Magical Explorer Chapter 41

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Battle Training with Claris-san

It's been two days since Aromatherapy-sensei vowed to help me. Unfortunately, I have no plan to visit her cla.s.s again. 

If I got my heart broken then I might consider getting heal by her though.

But right now, I have no time for a broken heart. I have been breaking a lot of flags too. Moreover, rather than joining her cla.s.s, hurrying home and practice with Claris-san would be more effective.

"Even though Claris-san is this strong, why did you got caught off guard so easily that time……..?"

"N, no, that time it was my negligence so…."

Her face darkened and her long ears drooped down a little.

Contrary to her expression, her attack increased in intensity. However, my stole that's currently loaded with my magic power is still able to parry all of them. I can only keep parrying them though.


Attacks that are strengthened by magic held a lot of power. I couldn't properly defend against her attacks and currently struggling to keep my feet on the ground.

Certainly, my stole's defense power made her attack felt like she is. .h.i.tting a taiko drum. However, I can't kill the momentum behind her attack. I have been training daily and even got Mind-Eye but I still have a long way to go.

"Oo wind…. Raise up!"

Claris-san cast her magic. The wind sweeps the dust up into the air and my visibility quickly turns to zero.

When she cast magic from time to time like this, it makes the fight quite troublesome. I can mostly defend with my stole but Claris-san's technique is very tricky. Though, she made a mistake in her magic selection this time. Using my Mind-Eye, the dust curtain is meaningless against me, as all of her movements are completely visible to me.

I started running toward Claris-san's position as a counteroffensive. She noticed my approach and back away while casting magic.

When I close the gap, I have to attack her with Thirdhand before I got hit by her magic……

When I was about to reach out using my stole, my vision suddenly turns sideways. There was a dent in the ground.

"Since when …!!

This was the place Claris-san was standing. Did she pretend to cast magic at me while she dug this? It's good that my leg does not receive any damage. In exchange the hole made me lose my balance, which at a time like this could prove to be fatal.

I restore my posture and spread the stole in front of me. Then, I saw a huge rock flying at me from the front.

I can hear the sound of a rock smashed against a metal s.h.i.+eld.


That thing is not a rock anymore, that's a friggin boulder. That thing is as big as a human head. If I got hit by that I might die you know? 

Claris-san quickly approached me as I couldn't kill the force behind her boulder attack and fell on my b.u.t.t. She kicked my stole away and insert her sword through the gap.

"I, I give up."

I got no choice but to give up since her silver blade is right in front of me.

"Fuu, I lost two times in a row yesterday, right? Now I can protect my dignity."

I grabbed the right hand she offered to me and get up.

"It felt like I was dancing on your palm from beginning to the end though."

"This time I came up with a plan to fight you. If I widen my distance against you from the start I think my chance of winning will go up considerably, No?."

Certainly, if it is a long-range fight, it would lower my win rate. The reason is that I don't have the means to attack from long-range. Sure, I can throw stones at her too but Claris-san who has been fighting against me all this time should already expect such attacks. If she knew what's coming, there's no way she can't think up the countermeasure. 

She can even use barrier magic. Rather, isn't that her specialty?  I have no choice but to close the distance myself.

"Hmm, it's the distance as I expected…… should I try using a bow?"

"Surely, I think the bow is very suitable for Takioto-sama. A gun might be good too. However, both of them are quite costly……. With that said, as one of the Hanamuras. surely money shouldn't be a problem for you."

Well, I don't particularly worry about money. On the contrary, a while ago Marino-san already accompanied me to her armory. As expected, I can't use wands or grimoire but since she said that I can take whatever I want, I will borrow some weapons from the armory later.

"Bow or Gun….. Well, whichever I pick it would have to be next week, huh."

"Next week?…… Come to think of it, you will start diving into the dungeon this week right?"

I took out a new stole and shape it so that Claris-san could comfortably sit down. Firstly, I strengthened both ends and make them raise up like a bridge while making the other areas soft and fluffy. This way, I get a simple hammock.

"Takioto-sama…. Umm, this might be rude of me but I think you are quite a monster when it comes to magic capacity."

Claris-san was a little hesitant but she slowly sat down on the hammock. She lightly rocks the hammock and let out a soft smile. Perhaps I am the only man in the world that wants a magic spell that can swap my body with the stole from the bottom of his heart. Ah, I want that b.u.t.t to lay on me.


"Eh, Umm, did you say something about peaches(b.u.t.t)?" 

"No, I don't remember saying anything about that……. It's about the dungeon."

Aah, that's right.

"Well, I'm not particularly worried since it is a beginner dungeon. I will enter it with an uppercla.s.sman, an adventurer, there's even a teacher accompanying us too."

"That being said, even if it is a beginner dungeon please do be careful….."

Hee, I nodded to her word.

"Umm, it is a little embarra.s.sing but, when I entered the dungeon for the first time, well, umm, there was quite a lot of unexpected things so….."

"Is that Claris-san's personal experience?"

"Yes, the other party members had to help me at that time. That's why please don't neglect your preparation. Umm, My apologies. I said too much."

Why is she apologizing? I was just admiringly staring at her, did she think I was angry?

"No no,  I am not upset or anything. I was very thankful for your advice. It was really good advice for a rash person like me."

"Takioto-sama being rash …? I don't see you like that at all though?"

I kinda have regret on how careless I was when I saved Ludi though. But I don't regret saving her at all.

 "Well, a lot happened. Anyway, thank you for the advice. I think now I can thoroughly prepare for the dungeon the day after tomorrow."

Actually, since I know about the events that will happen in the future, I already planned to come up with some countermeasures though.

"No, you don't have to thank me…. Considering Takioto-sama's real ability, there shouldn't be a problem in the first place. I think there might be some small problems but you should be fine."

Well, the event that the protagonist will encounter is by no means small. Rather, it might even be more dangerous for a person that will get caught up in the event like me though.

TLN: So, the ceremonial department will be translate to s.h.i.+kibukai according to yesterday comments. Well, you won't see them again until later chapter though.

BTW, MHW Iceborne is coming out…… I'm so tempted.

Magical Explorer Chapter 41

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