then took a glance at me from the side.

Ludi continues her talk.

"Once I enter the school, I think that they might start attacking me in secret. But….."

"You still can't be completely sure, right?"

Their prediction is correct, it was actually bullseye. If the situation continues to develop just like the game then Ludi and Co will be targeted by the Evil G.o.d Cultist. That is the reason why Ludi and the protagonist got so close very quickly and the reason she becomes the protagonist's party member, the story will keep progressing with that flow.

"We were able to obtain some information regarding the Evil G.o.d Cult from our intelligence department, using torture on those we caught. With that, we have acquired some unbelievable information."

Come to think of it, in the game the one who told the protagonist about the Evil G.o.d Cult was Ludi. If I correctly recalled, it was during their cooperation in the Evil G.o.d Cult event. I get the feeling that the information was fairly confidential too. Is it really okay to tell that information to me?

"Umm, is it really okay for me to listen to such a story? The story has become quite important, don't you have to worry about confidentiality.”

The confidentiality is at the level of national secret. That's why the protagonist was not told anything about them until he was involved with the cult itself.

"I am very sorry but…….."

 Claris continues her word instead of Ludi who seems like she has a hard time saying it.

"Truthfully speaking, The Hanamura clan is already targeted by the cult from the start. And the fact that Kousuke-sama from Hanamura clan saved Ludivine-sama will certainly make Kousuke-sama to be included as one of their elimination targets."


What did she say just now?

"You will be recognized as one of their elimination targets. To share all the information to you who are already targeted by them, that was the decision of his Majesty the Emperor."

"Is, Is that so."

In Magiero the ones who were supposed to be targeted were Ludi and the protagonist though. Why are they including me as well !?

"I am sorry……"

Seeing the upset me, Ludi apologized.

"W, Well Originally it was my curiosity that got the best of me and I am not particularly bothered about it, so please pay no mind to it."

"Umm, it's not about whether or not I care about it, but I must still be mindful, considering the thing that will happen from now on."

"Well, since Kousuke-sama already understood the situation, the Next topic is…Claris."

"Yes, M'am."

Claris saluted. No matter how I think of it, rather than a maid you are obviously a knight here.

Claris-san took out a leather envelope from a bag with a lot of sparkling decorations and presented it to Marino-san. The envelope is firmly tied with a scarlet string.

When Marino-san circulates magic power into her hand and touches it, some kind of emblem float up from the envelope.

Ah, I have seen it in the game before. It is the royal family coat of arms.

When Marino-san her magic into the envelope the strings became untied. 

From there, a single paper flew out.

I and Hatsumi-neesan go around behind Marino-san and look at the said paper.


How is this freezing winter before spring treating you?

It seems our youngest daughter is infatuated with the blossoming flower, she is still happily running around our garden and playing with flowers and small animals right now.

Apparently, the smile of our youngest not only affected me but all those in the castle. Thanks to that, the inside of the castle is more vibrant than ever. Her cuteness might even invite the jealousy of the G.o.ds.

Well, changing the subject. Something unbelievable happened the other day. To think that they would aim for our beloved daughter, Ludi. We want to express our heartfelt grat.i.tude to Kousuke-dono. Regarding the culprit, We have already made a blood painting out of him with our own hand.

It is the thing we heard during that time, but it seems like there is a spy inside the academy, However, We can not grasp whether this information is correct or not. We want you to be careful.

Speaking of being careful, our youngest daughter comes to our mind. Recently her curiosity seems to be over the limit, she has become interested in various things. The thing that piqued her interest recently is magic. Even though it is still early for her to learn magic, she already picked up a wand and play with it. We're worried, but we also have our expectations. Our youngest daughter is very good at handling her magic power. At this rate, she will grow up to be a superb magician. Ah, I want to show the figure of our youngest daughter using the magic wand to everyone. She is the cutest in the world, but eventually one day she will receive a marriage proposal, huh.

Well, it is almost springtime, please take care of yourself. I wish you all the best.


I take my eyes off the letter while scratching my head. My eyes met with Hatsumi-neesan, our expressions are like we just look at something delicious but the taste was not that good when we actually tasted it.

Anyway, despite the fact that his letter was so d.a.m.n long and ridden with weird/ troublesome sentences, the thing that his Majesty wanted to convey was few.

His youngest daughter is cute.Thank you for saving Ludi.There is a possibility that a spy has infiltrated the academy. It was just a conjecture but you still need to be careful.My youngest daughter is cute and a genius, I want to marry her.

 There are many places to retort. For the time being, the thing I need to confirm is,

"Is your country OK? (with an Emperor like this)"

"…….I can at least say that he is very skilled in politics."

