Magical Explorer Chapter 43

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Beginner Dungeon 2

The picture that made me realize the difference between looking at something in real life and a picture is the one from my field trip when I was still a student. It made me think about that famous painting [The Last Supper] I saw from the textbook in middle school. I felt that something like a picture can't convey all the meaning of that moment. To me who doesn't even know the [A] in Art, I understand that much from that painting.

The difference I feel right now is more than I ever imagined. I felt it so vividly just by having the things I saw in the game exist in front of my eyes in 3D. The feeling is so overwhelming, I can't put it into words. Ludi's mouth is hanging open like a goldfish waiting to be fed. The image is just like a person who just came to the city and sees a high-rise building for the first time.

But I can't laugh at her. I was making the same expression after all. Well, since she also shows that stupid expression, let's consider it a draw this time.

"This is amazing……"

The structure we saw is like a stone temple that could be found in Rome or Egypt. I know how it looks like from the ill.u.s.tration in the game but I never felt its presence before. Looking at it now, it gave me such an overwhelming emotion.

I would believe you if you tell me that this isn't a dungeon but a tourist attraction. Just by looking around the place, My Chuuni-self that I had sealed away tried to make a comeback. I might let out a high pitched laugh and cast magic around meaninglessly here. Unfortunately, the only visually pleasing magic that is safe to cast right now is [Light].

Mizumori-sempai laughs while slapping the stone pillar.

"You sure are strange, Takioto."

Said sempai.

"Eh, how?"

"I have been diving into this dungeon many times already but it is the first time I see someone with such a reaction."

"Then normally how would people react to this?"

"Hmm…. you act like you come to sightsee, experiencing some cultural differences, being moved or something like that. Most people that came here are those that give off the feeling of full battle-readiness, you know. Well, it was rare for people who enter a dungeon for the first time to act like you."

You are kidding? I glanced at Ludi, she is exasperatedly looking at me.

"Eh, wait, but isn't it amazing to see a building like this…..? You think so too right, Ludi?"

"…..I was actually quite nervous you know. It's my first dungeon after all. But since I saw Kousuke acting like that………."

No no, if you are j.a.panese then this reaction is totally normal, right?

"Well, you are enjoying this place plentily already right, Takioto? Let's move out."

Sempai said while looking at the stone door in front of her.

After consulting with Sempai and Ludi, the result is that I and Sempai will act as the vanguard while Ludi will be the rear guard. Sempai will not be interfering much and leave most of the jobs to us. That's why I am at the forefront of the formation……

"Sempai, I don't know how to open this door."

In front of me is a heavy door made of stone. It is about ten meters tall. I don't think it will budge even If I push it with all my strength. Was it made for a giant or something? There was no such door in the game. Rather, the screen just switched to the dungeon interface and we start exploring immediately. Seems like the dungeon doors were excluded from the game.

"Aah, it will open automatically if you touch it. Monsters will start to appear from inside though, I think it will be okay but let's be careful."

Hearing her answer, I touch the door.

The ground starts to shake like there's an earthquake.


Maybe it was due to her nervousness, Ludi gripped her wand and channel magic power into it while using her other hand to grab my arm for some reason. I was surprised by the sudden shaking too but since I was born in j.a.pan, the country ridden with earthquakes, a person like me who often experienced a big earthquake while inside a skysc.r.a.per won't be surprised much from such an earthquake.

However, the me who was almost indifferent to such shaking is now quite shaken by the hand that is grabbing my arm.

The shaking was followed by mechanical sounds then the shaking became stronger. I am still standing because I use the stole to maintain my balance like a cane but it would be difficult to stand without it. Ludi tightens her fingers that were wrapped around my arm while making an anxious expression. Sempai remains calm and casually put her hand on my shoulder to balance herself.

Sempai, hand, the other side too,  calm down, don't mind it.

As I wish for the thing that won't come true, the mechanical sound suddenly stops and the shaking began to subsides.

Then there was a sound ringing out when the shaking completely stopped.

When I take a look, there was an entrance in the corner of the door that was wide enough for a person to go through. With such a huge door and all the mechanical sounds along with the earthquake cla.s.s shaking when it is opening, was this door just a decoration to create atmosphere?

"I don't get it……"

Ludi is trembling, she released my arm and blast the door away in anger. Sempai gazes at the door nostalgically while muttered: "This reminds me of the first time I was here."

What a tensionless start. Is this really gonna be okay?

Magical Explorer Chapter 43

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