Magical Explorer Chapter 38

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The Three Committees.

The first thing I encountered after arriving at the academy is Katrina who came to apologize to me.

I said I don't mind but….

"Well you see, I ended up attacking you without holding back after all."

She said that while making an apologetic face but isn't it rude for you to come and apologize to your opponent after beating him in a serious match? I will tell her that later.

"That was my fault so don't mind it, okay?"

"Yes definitely. No matter how you thought, Takioto-kun is the root of all evil, right?."

Ludi followed up for me with a body blow as a bonus. Well, since I blurted out the truth about her chest, last time was certainly my fault.

It just came to me but if I just joke about her chest now won't she stop being so mindful about it? My evaluation might lower after this but it would be way better than having her make such an apologetic face.

"Yeah, originally it was me who mentioned your cutting bo……..Hiiiii."

I was sent flying, My body suddenly bent and now I feel what it's like to fall from a skysc.r.a.per.

"It seems my worry is lost on you…."

"Haha, sorry sorry..!!"

Yes yes, Katrina is supposed to look down on Takioto Kousuke like he is some kind of lower life form like this. Somehow I got a weird thrill from this (In a lot of ways).

"Kousuke-kun…. Are you really okay?"

Iori, you are here too!! Come to think of it in the daily life part I didn't really talk to this guy that much huh. I do get jealous when he is alone with a girl though.

"I'm fine, more importantly, isn't the first-cla.s.s today held in a different cla.s.sroom? Let's go!!"

To my urging, the three pick up their necessary luggage and head out.

When the four of us are heading to the first cla.s.s, Ludi and Katrina who are walking in front suddenly stopped.

"Hmm, what is it? You are blocking me you know."

"That's a huge crowd…. I wonder what they are here for.

Usually, there isn't anything that can attract people here. Normally people would just go(through transfer magic circle) to their here after all.

I make my way through the curious onlookers and found the person who is at the center of the crowd.

Ah, it's that event huh.

I make my way back to Ludi through the path I made. Some students noticed Ludi, they were stunned at first but then they open a path for her. It's more like they are taking the initiative to do so as well. I wonder if they are a member of LLL.

I guide Ludi and Co to the place that can easily observe the crowd and signal them to look with my chin.

The person standing there is one of the main heroines and the student council president, Monika Mercedes von Mobius with her is the chairman of the public moral committee who is also the current generation saint and one of the main heroines, Stefania Scaglione.

"It's the president and saint-sama, the two top of the three committees are here!!"

"Ahh, so beautiful."

The curious students are speaking among themselves. I ask a male student nearby about what happened.

"Aah, it seems some students were quarreling using magic so president and saint-sama who happened to pa.s.s by just solved the incident."

Well, there's no mistake then. It is the event that the protagonist first encounters the Three committees and the main heroines. If I remember correctly, the protagonist is still clueless about the three committees so it would be good to introduce them, huh.

Though, shouldn't there be one more person? I can't spot one of the popular main characters the chairman of the Ceremonial department, Lord Benito at all. Isn't this event the one that the three of them are all gathered? I do remember him being here though.

When I thought so, I saw him walking toward the scene. Besides him is a woman dressing in j.a.panese style clothing. As they walked toward the president the noisy students went quiet and a path split open for him as if he is Moses parting the Red sea. Though lord Benito is the president of the Ceremonial department (Ceremonial lord) but because the j.a.panese clothes are so unusual the vice president (Ceremonial advisor) stood out more. As expected of the woman who placed 1st – 2nd of the woman with the highest destructive power. There's not even a trace of her uniform left anymore.

"Hey, what's happening here for both the student council president and chairman of the public moral committee to be together in such a place."

When he arrived the atmosphere changed. For the first year students they were left with a question mark but for second and third-year students their gazes are filled with anger.

The male student in front of me clicked his tongue while another just called him s.h.i.+ttyNito(TLN: wordplay on s.h.i.+tty neet). While the female students are expressing their discontent to the vice president who is standing beside him.

"Ara, Benito-kun."

"h.e.l.lo, Benito-san."

"Did something happened? There's such a huge crowd here."

He said so and look around. I briefly felt his gaze here but he is probably looking at Ludi.

"There was a little quarrel here and they ended up fighting each other with magic, you see."

"I and Steph were happened to be here so we just solved it."

The student council president Monica said so and shrugged.

"Is that so, then what about this fuss….."

Benito look around again and smile.

"It's a waste of time right? I'm wondering why the academy hasn't dropped those problematic and inferior students yet. They're truly eyesores. Really, I want them to just go back to their home and never come back in my ever sight again. Wasting the time of the elites like us. Since there are so many onlookers here, I wonder how many such eyesores are there." 

Hearing what he said the atmosphere around the president changed.

"Ara, Benito-kun, what did you say just now? That's some improper word you said, do you have any plan to withdraw that?"

"Yes, don't you think you said too much?"

"No, don't you think these talentless problem students should just leave the academy too? They can't study, they can't do magic, the problem must be how they were raised at home. They're just ‘Incompetent'."

"Right, it is as lord Benito said. These stupid monkeys are better cut off altogether."

"Ara ara, Benito-san, s.h.i.+on-san please do apologize to the students."

Looking at the saint who did say something decent a while ago I ended up laughing. Among all the characters that are gathered here aren't you the one with the most rotten personality.

Hearing that instead of shrinking, Benito ended up laughing at her.

"Hahaha, HAHAHAHA, I just said the truth right?"

Hearing what Benito said, the spiky hair male student look up and move face to face with Benito. [Hey, s.h.i.+ttynito]. He said so and start arguing with Benito.

The male students around them start making noises.

"Tsk, it's frustrating but Nito's ability is the real deal right?"

"It seems all the member of the ceremonial department has already completed the first sixty floors you know."

"Seriously, even though he usually playing around like that?!"

"He made people that actually put in some effort look like a fool. Is it really talent after all?"

When I was listening to them, suddenly something struck my shoulder.

It was Ludi who hit me.

"Hey, who are those people? I recognize the student council president but who are the other two?…. If you know what the three committees are, then tell me about them."

"What, you don't know? Iori and Katrina too?"

I tried asking but they obviously don't know. It's the scene where I do the explaining in the game after all.

Sure enough, Iori and the others shook their heads. I make a small cough and start explaining.


Magical Explorer Chapter 38

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