Seeing Claris-san answered so, I felt sympathy for her. Since Ludi is making face like she is giving up, she must have been raised like that too. If you entered her route, there will be an event where His Majesty the Emperor visits the academy, from the look of that there is no doubt about how much she is loved.

"A spy in the academy, huh……"

Marino-san muttered and look at the letter with a bitter expression. She didn't say it out loud but her face seems to say that " is there really such a person?". However, the spy truly existed, and not just a few too. As a result, many events will occur. Well, it will all be solved by the protagonist anyway.

"For now, I think it is better to keep that in mind. They are the ones who cause the terrorist attack at Hanamura family's hotel too."

When I said that, Marino-san muttered: "That is certainly true."

"Also, there is a proposal from father."

Ludi sent the signal to Claris with her eye. Claris nodded and start speaking.

"We expected that the people who are likely to be targeted at the academy are Ludivine-sama and Kousuke-sama."

"Eh, me too?"

I unintentionally interrupted her mid-sentence.

"Yes, Kousuke-sama is the son of the Hanamura main family, you even helped Ludivine-sama. From their perspective, you are quite an eyesore."

Additionally, from her story it seems they're wary of Marino-san and Hatsumi-san, considering their skill as a magician their chance to be targeted are slim.

"Then, will the Trefle Empire do anything for Kousuke-kun?"

Marino-san happily laughs.

"Yes, we were thinking about attaching an escort to Kousuke-sama. But since Marino-sama is with him at home, the escort might not be necessary. However, Marino-sama is a busy person and there are a lot of occasions where you couldn't be home."

"In that regard, we are thinking about sending someone to follow up on such occasions."

I see. But…. please give me a break already. From now on to strengthen myself, there are a lot of things I must do. Dangerous stuff included. If I have an escort, they will try to stop me on a lot of things and my action is likely to be restricted.

"Umm, please don't mind me. I will be able to protect myself."

"I'm against it too. I cannot tolerate people I don't know coming to my house."

My Nee-san who has been silent until now opens her mouth. Good, tell them more.

"Yes, that's why we are thinking of deploying Claris who is already an acquaintance with Hatsumi-sama, Of course, I am fine with the arrangement too."

No, if it's Nee-san who is not good at socializing with people, if it is only on the acquaintance level she will surely refuse the offer. I turn my eyes to Nee-san

"Then that's fine."

Why are you nodding as if you are satisfied with that?

"Anyway, we went so far off-topic, let's return to the proposal at hand."


Marino-san agrees to Ludi's word.

"Father thought that if there are two escort targets then it would be easier if we put them together."

Well, that's true. From the side of the escort, it would be overwhelmingly easier and the labor cost would be much lessened.

"I get it, I see your point now."

Marino-san nodded.

"Yes, it seems you already understand but I will elaborate. Will you allow me and Claris to live together at Hanamura house?"

"Li, Live together?"

My voice cracked. No, who cares about that.

What the h.e.l.l are they thinking? It is no good no matter how you think about it. Living together with a girl that is close in age with each other, such foolish development even in an Eroge there is no such…. No…………Sorry for my rudeness, it was a common development in an Eroge.

Ahem. Anyway, it is absolutely no good. In the first place, there is an Ero boy in the middle of his p.u.b.erty here, you know! There is a man with the heart of a gentleman who bought two copies of Eroge each month here, you know! Even if I know the danger of the Evil G.o.d Cult, my chast.i.ty is in danger. Moreover, in the game Ludi was doted on by the Emperor, right? Didn't His Majesty even deploy the imperial guards in her route? I can't believe that he would allow Ludi to live together with me.

No, wait a minute.

In the first place. Marino-san is here. She is a good adult and splendidly raised Hatsumi-san. For a character from an Eroge, she is very rich in common sense.

If so, she should already know what to do here.

I turn my eyes to Marino-san. She noticed my gaze and as if saying "Leave it to me." she smiled and winked at me.

As expected of Marino-san. As the headmaster and a big shot of the magic a.s.sociation, she is a very reliable person.

Having a boy and a girl whose ages are almost the same living together under one roof. She will certainly be able to notice such physical danger.

"It's okay. I know what Kousuke-kun is trying to say."

As I expected, she is a reliable adult who is also modest and sensible. Come on, tell them off !!

"Fufu… is about the preparation for the welcome party, right♪?"

That's right. In order to live together from now on, the welcome party is a good chance to get to know each other…!…………….. Wait? Isn't this getting weird?

"Kousuke. Leave it to Onee-san."

Hatsumi-neesan puts her thumb up.

OOH, Are you the Messiah!? Right now your favorability within me risen all the way up. If you were to confess to me right now I will no doubt give an OK immediately.

Good, Nee-san please, refuse them for me.

Looking at Nee-san, she puffs out her ample chest and says…

"I know a place with a delicious cake."


Magical Explorer Chapter 16

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