Magical Explorer Chapter 30

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Prologue, Beginning of School Life

When you mention an entrance ceremony, it is almost the quietest day for the students. There are a lot of reasons for that. People you don't know, the nervousness from coming to an unknown place, the anxiety of whether you can make new friends.

Of course, It was the same for me back when I was in j.a.pan. I keep to myself and I have no idea which place I am allowed to be, I even remembered doing a lot of exploring at that time. Obviously, my cla.s.smates are also the same, I can still recall the day that quietly gone by.

I thought today would go on like that, if not for Mr.protagonist [[Hijiri Iori]].

I didn't touch the door's handle. instead, I touched the magic circle on the side. When I do, the magic circle shone a little and the door slides open. What first appears before my eyes are the teacher, along with the gaze from the entire cla.s.sroom.

"Sorry, I'm late."

When I said so, the teacher who is standing at the desk in front signals us to the empty seat.

"I heard it, Takioto-kun and Hijiri-kun, right? Take your seats."

Apparently, the seats were arranged by the name order. I noticed Ludi when I was heading to my seat.

She was moving her mouth, she seems to be saying "Why are you arriving so late" or something like that. Guess I should have sent her a message, huh.

The moment I sat down, I tried to call out to the mob that caught my eyes but I heard a loud voice from behind me.

"AAAhh, it's the pervert from that time."

"Ah, you're the one from this morning."

A red-haired woman and the protagonist, Hijiri Iori is pointing at each other. Seem like the encounter event this morning properly happened.

Incidentally, The way that you can tell the main character that appeared in the story and the background character AKA mobs apart is very simple. You can just look at their appearance.

The mobs are dressed properly according to the academy's rules (The protagonist is an exception) but the characters that will get involved in the story will have some characteristic added to how they're dressed (There are some exceptions too.) For example, Takioto Kousuke the joke character (His inside is a miserable mess though) has frivolous fas.h.i.+on sense. Her Highness Ludivine Marie Ange de la Treifle, second daughter to the emperor of Trefle empire plus a beautiful elf, her uniform will always have some parts that are green and she will wear a green accessory at all time.

Now then, how about the girl who is arguing with our protagonist? Wearing a white s.h.i.+rt she has bright red hair and a pair of beautiful eyes that shone like red jewel with a pair of earrings adorned with red gems. Just by looking at her appearance it is totally oblivious that she is one of the main characters.

"Even though I put 3 times the b.u.t.ter on that bread, why did you have to into me!?"

"No no, aren't you the one who ran into me!!"

The girl who is enraged by some weird reason and Iori who couldn't insert the retort. Normally just adding 3 times the b.u.t.ter on her bread is already worthy of retorting, right? Since I might accidentally enter their world I will stop thinking about it.

Of course, to me who have already completed the game countless times, she is no stranger to me. She was a member of a rare species, a girl that runs while having a slice of bread in her mouth. She is the beautiful girl who dropped her bread when she ran and clashed with Iori. Furthermore, she landed her b.u.t.t on Iori's face when they clashed. She is a girl that such an accident(?) or tragedy(?) often happened to her. Well, of course, it was an accident(Which happen very often in an Eroge).  

Yes, the main heroine that has been arguing with Iori, Katou Rina (Katrina) is a heroine that can rage at the strangest thing.

"Moreover……. Y, you sniffed it, right!? You d.a.m.n pervert!!"

" It.i.tit 's a misunderstanding, I didn't sniff it at all."

If it was the same as the game then he is currently lying. He earnestly sniffed at that time. I remembered he recalled the smell to be…a mixture of citrus and b.u.t.ter.

His impression was so lasting that the gentlemen(Eroge Player) referred to her, not by name, but called her Citrus b.u.t.ter instead. But although it is limited to only a few players, me included, referred to her as Katrina.


The noise finally died down after the teacher intervene. Careful not to get notice I call out to the mob that is sitting behind me.

"Hey, did the introduction session already over?"

Seem like it is not over yet. I have a light talk with Max-kun who is sitting nearby and getting to know the pink-haired Juliansan and the girl with chestnut hair Nicolettsan. For some unknown reason, it seems like they don't really want to be friends with me though.

After the homeroom and the simple introduction session was over, we have a new seat arrangement. The reason was to aid the students who have poor eyesight. Interestingly, the freshmen are full of motivation and most of them are full of hope for their future.

The teacher made a separate lottery for the front row and back row. I who don't really particular about my seat so I choose to draw from the unpopular back row lottery. It seems like both Iori and Ludi were the same.

The seat I got from the lottery is also interesting because it was the exact same seat Takioto got in the game. It is the gold spot where you can sleep freely without getting caught, the furthest back seat by the window now belongs to me……Nope. that was the protagonist's seat so Iori got that one, I got the one in front of his instead.

Again, the person who is sitting beside Iori was the same person from the game.



Iori met eyes with the bread girl, Ms.main heroine AKA Katrina. They both avert their eyes and head to their seats at the same time, even the way they sit down was in sync so I burst out laughing but since Katrina stared daggers at me, I folded.

I thought that there was some correction force at work since everyone got into the same seat as they're in the game but that doesn't seem to be the case.

"Ara, Good day."

"Good day, Ludi."

When the elf which I have been accustomed to seeing every day sitting in front of me, we exchange the greeting uninterestedly. It is the second time in my life I used "good day" (TLN:Gokigenyou).

Yesterday she said something like putting on some appearance at the academy during the dinner. Seem like she is serious about it.

According to the game, Ludi is very harsh when it comes to dealing with men. But since the incident that should be the cause of all that was already resolved, I'm not sure why she still does that…. Well, let's try asking her later.

"Good day, I will be in your care."

Ludi greeted the mob girl who is seated beside her with a smile. Taking hit by Ludi's angelic smile, the male mob in front of her arch his head back like he got hit in the head with a kendo's sword.

Seeing how much that mob is into her with his greeting, I remembered something from the game.

Since she enters the academy later than the other, the seat she got in the game has to be added and she ended up sitting behind the protagonist.

"To think that Ludi would end up sitting in front of me, huh……."

When I muttered so, Ludi somehow heard it and facing me with a smile. Her eyes are not smiling though.

"Ara, do you have some dissatisfaction with that?"

I shake my head.

"Nah. Rather, it was exactly what I wished for. To be able to look at the beautiful face of your Highness Ludi while receiving your wise tutelage and above all…….."

I lean in and whisper into her ear.

"It's convenient to invite you for ramen on the way home, right?"

Of course, I made sure to not let the other hear me. It is not really a thing to be embarra.s.sed about, but since she does seem to mind it I will be careful here.

"…..Idiot." (TLN: Baka)

She muttered with a voice so small it sounded like she just exhaling.

I was a little surprised by her reaction. To be honest I thought she would say something like "Ha? What are you talking about." with a manner while staring at me with her absolute zero gazes. And here I was already prepared myself to say "Thank you ma'am." when that happened.

I don't know how to respond to her so I was being a little awkward but fortunately, a helping hand appears from an unexpected place.

"Good, everyone properly got to their seat, right."

Sensei's voice gathered everyone's attention, seem like the next thing on the itinerary will be a campus tour, huh. 

Magical Explorer Chapter 30

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